Obama condemns violence in Venezuela and urges government to release demonstrators

Original title: Obama condemns violence in Venezuela to urge the government to release demonstrators

Obama condemns violence in Venezuela and urges the government to release demonstrators

The picture shows Venezuelan anti-government protesters throwing stones at the police.

China News Service, February 20, according to foreign media reports, US President Barack Obama urged the Venezuelan government to release protesters arrested in the violence as soon as possible. He said that the Venezuelan people have the right to express reasonable demands. And dissatisfied.

Obama condemned the recent series of violent incidents in Venezuela due to protest gatherings. He expressed the hope that the Venezuelan government will release the detained demonstrators as soon as possible and begin a real dialogue with the opposition.

Venezuelan President Maduro recently announced the expulsion of three US diplomats because they were involved in attempts to subvert the government. Obama said that the expulsion of US diplomats is a diversion and should focus on the legitimate demands of the Venezuelan people.

On the 12th of this month, the Venezuelan ruling party and the opposition party organized a youth festival parade. The violent clashes in the parade resulted in three deaths and more than 70 injuries. Subsequently, protests took place in several cities, and the demonstrators even slogan for the departure of President Maduro. The government accused the opposition party of being the chief culprit in the violence.

The Venezuelan government has repeatedly accused the opposition party of “people’s will”. Party leader Leopold · Lopez planned and organized recent violent demonstrations and issued arrest warrants against him. On the 18th of this month, Lopez surrendered to the government.

After Lopez was arrested, his supporters still gathered on the streets, continued to protest and demanded that the government improve social security, solve the shortage of supplies, and protect freedom of speech.

Maduro called the opposition leader, including Lopez, “the right-wing fascist who spread the seeds of fear and violence”, claiming that the opposition had repeatedly attempted to assassinate him and overthrow his leadership. Elected government.

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