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Qualified for home improvement materials It is a hot spot for many families. Yesterday, the Guangzhou Municipal Consumer Council announced its experimental results on 60 batches of paint products: no toxic and hazardous substances were detected. From the test results, the quality of paints purchased from physical stores and e-commerce is not much different.

Renovation coatings generally include waterborne wood coatings, interior walls Coatings, exterior paints. The indicators of volatile harmful substances in paints are directly related to human health, and physical properties are related to product quality.

60 batches of this comparative trial ( 32 brands) samples, including 40 batches of interior wall coatings, 13 batches of wood coatings and 7 batches of exterior wall coatings. These products are randomly purchased by staff on physical stores and e-commerce platforms. Among them, 27 batches were collected in the physical store and 33 batches were collected in the network. The physical stores involve supermarkets, specialty stores and professional markets, and online shopping samples come from domestically-recognized network platforms. Paint products are common brands in the market, such as Nippon Paint, Dulux and so on.

Test results show that of the 60 batches, 13 batches of wood coatings and 7 batches of exterior wall coatings all meet the standard requirements. Volatile organic compounds, benzene series, free formaldehyde, soluble heavy metals and other toxic and hazardous substances that consumers are concerned about are all within the scope of the standard requirements; 40 batches of interior wall coatings have not detected toxic and hazardous substances, only 2 The scrub resistance of batch samples differs from the standard requirements.

In addition, from the comparison test results, in the physical store and e-commerce platform The quality of the purchased paint products is not much different, but the source of the two batches of samples that differ from the standard requirements are physical stores.
According to reports, scrub resistance is an important indicator of the quality of paint. The higher the number of washes, the more the binder contained in the paint, the better the physical properties of the paint.

Consumer Reminder

Shake before buying paint

Guangzhou Municipal Consumer Council recommends that consumers purchase products according to their actual needs when purchasing paint products, without having to deliberately select imported products or the most expensive products for purchase. In addition, to understand the logo on the product packaging, the product identification should include the name of the factory, the site, the product standard number, the date of manufacture, the expiration date, the product grade, etc. If conditions permit, the merchant can present the corresponding third-party test report.

When consumers purchase, they can check for cementation by “shaking”. At the same time, pay attention to whether the packaging container of the product is damaged or swollen. The coatings with these phenomena cannot be purchased, and the valid documents and construction instructions such as the purchase invoice are obtained, so that the rights can be effectively defended in the event of quality problems.

After opening the can, check the coating for delamination, sinking and agglomerating And cementation phenomenon, if the paint is still uneven after being stirred, it should not be used.

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