machines and advanced equipment with machine vision was introduced to China

The second phase, 1998-2002, was defined as the introduction period of machine vision inspection systems manufacturers. Since 1998, more and more electronics and semiconductor factories, including those invested in Hong Kong and Taiwan, have settled in china and Shanghai. A complete line of machines and advanced equipment with machine vision was introduced to China. With this trend, some manufacturers and manufacturers began to hope to develop their own visual inspection equipment, which is the beginning of the real machine vision market demand. Equipment manufacturers or OEMs need more external technical development support and product selection guidance. Some automation companies have seized this opportunity and have taken the development path different from the image companies mentioned above – to provide international machine vision supply. Business agents and system integrators. They introduced state-of-the-art mature products from the US and Japan, provided professional training consulting services to end users, and sometimes developed a complete set of visual inspection equipment with their business partners.

After long-term market development and cultivation, not only the semiconductor and electronics industries, but also in the automotive, food, beverage, packaging and other industries, some top manufacturers began to recognize the important role of machine vision in improving product quality. . At this stage, many well-known visual equipment suppliers began to contact the Chinese market to seek local partners, but the local partners who met the requirements, such as Morningstar.

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