Water purification agents franchisee attention to three points to grasp business opportunities in clean water

[ is Along with the rapid development of the times, in the face of the current severe water pollution sharply horrors, safety and health for the people have a new understanding, destined to become a family slowly one of the essential appliances. More and more people into the water industry, agents franchisees generally need to pay attention to what?

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First, whether there had been adequate knowledge of the local market

[ 123] when investors preparing to enter the

water purification industry, we must give priority to local market conditions and the overall water quality of the average consumption levels. As well as some other brands much to walk around the store and see what they have carried out on the product quality and style of a general understanding, these are the agents franchisee must know, the saying goes, “Know thyself, party be yourself “but these questions many times the agent franchisee may be imperfect understanding, for this point, if you want to realize their dream of wealth, water cube factory will send staff specializing in market research, help agent involved in business with market surveys, including the exact location of the store to control the flow of people and the exact size of the customer out of place, accurate product positioning, consumer groups, are targeted to the letter, the agent can ensure water purifier the real profit in this industry share their own cup.

Second, product quality inspection whether genuine clearance

at the moment many proxy franchisees have been focusing on the price of their products, while ignoring the most important product quality. Today more and more rational consumers to buy products, purchase of the first to consider is the quality. So for the vast majority of its focus only on price, while ignoring the product quality agency franchisee is extremely dangerous in the market if the product quality, but off, even if the price is low, no matter how good the service, consumers will be difficult. Therefore, the “cheap” is not a permanent solution, and the product quality is the agency franchisees go to survive in the long-term plan. At the same time

Third, see if the contract return policies support

When the agent franchisee selection, and manufacturers or brands to reach cooperation signing the contract, did not have a closer look, it should focus on manufacturers whether to support the brand and return service, support and help theseHolders and agents franchisees are closely related.

According to statistics 83% of people drinking and rivers shallow water, where water pollution is serious, bacterial health standards more than 69% of the population by drinking water contaminated with organic compounds about 150 million. The popularity of home water purifier national imperative, rigid demand created a rapid rise of the industry, nowadays enter, choose water purifier Agent can be said is standing on the cusp of the home appliance industry, as long as water purification agents franchisee grasp properly implement certain to become rich is not a dream.

Chi-made mineral water purifier – the new water purifier outlet?

{ is ] from the ultrafiltration unit to the RO water reverse osmosis water machine, alkaline water from the hydrogen-rich water machine to machine, available from the zero mode to the rental model, each of the purifier manufacturers have done their best agents all do everything. After ten years of rapid development, an indisputable facts before us, water purifier has entered the highly competitive Red Sea market.

Chi-made mineral water purifier – the new water purifier outlet (Photo from Internet)

as a water purifier household appliances,? the market is far from saturated. New entrepreneurs gearing up old entrepreneur trying to think, wants to product upgrades with new technologies, thus creating a clear differentiation of quality products. RO difficult to break through, hydrogen-rich water machine concept is so new, although other water features have a selling point, but basically the concept of speculation, micro-innovation, and made consumers confused and disoriented at the same time, new entrepreneurs are also among Mountains have no doubt.

The study found that bottled mineral water from pure water to drink and then to the function of the development process, always have their own market share and form full potential. Whether this phenomenon can also be reflected in the water purifier it?

mineral water machine positioning products and brands are very few

RO water machine and various water features overwhelming, but positioned directly mineral water machine products and brands rare. Is this not a differentiation chance?

From a consumer point of view to think, to resolve its pure drinking water insecurity (a considerable number of consumers believe that long-term drinking water have an impact on health), but in reality but also to provide consumers with drinking water diverse possibilities to meet the higher demand for drinking water. In addition, water features hype also has brought a crisis of confidence, consumers just want a clean and the water purifier water retention characteristics.

From a market perspective, passed on a clear and simple good concept, which means good communication, also means a big market. Positioning a direct intellectual-made mineral water purifier, quickly occupied the minds of consumers of resources, is this not a new water purifier outlet? Is it not bottled mineral water consumer groups want a new experience at any time of manufacturing mineral water ?

mineral water machine is technically possible to achieve it?

Thus, the question is, mineral water machine is technically possible to achieve it?Note: is a mature technology, rather than concepts.

In fact, a new machine for producing mineral water filter technology is very mature. Mineral water plain mineral water ball machine is designed specifically for research and development of new functional ceramic filter. Natural mineral spring water is an analog pixel generation process, collecting 17 kinds of natural mineral materials processed into a composite. After ultrafiltration water or a reverse osmosis membrane purification, mineral water flowing through the filter element can be like water flows through rock as mountains, produce strontium metasilicate, potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium and other trace elements mineral water. Su mineral water by the international authoritative institution SGS and Shandong provincial CDC detection safety approval, mineral products by the State Quality Supervision and Inspection Center dissolution element qualified.

technology is mature, vacancies in the market, thereby seize the minds of consumers of resources, focus a little focus breakthrough in the highly competitive market of water purification machines, mineral water machines there may be a new breakthrough opportunity. “We only nature’s porter,” farmer spring classic advertising, will also be a clarion call to enter the mineral water machine market!

Water purification varying quality after-sales service is not perfect

[ is ] even though prosperity and development of the water purifier market, but all the chaos can not be ignored. Recently, the China Household Electrical Appliances Association, State Information Center, Information Resources Development Department guidance, the National Grid sponsored the “2016 China water industry Summit”, the participating vendors and experts believe that there is no uniform industry standard specifications and price, resulting in a water purifier of varying quality, fish in the status quo.

water purifier varying quality after-sales service is not perfect (Photo from Internet)

The public can lead to Suning stores White Paper

” up to 40% to 50% of industry profits continue to attract incoming pie. According to incomplete statistics, China has reached 5600. “China Household Electrical Appliances Association Deputy Secretary-General Chen Gang. In addition, one of the major bottlenecks in the development of China’s service also lag, some enterprises simply sell products regardless of service, consumers can not guarantee safety of drinking water, leading to water industry’s credibility damaged.

for a variety of adverse phenomenon in the industry, China Household Electrical Appliances Association, jointly issued by the national grid water industry White Paper “Chinese consumers to buy water purifiers Guide” white paper for different types of water purifiers on the market features of the sort, and made specific recommendations based on product type and quality of family structure. Suning Appliance Marketing Management headquarters Kitchen Division Deputy General Manager Wang Dong said that the white paper will be issued 10,000 copies in 100 stores in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Xi’an, Guangzhou and other major cities, consumers can go to the store to receive a free .

water purification industry will usher in a market reshuffle

The PRC monitoring data show that by 2015, China water purifier market at a rate higher than 64% of rapid expansion, in 2015 the market scale up to 22.8 billion yuan. 2016 January to October, total sales of 23.1 billion yuan water purification equipment, an increase of 20% annual market size in 2016 is expected to 285 yuan, an increase of 24%. Chen Gang, said the data show that although water purification equipment performance is still eye-catching, but the growth rate has narrowed; the bright side, after the initial reshuffle, the market concentration was further strengthened. He believes that in the next few years, the water industry will usher in a large market reshuffle.

“As of October, the electricity supplier sales accounted for 38% of the overall market, butAt present electricity supplier price is still based on the amount taken, pending rectify the market order. “Shi Ting, general manager of the PRC, electric kitchen,” said water purification equipment from the user evaluation of view, a positive user reviews already purchased mainly in negative evaluation, users complain about most is installation services, logistics, customer service and other business can improve the service from these areas. “

Five trends in the development of water purification industry interpretation of the future

[ is ] water purification machines and water purifier industry market research analysis report, has been developed for decades, a huge space for future development, who can discern the pattern of the lead, who are eligible aspirations to the world. Industry experts pointed out that the development gradually showing five major trends.

interpretation of the future development of water purification industry five trends (Photo from Internet)

1, the individual needs to promote product innovation

According to Chinese reports hall is understood that in recent years, people’s living standards greatly improved, consumers turned to a practical necessity, even the applicability of transition. After coming along with a growing number of 80, 90 become the main force in the consumer market, their ideas will change the market trend. The pursuit of fashion, individuality and enjoy the new life of consumer groups, consumption of water purifiers individual requirements more and more, this market environment, muster water purifier industry elite design, wide open hole in the brain, the more creative fashion, more appreciative of the value of the product, and therefore the future of the water purifier market Wei, who mastered the active force of innovation, who won the first competition of the market. High value-added water purifier market is occupying the high ground.

value-added water purifier mostly reflected in the water filter function, the traditional mass production product features a single market are being phased out, and high value-added water purifier products industry is quietly occupied absolute Heights market. In addition, the pursuit of personalized 80/90 consumer groups, and consumer groups compared to the previous generation, demand for value-added products is also higher.

2. Combination of complementary chain into a trend

As the industry reshuffle, neither the existence of a number of core values, nor the backing of technology research and development of water purifier market business is being phased out, and another form is eliminated, the economic role of the market, collusion and complementarity between the industrial chain. Water purifier industry chain after the reorganization, can be more flexibly respond to market impact, and backed by a big brand, for the production, marketing and channel it has an important role to change.

3, more focused enterprise of mining segment

According to the development trend of water purifiers, water purification industry is not difficult to see that China is undergoing great changes shaking, the water purification industry in progress market segments. “Small but excellent, small is beautiful” has become more and more water purifier businessProblems began to think, allow enterprises to focus more vitality and innovation. Under innovation, the formation of the industry’s own characteristics, such as some companies focus ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, and so some companies to focus. This is the inevitable result under the current water purification industry market segments.

4, deep into the rural market will inevitably

economic development in rural areas a year is better than a year, the urbanization of rural is almost a year over year. After the reform and opening up, the continuous improvement of living standards in rural areas, and some towns even beyond the general standard of living. In the case of a bee kill the second and third tier market, there is no doubt become a national rural water purifier market over the last piece of undeveloped land at the child, water purifier market, although for the crowd mostly urban residents, but saturated now we can not let the market town of overcapacity water purification industry rapid digestion, intensive rural market has become inevitable direction of the development of the water purifier market.

5, green water purifiers highly respected

green water purifier more and more people are respected, especially with the upgrade national quality, environmental protection and energy saving aspects awareness is growing strongly, coupled with the immediate threat of water pollution, smog, car exhaust, formaldehyde, lead people to water purifiers feature is especially concerned about environmental protection and health. Thus, the future of the environment-friendly water purifier has increasingly become the focus of attention.

Water purification industry is facing difficulties breakdown product homogeneity is the way out

[ is With the development of water purification industry , facing the homogenization, the lack of innovation dilemma, want to break through, there must be differentiated product hit into the water purifier market into a “hot style” certain segments of the product, in order to seek higher growth, while giant in the field of water appliances will also create a new category, an important part of improving the product line as its own brand strategy .

predicament facing the homogenization of breakdown products is the way out (Photo from Internet)

water purification products are no longer limited to purify drinking water

[123 ] water purification products have been recognized by consumers, and even become an essential home appliance. As people improve the quality of life, water purification products are no longer limited to purify drinking water, wash fruits and vegetables, shower bath, cosmetic whitening and other domestic water treatment products also emerge.

Intelligent Technology Co., a lifting of a domestic water (non-potable) daily safety and improve the quality of products, get a lot of water purifier brands and dealer attention. According to general manager of the company, “the company mainly technical output, commissioned research-based, industry-related stock solutions, modular product development, both in matching brands of kitchen and integration solutions experience, and other traditional kitchen, water purifier, cabinets, appliances top the benchmark brand optimistic. “According to general manager of the company said, the company is expected to launch in the second half of 2016 fit” kitchen integration “for home vegetables, wash , new bath water areas, brand end customer intent forecast demand next year is expected to exceed 100,000 units.

In addition, a brand of net domestic drink R & D Director Products Division, said in 2016 the company will use its technological advantages, the introduction of differentiated products, giving consumers a better experience, so firm and expand the company’s market share. It is learned that the company launched a cleansing water softener once appeared to be a majority of female consumers. Soft water with superior detergency to remove dirt pores, brighten complexion, delay skin aging, stick with slightly acidic soft water wash, can improve the skin barrier function, maintain skin supple and moist natural effect.

to create exclusive products for special populations

tailored to meet the consumer themselves, their families and other needs of water purification products is also a business offNote the emphasis. An industry source said, water purification products in terms of differentiation mainly in the rich category, for example,

pre-filter, , energy machine, and soft water machines. Among them, the whole house both offer the big villa purification, central water purification system, were for mothers, babies and other special populations to build water purification products, as well as water treatment products for different environments rent, offices, etc.

For people living in a large villa, choose whole house purification system and a minority. A company executive vice president told reporters that the water purifier market segments, the company’s strategy is to “first do deep wide.” He said the whole house purification system is proud of the group’s core products, they will be committed to the technology research and development and brand promotion, so many consumers a lift system

, we can expect the company’s brand.

Industry experts said that housing conditions are not high for consumers who really want to buy multi-function appliances can not only ease the storage of conflict between living space and home appliances, but also to meet the demand for quality of life . A product to solve several problems of life, it is the consumer dream.

companies are expanding product lines

From the current layout of the water purifier business point of view, competition between different technologies and different categories have become less important, the introduction of products to meet customer needs It is the key. Meanwhile, net tap,

net kettle water purifier market is also a popular product segments, there is both traditional home appliance giant to improve the product line, but also to try the product line to push sub-category leader in business expansion. In the brand so much, so much competitive pressure water purifier market, expanding product lines, introduce more product segments become the choice of many enterprises.

Faced with the grim security situation water water our security needs Quartet

Faced with the grim situation of water safety, not to over-exploitation and utilization of water resources, to replenish groundwater, leaving the natural development of aquatic space is very important. General Secretary Xi Jinping put forward a “water-saving priority, spatial equilibrium, the system of governance, handed force” Transmission of flood control strategy, vision, in line with the laws of science. Over the years, the Association’s research in the field of water security, on the implementation of the strategy set by leaders, to break all the difficulties currently facing water security, that “section, clean, stay, move,” the “quartet” recommendation. “Festival”, that is, water-saving. Promote comprehensive urban and rural water conservation, production and life saving society. Efforts to achieve zero growth in our water, and then do negative growth. First, vigorously promote water-saving technology, increase subsidies for agricultural water-saving facilities. State subsidies given to the construction of water-saving facilities should be increased to 50%. Second, the industrial structure adjustment of water consumption of industrial products. To implement water-saving technology and equipment industrialization demonstration projects and water efficiency standards have a significant impact on the industry to enhance the program to speed up the assessment of the establishment of industrial water-saving restraint mechanisms, in dry areas to invest in water efficiency projects. The third is to root out the life-saving potential of the city. In the new round of infrastructure construction, the water supply network can be built and upgraded as an investment focus on reducing waste in the water until the delivery process to eliminate. Meanwhile, the implementation of water meters in the home, on the basis of the price ladder, must further promote water-saving household appliances, mandatory water-saving appliances must be installed in the new district. “Clean”, that is clean water. The antifouling must simultaneously with pollution control, water purifiers installed, should take precedence over pollution and pollution, since the control from the source can significantly reduce pollution control costs. First, adjust the cadres and assessment methods. Water pollution and development pressure local officials are inseparable and performance concept, recommendations for evaluation of officials in a reasonable set of water conservation and water pollution control requirements. Second, industrial upgrading careful layout. We must pay attention to the overall ecological environment of controllability in the industrial layout adjustment. Third, pollution control professional. The “Who polluter pays” principle was changed to “polluter pays.” Manufacturers should be required by procedural norms of responsibility outsourcing pollution to a qualified environmental technology company. And environmental regulatory authorities should not intervene in its own specific environmental management projects, in order to have emboldened, authoritative rule of positioned makers and regulators. “Stay”, that is to keep “crossing the water.” The first cities to promote the collection system, to retain the natural runoff. Has been built in the city to speed up urban underground pipe network transformation, increase water catchment facilities,Rain and sewage separation as soon as possible. Second, farming reduces evaporation of soil moisture. Film is an effective way to reduce evaporation of farmland now widely used, can be covered by autumn soil moisture drought water-saving technology promotion, change the spring dry film coating for the autumn last year, focused on solving the problem of water shortages in the drought insurance V storage autumn winter precipitation and evaporation suppression, increase water storage in the soil before sowing, to solve the problems caused by drought led to crop species not go on and get out. Third, increase water recycling promotion efforts. Recycled water is also called new water, sewage collection by filtration, re-use, so that use of water resources is maximized. Water has great potential development of new life, we must accelerate the introduction of promotion of technologies. Is , “transfer”, i.e. from the sea or offshore, “open.” First, adjust the desalination support policy. Our country economically developed coastal areas, water safeguard coastal development strategy is of great significance, and the use of coastal seawater desalination low transport costs. “The State Council on Accelerating the development of the desalination industry” and “the” second five “desalination industry development plan” after the effect of the introduction of the need for timely assessments, to avoid R & D institutions to get state support funds, the research and development is not heavy but the direct import of cheaper foreign products, even in accordance with the inflated scale of investment for national support funds. As recommended by the produced fresh water, desalination of business subsidies. Second, proactive planning of imported water products. Water-saving society, the protection of national household water security is a long-term, complex and ambitious project. Bin He purifier, to do “section, clean, stay moving”, involves a number of aspects of water management, scientific and technological support, education, global strategy, infrastructure, industrial policy, economic levers and so on, must be multi-tube pronged. For enterprises and citizens become a major force in the implementation of water-saving society as a whole strategy.

Bin He Resolution: import and domestic water purifier water purifier

In addition to the different machine functions with distinction, there is more a big difference in style. People look for the selection of the machine is its function and style, although a lot depends on the degree of function in the maximum position, but do not underestimate the style requirements of the people. Now for the device to help people in the water than fresh water, but the function of this device it is almost the same. People in appearance there is a clear demand for this device, in which the first is nice. But different brands of water purifiers appearance is not the same, the most important selection criteria is to look at the top ten brands ranked. Better quality of imported water purifiers: Why did you choose a foreign brand? The reason is that the regulatory system in developed countries more perfect, strict product quality will naturally guarantee, as many people are fawning psychological, regardless of home appliances, communication tools, food, clothing or cosmetics, as long as the material conditions allow, we will choose foreign brands, is no exception. Is from Germany, all the main parts and accessories are produced according to German standards, and then undergo a rigorous inspection before the flow of the market. As a home water purifier agents, the most promising is a good product quality, almost no problems after consumers buy water purifier, so that neither bothered water purifier business sale, business products among consumers will We have a better reputation. Imported water purifiers water purification process is more advanced: water purification originated in western developed countries, imported water purification process used after numerous tests of the market, with more advanced domestic water purification technology compared to more mature, more stable. Bin He purification process employed in Germany from Germany, the use of a branched water technology allows two kinds of quality includes a water purifier, kitchen and drinking water to meet both requirements simultaneously; separation of water and enhance the security of the water purifier coefficient; 360 ° purifier intelligent touch interface allows more convenient to use. More advantages can enhance the consumer experience a sense, agents joined also better management. Sale of imported water purifiers better: water purifier while entering China have been two to three decades, many consumers of water purifiers do not know. For consumers, shopping for a home water purifier, not only to have good quality and superior performance but also improve the service. Water purifier itself is due for replacement, regular cleaning features within the body, so the product has a professional after-sales is very important. In this regard, the import of domestic water purifiers water purification than an advantage, such as Germany Bin He purifier, in terms of this sale,To have professional sales team and customer management systems to ensure that users in case of problems during use can be resolved in time. Of course, a lot of people would say that most of the equipment is not allowed in the rankings, because people’s eyes are not the same, the selected device is not the same natural style. So chose this time depends on one’s own hands. The best is that people at the same time looking at the water purifiers top ten brands ranked as well as their own ideas, so you can choose the best machine you can also choose their own favorite kind of come. Top Ten ranking is also a reference.

Ten water purifier brand Rankings – 2016 world’s top ten water purifier brand rankings

The fact that the face of increasingly serious water pollution, healthy drinking water as a reliable barrier, has been gaining popularity and people’s blitz. Today small just like everyone Secret world’s top ten rankings in 2016. The top ten water purifier brand rankings – Germany is in 1958 co-founded by Dr. Bin He Overseas Germany Schmidt (Penheo · Schmidt) and Germany Wei Han Norwich University Dirk Weichgrebe. By way of the operation of the private sector, development cooperation, by virtue of a superior product innovation and R & D capabilities, strong marketing capabilities and management to butler service intimate cast of high-end brands, currently more than 20 products throughout Europe, the Americas, Asia, Australia, etc. countries, has won the world’s 150 million consumers. Ten water purifier brand ranking – Hansixier water purifier German Hans-Hill Companies is the world’s first invention and manufacture of water treatment equipment, pipeline filter, regulator and relief valve of one company, it is similar the most complete specifications of water treatment products company, started in 1943, has been 70 years of history, Hans Hill companies is a leading supplier to the German municipal drainage construction and comprehensive solutions provider. Hans Hill company has more than 200 engineers, specialized in security research and large-scale water heating systems, the company introduced all the products have the latest technology and meet the German DVGW standards. Ten water purifier brand ranking – Pentair water purifier Pentair headquartered in Minnesota, Pentair Group was established in 1966, its subsidiary Water Group is the world’s largest professional water treatment equipment manufacturing company in the world It has more than 50 branches and currently employs 15,000 people, an annual turnover of about $ 8 billion, is one of America’s 500 largest industrial enterprises. Pentair Group’s business mainly involves: water science and technology, electronics cabinets industry. Pentair Water Group is the leading industry Pentair Group, its main business includes: pump, purification and filtration, swimming pools and water features. Ten water purifier brand ranking – Falan Ni water purifier was founded in Paris in 1870, the first international production, international first, the first international branch ultrafiltration membrane, RO water purifier’s first international film Manufacturer. In 2010, the international brand alliance nations to grant water industry network brand brand family. Has been “human health drinking water for all” as its mission, again and again, as always, adhere to the interpretation of Falan Ni cutting-edge technologyTechnique, excellent quality, a sound marketing network and intimate services to customers, the successful cases of water purification around the world, won the pro-Lai users at home and abroad. Ten water purifier water purifier brand ranking -3M founded in 1902, with a reputation for innovation in the world’s top 500 companies 3M, has a strong technology platform and liquid filter core for more than 90 years of experience in liquid filtration industry, it is the only business across the industrial, medical, food and beverage industry, drinking water and liquid filtration company. In the field of water filtration, 3M covering catering water treatment, household water purification and water treatment appliances three operations. Ten water purifier brand ranking – US water purification appliance industry as a classic because of its ultra-high popularity to become one of the user’s favorite brand, by now in the water industry ten years of precipitation, US water purification equipment has a kitchen water purifier ultrafiltration ,, pipes central water purifier, water softeners, water purification equipment and commercial pipeline machine six series of products, is currently the largest, most powerful one to solve the drinking water supplier program . Ten water purifier brand ranking – liter water purifier focus on membrane technology development, production and application, is a collection of water treatment science and technology research, ultrafiltration equipment manufacturing, sales and service of high-tech enterprises Group, is one of the major membrane suppliers currently the world’s few independent development of high-performance membrane and achieve industrial production. Household water purifiers top ten brand sales ranking Channel V is the majority of users experience the brand presented the final results of the real, rather than appraisal, certification, more than some of the PPC, I believe consumers 2016 world water purifiers top ten brands to find in their own interpretation.

Mistakes you buy home water purifier "hit guns" yet?

The popularization more widely, on a wide variety of face, had mixed feelings reassuring want to choose a water purifier product really is not easy. In fact, many consumers there are errors on the purchase. The following is from the Xiaobian to talk about what you do not know the errors. Misunderstanding a product, the better the filter is not possible, some low-end water purification products, and always four or five filters, but are simple filter material, filter effects may not be as strong a high-performance water purifier filter . Bin He purifier small advice, final filtration of drinking water, to be used as disposable filter, to avoid secondary pollution. Myth does not consider a lot of professional appliances belonging to well-known brand of water purifier is operating a variety of household appliances business, their goal is to meet the needs of ordinary life in the low end of the market, we can only produce low-grade ordinary water purification equipment. The household water purifier, especially drinking water, its complexity requires expertise R & D team, so we try to choose a brand made by companies specializing in water purification water purification equipment, there will be good not only guarantee the technical quality, but also to the you provide a more professional service. Myth obsolete activated carbon filter is not the case, the activated carbon adsorption filter is the best material in nature. Almost all household water purifiers, should be used activated carbon. If you do not use charcoal, whether declared filtration precision how high the water taste will be discounted. Granular activated carbon, powdery carbon rods and three kinds, the first two low cost, but often do not completely filtered, which is safer choice, can be 100% complete filtration. Myth water purifier filter for a long time does not change the fact, can clog the filter is a good filter, also shows that household water purifier really works. The market declared cartridge 3–5 years without change, often exaggerated. Do not over-pursue cheap. Clean water is still present in the country needs to pursue high quality of life of people, in general, the effect of high prices will be relatively better. In addition high-quality filter water of life, and the net will be better, prices will go up, but the overall cost of computing is still down.

Correctly understand the German coast for household water purifier

About a lot of people are not very understanding of what it really is the role, which in the end use. As early as a few years ago when some of the production of water purifier manufacturers boasted its own brand of water purifier filter water whitening beauty, health treatment. Heard the news of people probably know, playing this kind of brand advertising have been the last relevant departments to crack down on, because it is misleading to consumers, disrupt the market. The only use of household water purifiers, water purification is.
water purifier was first originated in Western countries, one after another into the domestic in the mid-nineteenth century. With the development of domestic water purifiers level, coupled with the environmental damage caused by the difficulties of domestic water for water pollution in recent years are also a lot of people pay attention to this industry has been effective development. Currently water purifier on the market is broadly divided into several species of household water purifiers, and so on, which is the most widely used household water purifiers for domestic water. According to the principles of the home, using a water filtration pressure, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying pure water. Currently home water purifier has gradually into the household, the family has become one of the essential household appliances.
For the effect of the water purifier, there are three errors need to know:
First, filter for water purifier is filtered through the water purifier filter, without adding any substance in water, the water does not destroy Conservation of energy. Second, the main role is to remove the water purifier contaminants, such as sand, rust, bacteria, etc., but the water purifier is clean and contaminated water purification treatment, there is no health beauty, treatment whitening effect. Third, because the water purifier is wading products, the state of wading products sales have relevant regulations.
So when buying water purifiers need to see if there are certificate and other documents, because many consumers seek cheap, buy some three non-product, not only spent odds, there may cause harm to your body .
water purification industry in recent years, the domestic concern, but also considered by many to be another seat Jinshan household appliances industry. The effect of water purifiers for water treatment in order to get satisfactory results, then the user should choose for household water professional to provide targeted production of water purifiers. German as a professional device and the like.