Our bellicose president wants to continue a 16-year quagmire in Afghanistan

Donald Trump missed the opportunity to become a General Patton-style military commander and glorious war hero back in the Vietnam era. He surely would have been the greatest ever in history!But he says, alas, some unspecified foot problem (or something or other) kept him from the privilege of actually having the chance to go fight in that war. Bad luck, I’m sure. But now that the Donald is  the commander in chief, his inner warrior has been given a second chance to bloom, and this time he’s fully enlisted. In recent weeks, President Trump has escalated a running war of words against Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, bombed the European leaders of NATO with explosive charges that they’re unworthy of his support, launched a fierce new barrage of tough rhetoric in his extralegal offensive to ban all travel to the U.S. by anyone from six Muslim nations, and opened an entirely new battlefront by attacking the mayor of London with one of his Twitter missiles.In last year’s presidential campaign, Trump declared with typical modesty, “There’s nobody bigger or better at the military than I am.” Well, I’m certainly no expert on war, but if a president is going to pick a mess of foreign fights, wouldn’t it be better strategically speaking to pick on actual enemies rather than on America’s allies? After all, there might come a time when we need friends to stand with us.

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