Highly pathogenic risk! Large quantities of pollutants in drinking water contaminants detected in the United States was lawful

[ is ] when a lot of people will want to turn on the tap: Water is safe, because I was in the United States. There are various sound laws to protect our flow out of the tap is clean Dian no pollution of the water.

Moreover, many Americans have the habit of drinking cold water, whether at home or on the outside, basically the tap water to drink directly.

but recent research shows that in the United States, drinking water is not as clean as you think.

drinking water contaminants detected high risk of illness

A US environmental group recently conducted a sample survey on drinking water contaminants American show, the nation’s drinking water contains health pose a threat to highly pathogenic contaminants.

The survey collected from 2010 and 2015, the United States water samples were provided drinking water at 48,000, 500 tested pollutants. The results are very surprising, there are 267 kinds of contaminants are detected, a lot of the content of pollutants far beyond even the level of drinking, pose a significant human health risk.

In contaminants found in which 93 kinds of pollutants associated with cancer; 78 kinds of brain and nervous system can lead to injury; 63 kinds of related abortion and fetal malformations; 45 kinds of endocrine disorders!

In the field of 48,000 samples of water, there are over 40,000 known or detected potentially carcinogenic contaminants! And the content more than the standard level. More than 19,000 detect lead content seriously overweight, and high levels of lead in drinking water is the culprit leading to retarded children!

but it is such a high concentration of pollutants in the United States under the existing Drinking Water Act is completely legal.

pollutants under the existing law it is perfectly legal

regulations in the United States SafeDrinkingWaterAct stipulates that these pollutants are legitimate.

It is reported that since 1996, the list of Applied Chemistry of water control products did not increase over time any new contaminants.

In 1974, Congress enacted the “Safe Drinking Water Act,” authorized EPA to develop national drinking water standards. However, after more than 20 years, the United States Environmental Protection Agency only in its subjectList of drinking water contaminants regulated adds a new contaminants, only one!

and is now 20 years later, this list of controlled chemicals is not updated with the development of society. Today, the rapid development of science and technology, environmental pollutants after another, when a new disease-causing contaminants that have occurred but did not receive timely treatment.

With these daily drinking water pollution prevention measures

In some cases tap water really safe to drink, but that really need luck and where you are. Therefore, some routine measures to prevent drink contaminated water or essential.

using a filter. With the maturity of water purification technology, more and more expensive, and the use of being accepted by more and more families. We can according to their needs, choose what kind of water purifier is appropriate under study.

is not recommended for long-term drinking bottled water. Public water suppliers difference is that bottled water manufacturers do not need to disclose in accordance with the law pollutant content in their products. In 2012 EWG has done bottled water sampling found that five companies have not announced four water quality test results. Bottled water is easier to grow the bacteria, may be plastics additives contaminated bottles leachable.

I believe many people have emigrated to the US in part because the United States feel that the sky bluer Dian Dian air more fragrant water clearer, but the reality always loved fiercely hit in the face. For security, or quickly buy a filter mattered.

Analysis of six aspects of water purification industry to attract consumers

[ is ] water purifier market competition increasing, for consumers, what kind of products to attract them, this is a problem we need to think about the manufacturers, today we as consumers, from six respects our concerns.

a penetration rate of

First of all, we can not deny, water purification industry in ordinary people’s homes is not strictly required for small appliances, and even many consumers will not say our family need water purifiers, drinking water is also now good, useless water purifier, which indicates that consumer awareness of people for the water purifier is not enough, this time the manufacturers need to do some business promotion allows customers to truly understand water purifier .

Second, the taste

We want to know the reason for causing water purifier, the first is to prevent harmful substances in water against the body, the second is to drink water taste will be much better, this time we will do a good job taste marketing, so that more consumers to understand and experience the taste of the water purifier does a lot of good.

Third, the product features

water purifier styles varied, purification technology adopted for different water quality are different, so while the introduction of product features, can be properly understood consumers specific needs, this time at his request, to be introduced, will take his demand points to facilitate the purchase. But also makes consumers are interested in buying.

Fourth, the quality and stability

consumers pay attention to what is the best product? Is the product quality, and later use the service, then this time can not reimbursing the pursuit of product sales, followed by product quality, product experience, the product of post services are very important part of any ring error, late product reputation will not be good, we must ensure the stability of quality, we will have a good reputation.

Fifth, the cost

water purifier is not a one-time or permanent product, water purifier filter requires regular replacement, this time before the sale must inform consumers, or post-consumer products because of a small amount of water, said product quality problems, this is not good, and should be selected according to the local economic situation, this will be more suitable for consumers.

Six, product safety

[123After] consumers to buy the product installation, if the product such as leaking secondary pollution, water pipes burst and other issues, these issues are part of the safety of the product, of course, if you solve these problems, consumers will not have to worry satisfaction .

Therefore, we want consumers to choose, we must do these six areas, in order to establish a brand image! In order to attract more consumers to make a purchase.

Five water supply industry thought-provoking lasting pain

[ is ] “Looking back over the past year, the water supply industry market information, which are mostly found in the system, indicating that the industry is fading out from the perspective of the value of the government, political Perspective.” in 2016 the first water summit, senior partner of E20 platform environment, China water Alliance chairman, president E20 Institute Fu Tao pointed out that the current dilemma facing the water supply industry. He spoke from the water supply industry pain points, analyze the trend in the external policy environment changing context, the future development of innovative ideas and the water supply industry.

water industry five persistent pain

1. Public services and corporate earnings contradiction

We all know that public service is the responsibility of local enterprises to explore this area, how to do business in the end, in fact, water companies have not reached the 1998 water price control measures are predetermined profit target, there is a great relationship with the system contradictions.

2. The rising cost and price constraints contradiction

before the cost of water has been improving, human capital, capital power are improving, but not very nice price adjustment mechanism. Although the department in charge of the NDRC know the plight facing the industry, but has not been a very clear answer.

3. Investment demand and the problem of insufficient funds

high-speed development of China’s cities, investment inputs and water supply facilities, the transformation of the urban infrastructure of a substantial increase, but our industry financing system, support system and there is no clear, easy financing by borrowing, many companies debt ratio reached seven percent, eighty.

4. Service Status and demands for improvement in contradiction

required standard of services and people is changing. Many people Tixi parties will be able to drink the tap open, direct drinking water tap in China is only a dream, service expectations and existing service system is a contradiction.

5. The restructuring and development of institutional constraints contradiction

industry market-oriented process, many water companies surging. After 2000, the North controlled, such as water faucet first continuous layout, there are many private enterprises have been rapid development, but only a few of the water supply industry Water Division achieved mixed ownership stake in reform, most of the enterprises are firmly system bondage, which is in fact contradictoryHe has been plaguing the industry.

Today’s discussion is about the contradictions existing industry, looking for possible breakthroughs and solutions. But before discussing these issues, let’s forget about the concerns and see what is the nature of our industry sector. Three cognitive

water nature

1. The public nature

Water is the most basic public services, importance, irreplaceable is ranked in all public services most front.

2. Municipal property

water supply industry is the industry representative municipal public facilities, local people’s governments as the main responsibility, destined to be the geographical split, unlike the power industry and railway industry is a national public facilities, but belong to the state monopolies. Against this background is the local municipal powers, the responsibility is decentralized, fragmented services.

3. operating

water supply industry is actually a business nature, is operating fees, managed by the NDRC’s price department, the industry itself is user-oriented direct supply, as opposed to gas , the bus is similar, but with sewage, garbage and other management facilities are different.

The above three properties is the starting point of the water sector reform Here we look at the water supply industry

water supply industry is a traditional industry in many cities have 60 years of history, Beijing, Shanghai and more early. Prior to 2002 the Ministry of Construction to promote the reform of public utilities, water supply industry is not an industry, but the government why the industry became the industry? This process depends on the market, which is gradually outside the public service of process. The government no money, no ability, not enough efficiency to improve their own water services, there will be a market mechanism, the government began to turn into procurement services by the market players to complete specific water services.

So he learned how the water supply industry to industry? Water is the process of industrialization and marketization of public services gradually externalization process. Although since 2002 kicked off, this process has been controversy and hesitation, firmly believe that the views of the party to promote market-oriented, industrial reforms, but some people think it is public utilities, the government should move towards direct provision of services this debate is now largely terminated because termination because “eighteen” in the future, in particular, is the “eighteen Third Plenary session” there is clearly a municipal utility fileBasically take the road of market-oriented strategic judgment. Experts believe that this issue is not currently in doubt and controversy, only around methodological controversy.

The world is changing, China is changing, the industry is changing

External change trend

1. Internet +

is now paid through micro-channel in the country you can purchase medicines abroad, this is very typical of the Internet to life changes. Including the impact of P2P platform, O2O, in fact, development of the Internet so that the original scale of the industry, as well as the laws of the world’s great changes happening.

before many industries is the mass market, but the development of the Internet so that each terminal can independently express their views, so that a small minority of services possible.

What is a niche service? Many people go to Japan to buy the toilet, many small niche market needs to be highlighted. For example, dedicated to neurasthenia used, no sound, urinate will not affect the neurasthenic person to sleep, this is a niche demand public toilet is completely ignored. Development of the Internet can make this niche demand circulation in the world, so that small niche market as possible, while a small minority is highly profitable.

The reason why the water there is no profit, difficult to develop, because we have done a service to the most popular. But we are doing the most basic equalization of public services, nor prevent us from digging water supply demand niche market, we tap the Internet for high-end niche markets possible.

2. Capitalization of development

What is the difference between assets and capital

that? Capital can circulate, a financial asset only investment behavior, only be done in the area. In fact, the water industry is also undergoing a course to become the capital assets, capitalization is a big trend, that is, the value of all the enterprise including human capital are no longer human resources, which have become a capital. Value of water, the value of services, as well as including the “white hot” and other brand value, are likely to be access to capital to capital market recognition. So from the original assets into capital, from the investment business to investment and financing business, our values ​​change, which not only affect the water supply in the industry, but affects the whole society.

3. Ecology

is high above the water industry in the past, see the vendor is condescending to see politicsHouse is down, this is our value chain. After entering the ecological society, are all upstream and downstream industry work together to create social value system, water in the chain integration, integration of water conservancy and water supply in the water supply has been difficult to be immune. Here are many water companies are related to sewage, waste water is also related to the raw water, raw water is also related to water supply, many environmental company is not a simple relationship between the company, does not have a separate space, all policies are directed throughout the flood service industries, it is a fusion. There is also a channel integration, we have a variety of social channels, such charges are likely to create new value.

4. Free Trend

cheaper oil prices, steel prices, the price of iron, coal prices are getting cheaper. Telephone charges before a thousand dollars a month, and now a hundred dollars. At present it does not seem to impact the water supply service system, but in the continuous development of service facilities today, it is difficult to imagine the possibility of only concerned with water supply system services, but also to constantly improve the value, it is difficult for us to break. More and more infrastructure to free, public service which may be gradually fall trend. If we want a profit, you can only obtain benefits from another dimension.

5. Platform

Many institutions are turned into platforms, like just sell millet phone, it provides a platform, including Tencent, Ali and Apple, now famous the company is the platform for the development of both trends, we now have the ability to supply the industry, they are also eligible to explore the platform.

industry policy trends

1. The change on the rise

external policies of water supply faced by the industry are changing, formerly ministries policy as a dominant, now the policy of the State Council all to see, however. Two, three years issued by industrial policy than in the past decade, have more than twenty years.

2. The trend to strengthen the administrative law

from the administration, the power of local governments will be put into the cage, and the local government is authorized to direct the main water supply industry, is the party of public services . Its power is changed, no longer as before to command to command, unlike the previous approach to regulation must be changed the water supply industry, has been unable to carry out water supply services by the original logic.

3. Mixed ownership reform start

Mixed Ownership true or false change to and froTechnology, but it is a trend.

water supply at the market level threats

household water purifiers rapid development, further squeeze the room for price increases. Add water to the whole industry, each year 60 billion tons of water supply, 100 billion in cash flow only, is a very small industry, not as half of the water purification industry, it is said to have a water purifier three or four billion. From the income, our income is extremely differentiable. How to break through? Our industry is not without value, but the business model is not good enough, not reasonable to value water services.

water services more and more away from the value of water, the government seems more and more to ignore the value of water services. Recalling last year’s water supply industry market big events, which are mostly found in the system, indicating that we are from the perspective of the value of the government, fade political perspective.

responsibility for water services in Utah, pressures, and now cities are sponges impact on our market, we have so many payment system, the burden even heavier, less the value, but a big responsibility, which is our industry sorrow.

from long-term capital, seemed to fade capital. The face of change, the water supply industry seems a bit to keep up with the times? So where is the future development of Chinese water supply industry?

thinking about the future development of China’s water industry

first, and then think

aspects of the water industry has four characteristics of confusion on the Water property:

[123 ] a. public services

we provide public services for the government, which is the foundation. Faced with the cost of supervision and examination, is the basis of the service is bound to help the government to do things, the government is our master, we are his nanny and housekeeper. Government has a special cost center cost supervision and examination.

II. Water-

commodity pricing water according to supply and demand, the price of water is the price of commodity supply company, if it is true commodity of water, it is supply and demand pricing, according to market pricing. China has not done.

III. Water resources

water systems often call water, water from the pipe to the tap. China’s Water Law agreed, water resources belong to the state.

IV. Water as a carrier of social services

In fact, we are taking the service pricing.

Characteristics of the four postWoven together, puzzled development of this industry.

So what is the nature of the company’s water supply? Our early positioning for the institutions, most of which are now public service enterprises, few become market-oriented company. We in the end is a production of aquatic products companies, or companies providing water services for the community people, or to become a platform for the future of the company, which is we need to discuss.

What is the water services provided? Commodity is water, water service or water service, or providing water as a medium of passage? This need to make a trade-off in nature.

In reality, trapped in the water supply industry labor tragedies.

Similarly a service, complete with hourly workers, with hourly service is provided to pay by the hour. If a service company to complete the service fee by taking effect; if the market commodity purchase a service, goods by supply and demand take charge.

have a service brand, have their own standards, let the government do more standard admiration. Now many officials than we are professional, because we do not move towards specialization. Most of China’s current water companies doing outsourcing services for local governments rather than outsourcing, but did not achieve commercial service. The franchise means “service” instead of “labor”, Chinese universality away from the water.

to do service to professional, branded, water services publish service standards just want to promote standardization, brand water services. There is no standard service sector is sad. There is no standard, is the source of labor service, not professional. Second, thinking of extending water services dimension

recognize the characteristics of the industry, eventually homing to the franchise system has a service system, a standard, do not be satisfied with peace of mind services , but to do professional services.


value-added services. Most of the low-cost low-quality public services is a reality, it is difficult to extricate themselves. Water supply industry, basic services are characterized by the public sector, it can not change the short term. Unless there is a revolutionary subversion, can not do otherwise. As long as public goods, in fact, we are moving toward low-cost competition, including waste incineration and sewage do.

space niche value-added services how much? In fact, water purifier is a representative of bottled water is a representative niche value-added services have a lot of space, but there is no water supply company to dig. Lock the user scope and depthIt is not hard to expand basic services face as much as possible to lock the basis of the range of services, expand value-added services in addition to basic services.

Third, thinking the water supply unit specialized services

It is difficult to make a breakthrough in the overall service as a whole, but water services can be cut into a number of service units, such as business intelligence, equipment warranty services, call center services, etc. these services can go sub-specialized, professional services sub-premise must implement an external service and professionalism by the water company, must break the geographical split. Inter-regional collaboration and specialization capitalized docking. An organization like the “white hot” national branding feasible? Whether the formation of an industry service and standards.

Fourth, thinking the water main industry of the ultimate

“Minister Liu Zhijun ‘proposed high-speed rail business logic, originally from Beijing to Shanghai more than a hundred dollars, has now become more than five hundred dollars, because he had become a general railway high-speed rail, for a line, including our highways, too, national road closed ten dollars a lot of people criticize, but later became a highway, to achieve high-quality at higher prices. The price must be the first after the service break to raise prices, unfortunately we do not have such a strategic industry as rail and road initiatives appear.

Fifth, the supply of capital assets of thinking

In the eyes of the capital, water and environmental protection is the pillar industry of the next 20 years, there is no ceiling industry.

is characteristic of capital flow to the high-profit local

Now the market has changed, especially in China decline in return on assets, the price of water so that the market is likely to get a reflection, water the industry has been unable to ignore the capital of the promoter. Water companies will face financial baptism, are Enlarge financial tiny gap between enterprises. The game is called financial capital, the game is called asset investment.

basis for water supply industry capitalization breakthrough

industry experts believe that the market and enterprises is a destination, since it is home, moving as early as late move. Mixed ownership stake with the team, no matter how hard every fight. Seize every opportunity to reform, with the long-term profitability of the water supply assets. Accelerate the process of capital assets of water supply, water supply industry to break through the institutional dilemma, leading companies in the market mechanism, radiation traditional companies.

Channel business model to explore the integration of intelligent water purifier

[ is In recent years, intelligent water purifier can be said that has provoked much discussion, water purifier has become one of most families will be selected household appliances, and intelligence is becoming standard water purifier configuration; then the business model of intelligent water purifier will be like a business model it is the shared mode, or is it OTO mode, or rental model, or whether the traditional marketing model it no matter what? kind of business model unviable have been developed, but should integrate a variety of effective channels and a variety of limited resources together to form a “fusion channel” model of development, in order to improve recycling efficiency of social resources, expand people’s consumer demand to meet the interests of more people; with the “Internet +” the prevalence of “integration channel” model of development will become very popular, because “integration channel” model of development resources in one hand, supply-side integration of online and offline, another in terms of the demand side continues to provide users with a better experience, it has become the most important force in within the water industry, thus breaking the tradition of workers dependent on business organizations, Then provide better water purification products and water purification service to the user.

economic development in an era there is an age specific development needs, recalling the 1990s to sellers market-oriented traditional economic market, with vertical market sales and marketing channels has made rapid development, for national brands to establish Li under the indelible contribution; but as the market economy changed from a sellers’ market to a buyers market, to 00 years, the traditional vertical marketing channels can not meet the development needs of traditional enterprise, to open up the deeper areas of the market, has become the channel sink the company was the preferred mode of operation, however, the channel sink brings more to solve the problem of wide spread road, failed to solve the problem of the traditional sellers of their products, so the marketing concept came into being, the depth distribution channels marketing concept is the most explicit marketing, business sellers to solve the problem through a variety of marketing tools, for example: promotions, events, direct marketing, etc., in the process of another company to lose more profits but also to address market share issue, although the sellers solve the problem to some extent, but the depth distribution channels still not resolved EC channels brand communication and brand interaction problems.

in 00 years, with the rapid development of a wide range of computer applications and the Internet, the concept of e-commerce for the first time in our minds, however, with the rapid development of e-commerceThe traditional commercial channels brought the shadows, always seek and can not, in the future the two commercial channels is an alternative or competing with each other, the industry is worth discussion. But in the foreseeable future, the two channels will follow their own logic of development, covering a wide area of ​​e-commerce, the product can be infinitely shelves, reducing the rent of commercial premises, logistics and other expenses, there are some cost advantages. The traditional offline channels can provide better design, better visual effect, enhance the shopping experience and increase consumer confidence and enhance brand value and so on; and two different channels corresponding to different consumer groups and different consumption habits, developed in parallel to each other and therefore seems to be the obvious choice.

in 10 years, with the evolution of the business ecosystem, the enterprise must take into account the objective of two different channels and modalities of co-ordination, continue to meet consumer demand for differentiated. The e-commerce and traditional channels of commercial channels and interactive integration process, just O2O prototype form, and how the characteristics of different industries, and explore the best O2O business model, which is also a test for enterprise managers of wisdom.

In recent years, shared economic model can be described as emerging, sharing economy has become the most important force in social services in the industry, thus breaking the tradition of workers dependent on business organizations, to provide products directly to users or service; currently sharing economies in accommodation, transportation, educational services and ancillary services and tourism applications is very wide, from a pet foster sharing, shared spaces to share cycling, car-sharing, etc., can be said that every detail of life are shared economic parcel of real real; then the water purifier home water filtration device as application, how to integrate to express a shared economy, has attracted waves of water purifier manufacturers.

At the same time, the rental model also being in a fiery, often in traditional consumer attitudes have such a consciousness, “is not good goods cheaper, better goods are not cheap”; low-cost water purifier to buy do not worry, the high price of water purifiers and can not afford, but also afraid to spend money to buy defective products of high, so often follow the recommendations of Shopping guide staff, affordable to buy a water purifier general performance; in fact, we very clear, because the water purifier is a consumable, water purifiers available in the market must be replaced every three months is basically a filter, otherwise it will cause secondary pollution, regularly need to do some water quality testing, however, many of these shopping guide staff does not know, does not even knowTell consumers pay attention to these matters, so most of the shopping guide staff once the product sold go after even a deal that ended the late issue of aftermarket products N phone can not get through; Ever since the birth of a “rental model” user during normal lease water purifier, all after-sales problems borne by the manufacturers, users only need to press the date of deposit to lease water purifiers like, the rental model pay more attention to after-sales service experience.

With the construction and improvement of channels, vertical marketing channels sinking traditional channel depth distribution caused by flooding, rapid development of electronic commerce, the rise of the economy and then to share more attention to after-sales service leasing, “integration channel” business model development imperative.

Household water purification industry standards

[ is ] standard system is not perfect so that cohabitation focus renovated home water purifier market network, an endless stream of fake and shoddy products. This not only seriously damaged the interests of consumers, but also harm the image of the industry. Water purifiers, parts and components, raw materials, national standards, industry standards, and water purifiers production, testing, development of maintenance norms has become imperative. Chinese people (private) business Economic Research Association water industry committee (hereinafter referred to as water purification industry committee) Deputy Secretary-General Tang Jian Xing said.

As early as 2010, the water industry standard management committee has proposed 34 standards apply, including 13 national standards and 21 industry standards. However, the reporter noted, as of now, only three industry standard introduced, two national standards in the approval status, household water purification industry standards urgently the situation has not changed.

Embodiment 3 row index, 2 GB approval

Industrial water purification equipment can be divided by two types of water purification water purification equipment and household products. Currently, the standard system of industrial water purification equipment is relatively complete, standards have been implemented include CJ 3023-1993 “activated carbon water purifier”, CJ / T 3026-1994 “integrated water purifier drinking water”, HG / T 4084-2009 “automatic enhanced flocculation precipitation purification kit”, HG / T 4111-2009 “automatic continuous micro / ultrafiltration water purification device”, HY / T 068-2002 “drinking water preparation system SRO series of reverse osmosis equipment” JB / T 6931-2010 “secondary Floatation water purifier” and JT / T 4507-1980 “JSX river type water purifier” and the like.

However, the focus of real estate network, household water purification product standards has twists and turns. According to insiders familiar with certain standards of water purification products, currently has formal implementation of household water purification product standards only three, namely QB / T 4100-2010 “dedicated drinking water purifier”, QB / T 4143-2010 “household and similar UF water purifier”, QB / T 4144-2010 “household and similar RO water purifier”, are the industry standard. The beginning of the above three standards are based on national standards project, but in the final approval Shique changed the industry standard, the standard efficacy great asbefore.

It is understood that these three are the industry standard in March 1, 2011 and April 1, 2011 formally implemented.

where, QB / T 4100-2010 was developed standards for drinking fountains water purifier. The standard requires that the softening of the water purifier softening efficiency should be not less than 50% removal efficiency of the water purification filter calcium, magnesium salts should not be less than 85%, pH of alkaline water electrolysis of water is not to be greater than water and not more than 8.5.

QB / T 4143-2010 and QB / T 4144-2010 terms and definitions were provided for household and similar water purifier ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis water purifier, classification and nomenclature, requirements, test methods, inspection rules and signs, packaging, transportation and storage.

QB / T 4143-2010 provides terminal ultrafiltration water out of water not less than 48L / h, the total net amount of water should be greater than the total net amount of water Go2map nominal, the actual water flow to be less than The nominal water flow.

water quality water purifier should meet the requirements “drinking water health standards” GB 5749, and in line with the Ministry of Health “living water processor health and safety and functional assessment of drinking water specifications General Water Processor” (2001 ) requirements. QB / T 4144-2010 the terminal in terms of water, the total net amount of water, water with a predetermined flow rate QB / T 4143-2010 same. The standard in terms of the provisions of the removal, reverse osmosis water purifier for the removal of specific substances in water should meet the requirements “living water processor health and safety and functional assessment of drinking water reverse osmosis treatment device specifications” (2001) of the Ministry of Health; desalination rate of not less than 90%, the recovery rate of not less than 30%.

According to the Secretary-General Gu water industry committee said the long pass, the current household water purification industry has not yet formally introduced national standards, “drinking water for household and similar purposes General requirements processing apparatus “,” household and similar General requirements for drinking water treatment core “two national standards are still in approval stage.

Water purifier is the inevitable emergence is not accidental

[ is ] of any product are all his historical mission, when the reform and opening up, we are all desperate to grab wealth; with our lives increasingly improved, demand for health It is getting higher and higher.

this from our current spending habits is that you can look out; instant noodles fell 12.5%, 3.6% decline in beer, cosmetics sales rose 15.5%, skin care products increased by 13.2%.

(Source network)

and yogurt, pet food and other high-end category and most high-end single product category is still growing; this is for healthy people more and more attention.

why, because cancer is now around us too much; this cancer, that cancer continue to increase, but also deeply hurt our nerves of ordinary people.

appears purifier is not accidental but inevitable, like the jacket appears as; environmental decision, the cold should wear clothes; the emergence of a water purifier is so, because changing water pollution and water quality.

people to protect their health, so they need water purifier protection; certainly do not need a fridge in the north and south poles, then we need a down jacket; some do not need a down jacket in the desert, then we need air conditioning; some need to ship in the sea, rather than the car; some need a car on the road, rather than the ship; [flood], except of course, is the environment cause water purifier, is a product of the times.

Most respondents believed that water pollution water purifier is essential household goods

[ is ] Today, more and more people are aware of the growing problem of water pollution, measures to use , water purifier has become a hot product. Recently, Consumer Services Daily Social Investigation Center of the questionnaire network, a survey of 2001 people revealed in the haze-prone period, 80.7% of respondents believe that home water purifier is the home of essential goods. Water purifier installed at home (40.12%), boil water to drink (71.1%), buy bottled water and bottled water (52.6%) is a common way people deal with water hazards.

(Source network)

respondents, 73.4% of respondents living in pollution-prone, retransmission, the 26.6% of people are not.

80.7% of respondents believe that home water purifier is the home of essential goods

survey shows that 40.12 percent of respondents already home home water purifier, 40.58% of respondents are planning to buy, 19.3% of respondents would not buy.

26-year-old graduate student at a university in Shanghai Zhao Minjia (not his real name) bought a home in the dormitory, “news reports said through the municipal water treatment after bleaching powder, or will produce chlorine, chlorine for a long time to drink, then there is personal hurt, so I bought a water purifier. home water pollution is very serious, but the parents feel less water purification effect, has refused to buy. “

considering the price of a digital company working in Guangzhou Zhu Yan have not purchased a home water purifier, “though how many will have some effect, but I think the water, boil the water to drink would be better. and where people gather, public places, should be equipped with a water purifier so that public drinking water safer Some. “

” During that time that pollution incident in Lanzhou, home water pollution has caused panic, the family immediately bought two water purifiers. over 20 days this winter to go home, see home near the water, also contaminated horrendous. specially to buy a couple of water quality testing pen to detect differences in raw water with a bit of water purification, scared the daylights, had such a big difference. “currently in Henan reading Zhang home in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, in his view homes, schools and offices, in the case of funds that are equipped with a water purifier. “Now, Henan water pollution is more serious, even after the municipal primary filterBut still there are many hidden dangers.

survey shows that 89.9% of respondents believe that public offices should be equipped with a water purifier. In addition, 80.7% of respondents believe that the pollution-prone period, household water purifier is already home essential goods, 17.5% of respondents are not recognized.

survey, 46.0 percent of respondents believe that home water purifier is very effective, immediate consumption, more than the health and safety of bottled water and bottled water, 35.3% of respondents said “a number with the number of pipe” , 13.7% of respondents think that does not work, “psychological comfort it.”

installed a water purifier (40.12%), boil water to drink (71.1%), buy bottled water and bottled water (52.6%) is a common way people deal with water hazards. “Whenever the taste of tap water smell of bleach that kind of, I feel nauseous, the water boiled, a layer of scale.” Zhao Minjia said.

“Not long ago in Hui Letang home, although wearing masks, but still smell the doorstep of that kind of smelly water, watching the fields of clothing pesticide spraying, worried that their own well water are also been affected, obviously no child sweet water, “Zhang said, water pollution is now so serious, but did not dare to drink mountain spring water in the vicinity of the …

Zhang said that even such a serious water pollution, Street there are also the elderly, a child drinking unclean water, health and safety protection of drinking water need to increase efforts to popularize knowledge.

Water purification industry is facing a crisis of confidence is difficult marketing

[ is At present, the water purification industry is facing stringent market regulation, reputation declined, much the same function and many other issues, but the most essential problem is the crisis of confidence. On the one hand due to the small number of enterprises exaggerated demands, hype, misleading consumers and vicious competition, affecting consumer psychology; partly because some SMEs hanging brand marketing meetings, the use of non-standard method of operation of the market, predatory destruction of market resources so many consumers believe that marketing conference is a lie, there are people even say a pyramid scheme, with the results seriously questioned, leading to new listings meeting marketing products increased degree of difficulty of the operation. The reason

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lead to a crisis of confidence in many aspects, in addition to the press conference marketing industry is extremely sensitive to outside, conference marketing characteristics, but also soil easily lead to a crisis of confidence. Specifically:

1, form water purifier, so that consumers prone to distrust.

2, big promises and no after-sales service, promises to the people.

3, the environment and industry credibility in the reconstruction phase.

to solve the trust approach

a water purifier and a rapid rise and disappeared in an instant, when consumers trust their own products when nothing of the sort found in an evening TV news, this is what the people one kind of harm?

second, consumers have been “well-off”, they need water purifier to psychological care and body meet.

with good faith to resolve the icy heart of God.

abandon the quick success means, with a sincere attitude of service is a prerequisite for meeting consumer product marketing successful operation. Water purifier has bid farewell to the era of quick success, if companies feel speculation, it is not suitable for meeting the marketing mode to operate. Conference Marketing companies will have to abandon one-shot deal, today’s consumer is very difficult to convince myself that a misbehaving companies and products.

Promising water purifier will become more competitive

[ is ] Over the last decade China’s economic take-off to potential rapid development, people’s living standard is getting higher and higher. But over the pursuit of fast-paced economic development, but also led to water pollution and other environmental problems continue to emerge, which directly affects people’s quality of life and safety. In particular, water quality and safety issues directly related to human life and health, promote the development of water purification industry which to some extent, but as people security awareness increasing, the scale of 2017 can be expected.

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At present, the water purifier in China has developed more than a decade, the industry has formed a mature industry chain system. Especially in recent years, the popular smart home is also stimulating the development of water purifiers and other related industries, especially in 2015 and 2016, the water purification industry has developed rapidly. According to Institute of forward-looking industry, “China water purifier industry sales needs analysis report” data show that in 2016, China’s water purifier sales of 20.3 billion yuan, of which online sales of 16.3 billion yuan, an increase of 37.9%; the line sales of 4.05 billion yuan, an increase of 51.7%.

It is worth mentioning is that China is not yet fully developed, there is still huge room for mining, currently only 5% of our water purifier market coverage, as a comparison of the Korean market coverage up to 95%. Among these, it contains a huge business opportunity, the future of water purifier market can develop into hundreds of billions or even more of the industry.

with the younger generation of married people, this generation of people pay more attention to health awareness and quality of life, the pursuit of healthy drinking water has become a trend, expected in 2017 water purifier market size of up to 27.1 billion yuan, of which line on up to 21.3 billion yuan, up 5.8 billion yuan next line.

have such a large dividend can be expected, water purifier industry has also ushered in the explosive growth, according to rough statistics, the domestic water purifier manufacturers has exceeded the number of five thousand, all kinds of good and bad capital investment lead industry trend increasingly impetuous, chaos. This is also one of the water purification industry bottlenecks encountered, you want to stand out, you need to build word of mouth, creating a brand, pay attention to product quality and innovation, enhance the user experience.

According to the above-mentioned report data show that China’s current water purifier manufacturers to develop an annual rate of 30%, an annual business of about 40%, of whichAbout 10% of the companies closed down or forced to change jobs.

future water purifier will further intensify competition in the industry, while the number of water purifier manufacturers will continue to decrease, but this does not reduce the competitiveness of the industry, but will continue to increase. Because this is a sector with great prospects, as long as the strength of the brand will not give up, but this is a development of the industry inevitable choice, the law of survival of the fittest is the general development of the industry.

In summary, our next water purification industry will be both opportunities and challenges, as a water purifier manufacturers need innovative technology, improve their product quality, increase product added value, in order to avoid industry shuffle out.

"Water purifier" included in the list of green consumption

[ is Recently, the State Council issued a report entitled “State Council on the new consumer actively play a leading role, accelerating the development of the formation of guidance (Guo Fa [2015] No. 66) new supply new impetus,” the file, this is interpreted as “central supply-side reforms.” the first one introduced, clearly innovation and expand the effective supply, from seven areas force. When

water purifier” included in the list of green consumption

“consumption in key areas and direction” of the “green consumption” described in the third section of the file, clear the “[123 ] water purifier “as a green consumer is emphasized, the specific content: the concept of ecological civilization and green consumption concept is growing in popularity, from an ecological green consumption of organic food to air purifiers, water purifiers, energy-saving appliances, green appliances, green building materials will help to conserve resources, improve the environment of goods and services expanded.

This would promote the recycling economy, ecological economy, low carbon economy booming, ecological agriculture, new energy, energy saving, comprehensive utilization of resources, environmental protection and pollution control, ecological protection and restoration in areas such as technology research and development , production services to enhance the capacity and infrastructure to provide substantial investment entrepreneurial opportunities.

water purifier is the focus and direction of the consumer to upgrade

This is the first time the State Department mentioned water purifiers, but also to the way the State Department bulletin file are reflected, illustrated by the depth of home terminal purify the general public in order to solve the drinking water safety as the goal is to get through the water purifier national recognition as an industry, to enter the national team.

China has entered a sustained growth in consumer demand, speed up the upgrading of consumption structure, consumer-driven economy marked improvement of an important stage. Upgrading traditional consumption upgrade, consumption booming emerging as the main content of the new consumer, and the birth of new supply of new investments in the field of development of related industries, technological innovation, infrastructure and public services, and tremendous potential for development and space .

Clearly, “the State Council on actively play a leading role in the new consumption, accelerating the development of guidance on the formation of new supply new impetus” The introduction of new consumer is better to play a leading role, accelerating the development of new supply power to form a new economic development with program and significant directional!

this policy reflects the national importance of safe drinking water, healthy drinking consensus gradually formed. With water purifierPopularity, office buildings, hospitals, the importance of families more and more schools began to spend water purification equipment, all sectors of society to recognize healthy drinking water.

Whether it is for every water industry practitioners, or corporate entity, the State Council issued guidance document, it will greatly inspire people of every clean water. As China’s energy-saving new era of health industry groups, to do is to respond positively to policy advice, going all out, and strive leaps and bounds. Reasons 10

select the

1, serious secondary pollution of water, up to 765 kinds of harmful substances in water, in which 20 kinds of carcinogenic confirmed, 24 kinds of suspected carcinogen, 18 kinds of actuator stones, about 80% of diseases, especially chronic diseases because of water pollution caused.

2 for sterilization, some people boil water to drink. In fact, after boil tap water, although the bacteria are killed, but the bodies are still residual bacteria in the water, a source of heat in the body, that is medically called “induced heat and mass.”

3, the precipitate was filtered conventional chlorination process, the chlorine with water rot melanin synthesis as chloroform, it is recognized carcinogens world. Water till chloroform between 90 to 100 degrees is three to four times the raw water. Water has not been directly precipitated fish fish will die, but the fish and the large volume compared to chlorine poisoning on the human body is not immediately apparent. Bather when the absorbed chlorine hundred times during drinking.

4, boiled water loses large amounts of oxygen, cold water to water the flowers wilted flower is not spent relations oxygen from the water. Of body weight and 60% -70% water, the infant can reach more than 70%, the cell metabolism by the oxygen in the water to complete. So, drinking water is not conducive to the body of oxygen, the body’s cells are deformed due to hypoxia, which is one of the reasons cancer.

5, well water, ground water is not safe. Acid rain, industrial and agricultural waste water into the ground on Earth caused by pollution, causing deep well although there is no serious water pollution, but its calcium and magnesium ion content, long-term consumption and easy to get cardiovascular, gallstones and other diseases. Deep well alkaline, acid-base balance and body needs, requirements of the body of water is weakly basic.

6, the national survey, bottled water Sancheng failed, which far exceeded the number of colonies group. Except for production reasons, the reason most of the tub, wherein the salt is contained carcinogensquality. Large brand-name water production plant requirements for bottled water users can not be barrel barrel confusion with other manufacturers, because they are non-toxic ABS plastic buckets to do. Developed countries have adopted domestic water purification terminal. Southern star hotel has been canceled bottled water, and in the room to introduce purified water output port.

7, various functional water has been expressly prohibited by the state, it is the only market left channel!

is currently the most effective and direct the national response to the measures taken by the unexpected water pollution! used in natural disaster emergency rescue scene is particularly evident!

8, some people noticed the quality of bottled water, drink production date, regular bottled water production plant, and finished within 3 days. But still reluctant to use bought water wash rice, vegetables, cooking or washing white clothes, water pollution can not be avoided fundamentally.

9, many families will use the water precipitate, so that part of the bacteria, the precipitation of impurities, but the water tank, the washing tub is difficult to be large scale, solar water heaters heating pipe blockage is also due to scale and seriously affect their life affect safety.

10, the original intention of naturally clean water production line in order to avoid water pollution, and now our nation increasingly serious water pollution, when the river is no longer a river, the river is no longer a river when water is no longer a natural water!