New York’s beach house

This beach house is located in a narrow One ​​acre on the land in the village of Sagabonak, New York City, by New York designer Blaze MakoidDesign. Local regulations require that all floors have an altitude of at least 17 feet Prevent floods.

Makoidfrom nearby 1970Year of the yearTod WilliamsDesignedWallhouse and 1979Year Norman Jaffe Perlbinder House looking for design inspiration. To make the most of the majority Sea view, he installed 15feet wide floor sliding glass panel, open to the pool and patio area.
The two-story exterior is covered with travertine and cantilevered wooden boxes. The open living room, dining room and kitchen are all equipped with large glass, and you can see the sea view when you look outside.
The same three children’s rooms upstairs are arranged from west to east with amazing views.

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