In the end what is the whole house water purification purchase of the core elements of it?

Whole house water purification products currently on the market all kinds of variety, brand confused, water purification product portfolio is diverse, dazzled. Many consumers buy whole house water purification, some concerned about the brand, and some focus on price, there’s more care and maintenance costs, so in the end what is the whole house water purification purchase of the core elements of it? I visited and collected a consumption who purchase whole house water purification to focus on six key recommendations.

First, compliance with current environmental situation of water pollution

water pollution is the most recognized consumer to buy water purifiers facts, but most consumers have entered a hot misunderstanding that long to solve the drinking water problem will be able to ensure health. In fact, Dr. Martin Fox in the United States early last century proposed: damage due to water pollution caused by humans, only a third from the water, and two-thirds from the water, therefore, a single stand-alone solve the drinking water problem water purifier is unable to fully meet all household water health.

Second, whether the main trend of the future development of the

intelligent, integrated home had boarded the stage of history, and after 80, 90 strong recognition and acceptance, and a good water purification products, must be to meet the future development of the mainstream. Just think, if the family has been installed hydropower decoration, basic 8–10 years will not be much change, but intelligent, integrated home 3–5 years and the rise of widespread popularity due to the choice of water purification products do not meet the future mainstream, when there are only two outcomes: either sub-quality water purification Wang Xing it, redecorated or huge costs. Therefore, the choice of water purification products must be long-term vision, not just for the sake of being cheap.

Third, the water purification efficiency of the product is stable

The vast majority of water purification products are available in the market to take graded filter, high-end whole house water purification products are generally used four modules (net water front, central water, central water softener, water purification terminal) composed basically purification efficiency from 50% – 95% – 20% –0– minus 15% of the parabolic curve, repeated this process cycle. Why water purification efficiency stability would be a parabola? Full-house water purification, for example, just because a water purification products, water purification central parts need to adapt to the raw water environment, gradually increase the purification efficiency reaches a maximum, but with the use of time growth, which in turn weakens purification capacity, wait until we lose the ability to purify replacement. Because of the degree of water purification is a gradual changeConsumers taste alone can not be determined until consumers feel the water smell, unusual, in fact, the adsorption of the central water purifier impurities so that consumers already unacceptable, which is why there will be negative.

four product maintenance costs and frequency of maintenance

Some water purification equipment, the purchase price is very cheap, but the ongoing maintenance costs for consumers staggering, even four or five times to maintain two or three times more expensive than shopping machine costs more expensive. But does not maintain normal cooperation can not continue maintenance costs is a bottomless pit, water purification equipment has become a “chicken” with the gesture too expensive.

Fifth, whether the product is installed area, trouble

hundreds of thousands of years in the price , a square meter of usable floor area of ​​the home at least 8000, as many as 50,000 or even higher, a whole house water purification equipment installed at every turn down an area of ​​1-2 square meters, an increase of disguise consumer’s purchase price. And the installation process, struggling, tearing down walls groundbreaking, pipe cutting Zaoqiang, causing much inconvenience to the consumer. A good set of whole house water purification area should not exceed 1 square meter, easy to install, does not destroy the original decoration and structure, and the best design is the amount before the renovation can live room, design, good associated piping embedded, even if temporarily do not buy the whole house water purification equipment, but also save a lot of trouble for future installation.

Sixth, whether the waste product can get a reasonable use

domestic water is relatively scarce, a good, socially responsible whole house water purifier should be able to meet this demand for consumers to save water resources, not to cause waste of water. If there is no wastewater discharge water purification system, that is not a qualified water purifier (no effluent, dirt go?), But if the waste water purification system capable of rational use of water purification equipment is responsible . Fu luxury home central home water purifier using technology: U.S. imports KDF + activated carbon alloy filter characteristics: automatic, maintenance-free, high flow, not blocked, can drink, soup Fort, wash rice, vegetables, bathing, reach the whole house clean water, family health!

Drinking water safety awareness to improve the further development of water purification industry

The traditional bottled water dispensers, water supply pipeline adverse development has become one of the reasons to promote the development of the water industry, ready to drink healthy and safe water is an important factor to protect the health of a safe and convenient water purification equipment is many families are very much needed.

people drinking water safety awareness is increasing

severe water pollution, drinking to the health of people in order to clean water, have been proposed installation quick and effective solutions like water purifier. Is there drinking water safety issues around the world? According to the World Health Organization survey shows that 80% of human disease and 50% of child deaths are related to poor water quality and drinking water. In recent years, the world’s emerging water pollution incident, it is so healthy drinking water become a global topic.

and now more and more attention purifier, does this mean that the industry will develop into the fast lane? After years of promotion and popularization of drinking water and health knowledge, people are gradually understanding of quality of drinking water on human health impact, more emphasis on safety of drinking water, which provides a great market prospects for the production of water purification products. At present, water purification products market has been nearly a decade of exploration, the last five years has become the sunrise industry booming. As of 2020, China’s water purifier sales volume up to 1.18 billion yuan, accounting for environmental home appliances sales volume 43% share. This proves that people’s drinking water safety awareness is greatly improved.

filter is the core technology of water purification

to expand the market size, product range naturally more abundant. However, it followed by brand and price varies greatly, how should consumers go to buy a guaranteed quality of water purifier it? Choose water purification products, look for the brand is very important, because the brand is a symbol of quality and Guarantee. In general, choose a good reputation, a long time the brand is relatively more reliable. In addition to choosing a reliable brand, but also the water purifier’s filter, the core technology is to filter water purifiers, which directly affect the water effect. A good cartridge filter out of the water will be more safe and healthy. Using reverse osmosis technology products and general filter what is the difference?

and more generally activated carbon filter, nanofiltration film as the core technology, its main function is to filter impurities in some of the larger and deodorant . RO reverse osmosis membrane filtration and high-tech products, not only can fullyExclude large impurities, but also heavy metals, impurities and water molecules completely separated, filtered through a reverse osmosis water is the real health of good water, good water to drink directly.

qualified products and after-sales service is very important

Many consumers to reflect on the market a number of water purification products, though cheap, but almost no service at all, even a few days can not find this brand, how to do this?

water purification products related to safety and health, purchase must be carefully view the brand manual, health permits and other related qualification, which is the most basic measure of a water purifier brand elements. Select water purification equipment, be sure to choose a sound service system products.

With increasing demand for clean water, I believe that the future market will be further development of water purifier, water purifier new products will be more to meet people’s requirements for health drinking water.

Bottled water purifier Relay substituted a "barrel" world

I.e. water purifier mounted on a tap water purifier, is an ideal current water treatment apparatus, it not only removal of contaminants in water and to retain the beneficial substances, more cost-effective and advantageous. It is flexible and easy to install, simply municipal tap water purifier installed at the water, you can now drink now deal with, keep the water fresh and healthy. In recent years, water purifier market a large number of enterprises to enter the cross-border, water purification industry is to attract attention for a time, the development in China for 20 years, unknown industry, causing investment companies, media companies, dealers such as the concern of many groups.

is well known, mainly of municipal water drinking water, bottled water dispenser +, purifier water three terminal ways. Not long ago, the media burst water qualified rate of 50%, which undoubtedly gave the water purification industry add a fire.

water purifier PK “+ drinking bottled water.”

bottled drinking water market to occupy a dominant position

Since the reform and opening up, with the rapid development of the national economy, the people living standard has been greatly improved. However, industrialization has brought increasingly serious environmental pollution, which is particularly serious pollution of water. People’s health, culture, fashion and life of drinking water quality worsening formed a sharp contradiction. Therefore, in order to address domestic product of drinking water problems have come into being, two different solutions have been drinking the coexistence, competition and development: one is the bottled water, the other is a terminal water purifier.

“Bottled drinking water +” to improve people’s quality of drinking water and way, and soon swept the country, the formation of a “bucket” world situation. After entering the 1997 period of rapid development, has made a major share of the drinking water market, established a market leading position.

terminal water purification equipment “relay” Bottled water

However, bottled drinking water and water dispenser industry after years of development, has been in the product life cycle maturity. At the same time, Driven by interests, many unqualified bottled water begins a vicious impact on the market. Combined with its own problem of secondary pollution problems, “drinking + bottled water” approach has been difficult to play the role of “safe water”, the entire water dispenser market is showing a cooling trend, which is the terminal of water purification equipment productionProduct brings a new opportunity for development.

Water purifier booming market prospects

water purification water purification device that is mounted on the tap, is an ideal current water treatment apparatus, it not only contaminant removal in water and to retain the beneficial substances, but also more cost-effective advantages. It is flexible and easy to install, simply municipal tap water purifier installed at the water, you can now drink now deal with, keep the water fresh and healthy.

drinking water way of drinking water has been popular in developed countries in Europe and America more than twenty years, in the United States, Japan and other countries home terminal water purifier penetration rate has more than 70%, but this trend popular in China or in recent years began. In 2010 China water purifier market is growing rapidly, the market retail sales reached 12.6 billion yuan, an increase of 16.6%, when the water purification products to 40% -60% of the high profit margins to attract a lot of eyeballs. In early 2011, a large number of enterprises to enter the cross-border, in April the same year, will launch this industry-standard Adds a fire on the water purifier market is booming. In May 2012, media said tap water qualified rate of 50%, a water market news and instantly showing positive trend.

in the country, the highest rate of households household water purifiers terminal in Shenzhen city, is about 20% -30%, Shanghai, Guangzhou reached 20%. However, the boot is still in its infancy and in other urban markets, but the home drinking water is an inevitable trend in the foreseeable future, water purifier market will be promising.

Water purification agents to join better to do? How do franchisees water purifier market development

Water purification products appear to improve the quality of life of people, it also brings unlimited market opportunities, market demand decision, such a huge market demand for water purifier business opportunities inherent wealth can be said to be self-evident, then as an investment franchisee water purifier to grasp how should it?

First, identify the market demand
[ 123] What is the market position, simply say is this: What you provide water purification products on the market to meet the needs of what these customer groups. Water purifier stage a small home appliances, but many product categories, home water purifier series with a kitchen, home reverse osmosis drinking straight, straight energy drink machines, whole house water purification machines, soft water machine five series, as many as dozens of products , water purification agents determined according to local circumstances demand quality products and good market demand, the role of water purification machines make effective distinction.

Second, establish consumer groups

good crowd classification consumption is an important step to open the market, as long as identify the targeted consumer groups, in order to effectively carry out the job market. Water purification agents can put consumer groups according to two criteria to distinguish the first consumer age, the second is the spending power; the customer can enter stores in accordance with consumer age when agents choose water purifier products make use of the crowd recommend, for example, if it is installed to the elderly to use, can recommend features a simple, easy to use, easy to maintain water purification products, the price is relatively affordable easy to accept. If the recommendation is the urban white-collar fashion atmosphere, a variety of functions, such products to better facilitate transactions.

Third, strengthen regional brands

When a water purifier brand into regional markets, dealers need to do a lot of efforts, the most important thing is how effective branding, and reasonable allocation , use of resources, gradually increase market share. Water purification agents through local media advertising, newspaper ads, TV commercials and Arts Festival activities, etc., to increase brand awareness in the local, and brand exclusive agent to make your shop more secure flow of rapid growth.

Fourth, the profit model diversification

how to effectively open the market, good distribution channels are important in an exclusive area of ​​the market! Clear spring manufacturers for lower-level distributors agent development, the company will depend on given the specific circumstancesThe corresponding support material or advertising, or other special support agency requirements, helping agencies develop two agents, project contracting and other orders, people become money vein veins.

water purifier Agent better to do? How do franchisees water purifier market development, in fact, is the need to store the business agents do a good job of planning, of course, choose a market with many years in the development of operational water purifier manufacturer or brand of industry experience make you worry a lot, I believe this is why many choose to join an important reason clear spring water purifier brand of it.

Hot water purifier home water purifier market will be more widely applied

With the increasingly serious water pollution, water purifiers concern in recent years began, large and small, well-known unknown brands have said to the influx of low barriers to entry into this very lucrative industries, people’s understanding of water purifier also continues to deepen, until now, a total of 5,000 manufacturers in the production of water purifiers, many of them have the strength of the brand, but there are also small-scale production, and even the family unit of the “factory.”

water purifier market hot water purifier home applications will be more extensive

in 2020, there is a surprise phenomenon: production of water purifier companies are highlighting a word “special”, the original producer also has a brand, and now they want to close up the brand. To sort out their strengths, maximize their strengths. For example, only net buckets, corporate resources and funds are inclined to cooperate with big brands and product development. Thus, in 2020 the water purifier market will gradually appear on each supporting one or two big brands of water purification products.

Of course, water purification products is due to the low threshold, the state does not regulate this industry more stringent rules and regulations promulgated, leading to the presence of substandard quality, testing is not standardized, a considerable number of water purification products on the market. Reminder: consumers in the purchase be sure to keep their eyes open. However, with national regulators to increase the strength and deepening public understanding of water purifier, in 2020 the number of small-scale and family-style workshop will be gradually reduced, the distribution companies will also enter a new pattern.

before the penetration of water purifiers can be described as low to not work, though five years have vigorously popularize, but increased by only 5%. However, it is only for small cities, like Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other major cities such water purifier penetration rate is rapid growth in five years, an increase of 25%. Experts predict: in 2020 water purifier will get more popular, with the improvement of living standards will enter millions of households. And water purifiers development so far, from a high of consumer goods become common household appliances, the price is getting close to the people.

water purifier market hot water purifier home applications will be more extensive

now made a home water purifier prices generally between 2000-3000, so families are generally acceptable, but Taking into account technological innovation and market saturation problem, water purifier 2020Lower prices may not continue to buy now no need to consider price changes.

From this, the water purification industry in 2020 is a benign development, market saturation, survival of the fittest, price stability, increase the penetration rate, coupled with constant innovation and technology, that will give the water purifier 2020 industry usher in another spring.

Water purification agents to choose the right brand agency

Today, more and more people choose to go home business, fled north of Guangzhou-Shenzhen and they can harvest their own careers. This water purifier years of rapid development, high profits, attracted many people to join, took the early entrepreneurs to good opportunities in this moment. Water purification agents do succeed, you need to choose the right brand agency, then how to choose?

First, do good market research, to confirm positioning.

should not be taken for granted decision-making and a hot water purifier main function is to improve the quality of drinking water, where the water quality worse the more means that there is strong demand, such as Shandong, poor water quality, opportunities abound. Second, you should know that the product is still the main job of the rural market town market, different markets have different marketing strategies.

Second, the cooperation of the manufacturers choose a good water purifier.

the good, the brand is not to say the bigger the better, but to appropriate the match. Big brand means high threshold and high risk, for most people who want to join the venture, it is not necessarily sufficient in terms of capital, how to ensure that the leverage effect of funds has become one of the reference element. That’s good to pay attention to here is the perfect match, it is necessary to consider their own situation but also consider the level of acceptance of the target consumer group, but also understand the manufacturer’s support. Or the phrase “for them is the best.” Second, the market will eventually make money by selling products, China has a north-south differences in water quality, water quality in the North tend to be hard soft South, the North may be more suitable to sell RO water purifier, the South was using ultrafiltration machine on it. It also determines the water purification agents to join in the choice of the manufacturer, the manufacturer must refer to the richness of the product and the advantages and disadvantages, and so on.

Third, the quality of a top line.

is not only a wading water purifier products, RO is still powered, or human safety of drinking water last line of defense, is a safe and healthy products. If the water purifier product quality, but off, even when leakage leakage can not provide safe drinking water situation, water purification agents franchisee with water purifier manufacturers will outweigh the benefits. Water purification project quality is the key, not what is the quality and brand reputation, so entrepreneurs who want to do this project if you need to pay more attention to quality, field trips, manufacturers have standard production lines and quality inspection process, while also observing water purification device manufacturers strength in the online search credit evaluation of its customers.

Fourth, good policies and support.

as a weak entrepreneurs, the disposal of resources are limited, but choose a good water purifier manufacturers do support, backed by trees do it easier. In general, a regular water purifier manufacturers, the configuration in the human, financial and material resources are fairly standardized and place, and as individual water purification agents relatively weak in many. For example, make a design, put forward activities, get hold of products and consulting, as well as manufacturers of specialized training for agents franchisee, opening and marketing guidance. In short, water purification agents franchisee must strive to maximize the support of manufacturers, many agents franchisees can not handle things, for the strength of the manufacturers, it is actually very easy.

Water purification market demand for intelligent diversification transformed into a trend

Shanghai International Exhibition of Water as the industry benchmark level of water appliances event, which guide the direction and development trends of the water industry, water from this year’s Shanghai exhibition gives insight into a few major changes emerging water industry.

a transition: Things to ordinary purification purification

Exhibition 2017 Shanghai water things do not have a water dispenser, there were only Yuelong technology demonstration of things computer board, to this year, things water purifier has become a mainstream trend.

networking technology so that the water purifier functions upgrading, to achieve quality visualization for the core alert precise water recorded data of, online services fast, the remote control easy and so, on the one hand significantly improve the user experience, let the water purifier practicality to a higher level, on the other hand cloud platform enables manufacturers, distributors, operators can quickly and easily manage, collect big data, broaden the sales model water purifier.

change II: hook, cabinet table machine to machine

this year, the net benefits of a desktop machine hot drink, table machine are: ① free installation, free water control, no sale and door installation then water, power and go for the office, living room, dining room, bedroom, convenient and save time; ② heating system technology is mature and stable, the device is not easily damaged, and the temperature can be freely regulated; ③ set filter heating function in one province money the easy way.

YueLong SCIENCE board computer IOT table WT1, WT2 out with water quality testing, for the core intelligent reminder, fault alerts, reminders, and other functions to change the water, instant hot drink, intelligent temperature control system is provided with a normal temperature, red milk, coffee, tea and four kinds of water to meet the different needs of drinking water, no thermostat, without waiting for a key water.

change III: whole house water purifier, water softener cited concern about the

past a family concerned about the health of drinking water, the need is a water purifier, now with the improving quality of life, for life water (bathe, wash, laundry) has also been requested, whole house water purification began to receive the attention of consumers, Midea, Haier, Angel, ho Chak, cloud-meter and so launched a whole house water purification concept.

brands also launched water softener, the water softener removes calcium and magnesium ions, high oxygen content, low hardness, can effectively prevent stones, reduce heart, kidney burden, healthy;Soft water shower, shampoo, wash your face, smooth and delicate, especially in infants and young children’s skin with a protective effect; washing clothes clean and soft, fluffy, gorgeous. With the rapid rise of the middle class, the pursuit of high quality of life, water softener market outlook is very favorable.

How to improve the water purifier franchise traffic it

In this encourage public entrepreneurship and innovation of the era, in fact, there are many opportunities in our lives. Such as the protection of people’s health and drinking water home water purifier will have a broad market space, in recent years, there are a lot of people joined by a water purifier to achieve their dream of getting rich. However, for the novice, open a water purifier stores want to get huge profits, should have to know some of the ways of doing business, such as: store open after no one cares how do how to improve the traffic purifier franchise it? ?

What is the main reason for low traffic caused that? brand awareness is not enough, few products, limited choices, the quality of services in general, the price is too high, are the key influence sales, therefore, first of all investors should choose well-known brand water purifier to join the agency, if there is a series of brand celebrity endorsements, CCTV advertising, with the consumer groups a high degree of recognition, it also brings the most direct sales force to the agents.

Second, to protect their product variety, product range, to meet the consumption needs of different groups. In addition, water purification franchise have characteristics of product placement, the first impression of the store to the customer is very important, which is related to whether the customer will come into the store to patronize, so it is a good product placement, there are bars to clean sequence ! Care must be taken to ensure that the rich display of diverse products, at a glance, not only to provide customers with more choices, but also to attract more customers come in to buy different, for improving the water purifier franchise sales is also helpful of.

In addition, the store atmosphere is also very important, a good water purifier end-user experience, no one needs to grasp the details, such as adjusting the music shop, different time periods to select different music, with special emphasis in the light when the field need to do is to control the music, this is a lot of the store manager did not notice; shop lighting adjustment, some store owners because of “cut costs” and some of the lights turned off, even in not recommended for guests under no circumstances should the shop lights turned off, so that will give customers a good shopping atmosphere; adjust the status of personnel in the field of light into the store rate is particularly low, the store manager may wish to organize what personnel group calisthenics study, or let store personnel at the door stations and oral advocacy.

Finally, the quality of service in place, consumer satisfaction, and naturally you can letCustomers in the intangibles you increase awareness of the operators in the sales process to know how to take advantage of the reputation of this technique. We all know that good reputation not only bring more customers, as well as visibility and customers. For many consumers, the reputation of a good water purifier franchise is their first choice, but would often visit.

In fact, improve water purifier franchise traffic there are many ways, such as through the drainage network. QQ, micro-channel circle of friends planning a number of promotional activities, consumers want to buy inexpensive products, do some promotion, the flow line to lead the line in order to achieve a deal.

When you purchase a home water purifier we need to pay attention to what matters

Although many people realize that the best way to install water purifiers of drinking water is completely resolved. ? However, a wide variety of household water purifiers on the market, which was exactly what we introduce some ideal how to buy a home water purifier scientific knowledge for consumers:

[123 ]

First, according to the water quality and purification installation space requirements and choose the appropriate water purification products:

water is not the same in different regions, different quality; drinking water and domestic water and industrial water requirements are different, the installation space required for different water purification products are not the same. So choose water purification products may be different.

Second, different characteristics to be selected according to the purification water purification products for their products:

Some home water purifier can remove scale alkaline water, can remove some sediment, rust, some can remove bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms, and some can remove organic matter, some large water production, water production and some small …

At present, no single universal water purification products to meet a variety of water quality situation and various purification requirements. Recommendation: in the choice of water purification products, please detailed consulting professionals, to buy their own water purification products.

select some basic principles of purification products: high

(1) water purification product cost: better product quality, stable performance; more convenient to use; maintenance and running costs lower; strong expertise and good after-sales service.

(2) selection of domestic water softener products, drinking water contains a certain selected water hardness (140mg / L – 200mg / L), soft and pure water is not suitable as a long-term drinking water.

(3) the best choice for the water hardness in the composite ultrafiltration 170mg / L or less regions.

(4) water hardness 170mg / L-250mg within / L shower areas, washing water and the best selection of soft water, drinking water is preferably selected composite ultrafiltration water.

(5) the hardness of water in the shower area 250mg / L or more, the best selection of washing water softener, selected portions of drinking water demineralised water (demineralized water and not demineralized water are mixed in a certain proportion) after the composite ultrafiltration after filtration machine ultrafiltered water.

(6) high fluorine-containing water, high salinity, sulfur area by pure water as drinking water, and trace element supplement.

(7) heavy rust and sand or ground area, the total recommended precision filter mounted table again.

Water purification agents how quickly break point of sale

A lot of people have not joined water purifier, or is prepared to do the agents who have a lot of concern, fear not sell water purifiers, water purifiers fear the prospect of not clear and other reasons, the delay on the prowl whether the agent purifier, now, small series to sum up, how fast water purification agents break point of sale.

First, fit, the distribution of the coordinator, the best use, best use, water purification agents to in charge of a water purifier brand in the development of a city, need shopping guide, installation, service and so on, but not water purification agents all have to understand, everything they do, but to water purification agents will assign these people well, coordination of these people, the only way water purification agents in order to better market to profitable markets.

Secondly, from time to time held water purification agent industry forum, the agents around the country to focus on one, to share successful experiences and history, the agent should always participate in various team activities organized water purifier manufacturers, and local community activities, water purification agents to be more involved in water purification business training courses, etc., and more interaction with agents in different regions. To train agents profit as the main objective, regional dealer meetings held from time to time each year, by product training, interaction between dealers, learn from each other, solve problems and no sales agents to worry about.

then, to learn more about the local market in their own water purification market dynamics, the proposed regional market agents to learn more about where their main dynamic requirements, water purification agents want to know about the details of competitors, products, price, promotion, channels, and so must have a detailed understanding of, and more to study the opponent, understand the market, understand the cross-industry alliance, a group of people to find their own horse in the market, able to introduce their own clients, referrals can be multi-talented person and so on.

in water purification agents to develop their own independence, does not have an independent agency usually has the following categories: the first category, choose a good quality when the agent, the big brand influence water purifier brand, and then open a shop, waiting for customers to come to kind of sit back and wait type we usually call agents, as agents to know the brand only trade advantage, not absolute advantage in the regional market, so small advice agency business or take the initiative and be able to do more with less.

Many agents will often complain that manufacturers do not support policies in place to support is indeed very important, but the agents are doing well on their own, water purification agents have to learn to deal with their own affairs, rather than simply relying on the manufacturers support, enabling manufacturers is short, so can not sustain your long-term interests.

water purifier brand is built on the basis of a high degree of confidence, full of self-confidence and team will make customers feel the presence of your presence and your brand, do any brand, we must first convince their own, even convince themselves, without mentioning the brand, to talk about business, as water purification agent, water purification agent Xiao Bian remind you to use your self-confidence move people around, no employee is not willing to follow a leader confident, because they do not see hope, to give employees want, even to relatives and family members around you with confidence, they do not have confidence, how to help you have confidence, confidence is your solid backing.