Living room floor tile purchase strategy

  The living room is the main activity area of ​​the family, so the floor materials need to be wear-resistant and durable, and the floor tiles become the first choice. How to choose living room floor tiles, how to lay floor tiles, are many people want to know, the following article from the floor tiles to the pavement have a detailed explanation for your reference.

Tips: The types of floor tiles are all-body bricks, glazed tiles, whole-body polished tiles, permeable tiles, bleed polished tiles, etc. These floor tiles are not all non-slip, especially for the elderly and children at home. Be sure to do a non-slip test at the time of purchase to avoid problems.

  1, determine the style, consider the personality needs

   When purchasing tiles, you should first consider your overall style, determine the general color tone of the tiles, in order to coordinate with the overall style of the room, but also pay attention to consider some of their own individual needs, the most important two types of tiles are now divided into two categories. : Vitrified bricks and glazed tiles, now commonly known as antique bricks are mostly referred to as glazed tiles.

  2, how to determine the specifications of the floor tiles

  In consideration of the specifications of the floor tiles, pay attention to the following two aspects: First, the size of the living room, do not Blindly pursue large-scale floor tiles. In general, it is recommended to use the 600*600 specification below 40 square meters, and the 800*800 specification is recommended for the above 40 square meters. When choosing, you have to consider the actual area that people can see after the house is finished. If the visible area is small, the specifications of the bricks are too large to be coordinated. Second, you must pay attention to the same series of tiles. The larger the specification, the higher the price will be, and the place where the decoration can be saved must be saved.
3, how to choose the matching products of the floor tiles

   the supporting products of the floor tiles mainly include the horizon, the ground parquet, the kick line and so on.

  Horizontal: It is mainly used to make the living room floor more changeable and looks very simple. It is mainly made of tiles that have some distinction between the color of the floor and the main body. It is mainly processed with dark tiles, and some antique tiles also have some matching horizons to choose from. It is mainly used in the vicinity of the ground or in the aisle.

   Ground parquet: The floor decoration painting made of ceramic tiles, now basically can buy bricks can be commissioned processing, there are many patterns to choose from, choose to pay attention when processing The base color of the mosaic should be consistent with the other tile colors and patterns on the ground! Mainly used at the entrance or in the living room, dining room, coffee table, under the dining table.

   kick line: mainly to protect the wall skirt.

   Optional use can be done in one of two ways: First, it forms a large contrast with the color of the floor tiles, but pay attention to selecting products of the same color as much as possible in order to maintain The uniformity of the overall style; the second is close to the color of the floor tiles. In this case, it is recommended to add a contrasting horizon to the surrounding area.

  Kicking corners can buy finished products directly, or you can entrust the seller to process them. In general, if you use glazed floor tiles, choose the glazed corner line. It is a vitrified brick, and you choose a vitrified brick kick angle.

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