It can be applied to any digital image without debugging parameters

Figure 3-5 Detection Flowchart

The key technical points are as follows:

a) In order to minimize noise and other factors in the image, the image needs to be preprocessed (Figure 3 -6). First, median filtering is performed on the image to smooth the noise. Secondly, the image is threshold-divided to roughly segment the target region. Then, the image is closed to further eliminate the noise of the target region. After the above processing, the noise in the target area has been well suppressed. The target area is then accurately positioned. To this end, the processed image is scanned from the inside out to obtain an inner (outer) edge point set, and then the edge point set is elliptically fitted.

Figure 3-6 Bottle machine vision inspection systems manufacturers

b) In order to facilitate the direct traversal of the defects on the ring, the polar part of the ring is transformed (Fig. 3-7), and the circular window (inspection area) is converted into a square, by comparing the circumference and the radial direction. The upper concentration is used to detect scars.

Figure 3-7 Polar Transformation

c) Use the LSD algorithm to detect the straight edge of the preform body and accurately and quickly position it into the bottle area (Figure 3-8). The detection result of sub-pixel precision can be obtained in linear time. It can be applied to any digital image without debugging parameters, and can control the number of false detections by itself. LSD is an algorithm for locally extracting lines, which is faster than Hough.

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A machine vision-based surface defect detection system

Because of the image in industrial inspection The diversity of each image must be analyzed and comprehensively considered to achieve the effect. In general, the gray value of the scratched portion is darker than the surrounding normal portion, that is, the gray value of the scratched portion is small; and, most of them are on the smooth surface, so the gray scale change of the whole image is generally Said to be very uniform, lacking texture features. Therefore, the detection of scratches generally uses a statistically based grayscale feature or a threshold segmentation method to mark the scratched portion.

A machine vision-based surface defect detection system can be installed on a regular shape metal product production line to perform on-line inspection of surface defects and dimensions of each product on the production line, especially for The surface quality inspection effect of metal shiny products is more prominent. When a defective workpiece is detected, the system can issue a corresponding control signal according to actual needs, and can directly reject the waste product, and can also control the marking mechanism to spray the mark on the defective product.

Tu Niu Video is a machine vision technology service company specializing in industrial manufacturing. Provides machine vision inspection systems manufacturers, solution identification, character reading, dimensional measurement Implementation.
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Il Segreto per Fortuna Pietra Collane

I Fondamenti del Fortunato Pietra Collane Rivelato

Non puoi più aiutare i tuoi gioielli. Se hai notato che la tua gemma opale nei tuoi gioielli perde acqua, diventa opaca e non brilla come prima, quindi puoi ancora fare qualche sforzo per aiutarla! Suggerimento per la seconda cura Opali e luce solare diretta Se indossi frequentemente i tuoi gioielli in opale e hai prestato attenzione ai cambiamenti, probabilmente avrai notato che ha perso un po ‘di lucentezza nel tempo. Se una volta avevi un gioiello di opale, probabilmente ne hai di più ormai, perché non possiamo sopportare di collezionarli. La pulizia dei gioielli con zirconi è molto più semplice di quanto pensi!

Scelte di Fortunato Pietra Collane

Le donne indossavano grandi orecchini rotondi e mettevano fasce intorno alla testa o tenevano i capelli in posizione con forcine avorio e metallo. Le donne hanno trascorso molto tempo a fare il bagno, strofinando oli e profumi sulla pelle e usando i loro numerosi strumenti cosmetici per applicare il trucco e acconciare le parrucche. Non si vestivano senza lavarsi (i ricchi avevano un’area piastrellata per lavarsi). Usando uno specchietto di bronzo lucidato a specchio, una donna applicava il khol, una tintura nera tenuta in un barattolo o in una pentola, per allineare gli occhi e le sopracciglia, usando un pennello ” o una matita ” fatto di una canna. Le donne indossavano abiti dritti e lunghi fino alla caviglia che di solito avevano spalline legate al collo o dietro le spalle.

Il Tesoro Nascosto Pietra Portafortuna Collane
Le gemme opali sono molto rare ed estremamente belle! La gemma opale è un granaio del gruppo quarzo e ottiene la sua meravigliosa lucentezza e brillantezza dal suo alto contenuto di acqua. Come i diamanti, le gemme preziose di zirconi cubici (CZ) devono essere pulite per mantenere la loro brillantezza e lucentezza originali.

Series from Canadian designers

Stein Wang and Topher Kong teamed up to create Hi Thanks Bye, a design studio based in Toronto, Canada, and they will launch their collection, Collection 0, at the London Design Fair next month. The collaboration brings a combination of “cultural and academic experience and reference”, and the designers have enriched their own modern furniture collection. The inspiration for the debut comes from the fusion of Canadian landscape and Chinese aesthetics, resulting in a series of cohesive six-piece functional and versatile works.

Designers see all of their natural beauty, such as Algonquin Park, Bruce Peninsula and Fogo Island as their Canadian homes, and hope to show this in the series. They also found inspiration in traditional Chinese gardens filled with rocks, plants, water and structures.

The monochrome series is made of powder coated stainless steel, including bookshelf/divider, bar stool, dining chair, side table, floor lamp and carpet seat.

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Furniture inspired by tropical Colombia

The 30-70 series designed by Rafael Zúñiga for Tucurinca is an outdoor two-color furniture collection inspired by the tropical region of Colombia. The brand uses Colombian traditional weaving techniques to present it throughout the collection in a modern way.

Interesting design uses PVC woven seats, backrest and tabletop steel construction, using two contrasting colors to create more impact. This material is not only durable, but also easy to clean, making it ideal for outdoor use.

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A boutique apartment that makes you feel like a Venetian resident

Sometimes when I travel, I like to pretend that I am actually a temporary resident living in the city I am visiting, not a tourist. I will add a local farmers market to my local itinerary, check out the local cafe, get a barista advice from his/her favorite restaurant, and try to see the city at a slow pace instead of rushing to each City landmarks and tourist attractions. Temporarily taking a city as your home is an incredible romance, a feeling that the Romanelli family wants to create in their boutique rental apartment CasaFlora.

This luxury apartment consists of three bedrooms, each with a Turkish private Turkish hot spring bath, a dining room and a kitchen, all with lush plants and of course a young design. 100% Italian design by the division and local craftsmen.

The interior of the apartment is intended to mimic the lagoon, so each room has its own playful scheme of pink, blue, yellow or green. Modern furnishings bring a fresh, modern ambience to the apartment, while home décor and photos on the walls give the home a true sense of place.

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Pay special attention to the surroundings of Milan Hotel

In Milan, Italy, the architecture + design studio Piuarch uses the design around the hotel and incorporates it into the design of the hotel itself.

At first glance, you have noticed the M89 hotel due to its unique roof structure. Take a step back and you will find that this design is actually a reinterpretation of the factory hall that the hotel is facing. These historic buildings originally belonged to one of Italy’s leading airlines, Caproni, and are now home to Gucci. The notch of the roof provides space for the hotel’s terrace + restaurant, which is made up of floor-to-ceiling windows and a wide view of the Milan skyline.

In the interior of the hotel, the hotel has minimalist colours, charcoal grey, white and green tones and a mix of 1950s and modern furniture. Although there is a feeling of moodiness in the public areas, the interior of the room is white walls and grey ceilings, adding brightness to the private space.

The hotel has 50 rooms and 5 suites with a more luxurious interior with oak parquet floors and wooden furniture made of walnut.

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A residence in Kansas City designed for the wide collection of art collectors

When two contemporary art collectors in Kansas City, Missouri wanted to build a new house to showcase their extensive collection, they hope Hufft can achieve this. The couple has been collecting art, including painting, photography and sculpture, for 20 years, which requires a gallery space, a new “home, with proper lighting and climate control to show it.

The appearance of the house shows its own artwork and a large sculpture is installed around the garden.

The upper level has five bedrooms – one for the owner, two for the children, and two For tenants, aluminum shutters help to block the interior.

The limestone-covered ground floor contains the main living space, including the kitchen, dining room, living room and two offices.

The non-gallery part of the home is as amazing as the amazing materials, modern furniture and other works of art.

The bedroom on the top floor has floor-to-ceiling windows that allow photos to be placed around.

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Simple cabinet and sideboard collection

Louise is a minimalist collection of cabinets and sideboards created by New York studio PELLE. The collection focuses on fun and light, as well as black metal with shiny brass.

Inspired by Louise Bourgeois’ “cell” sculpture, the design of cabinets and sideboards is centered around and revealed. These perforations may cause most viewers to see the interior, while others are enchanted by the extended metal frame of the work, as well as a pair of oak display racks inside.

The hinged door opens the cabinet or sideboard with a contrasting solid brass handle. Each bottom has a raised metal base that serves as a display stand, while the bottom is located with two front legs that transition from black steel to thick steel to polished brass. The inner brass piece echoes the details of the handle described above.

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Functional design x sculpture art

Copenhagen-based design firm New Works recently exhibited their collection at the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2018. Based on four core values ​​– nature, experimentation, roughness and craftsmanship – these collections are the intersection between functional design and sculpture art, from lamps to furniture or decorative items. Each piece has a variety of finishes and colors that, when put together, seamlessly blend together to create an elegant, beautiful and refined room.

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