Hammock house show in Vienna okorder

It was the first showcase in the Vienna Museum District, a developing area on the outskirts of the city. Designed by the Austrian Architects, the open-air structure consists of five grades, citing the outline of a typical house in the form of a sloping roof. Its position is filled with walls by 32 hammocks, creating visitors in the house & quot; hanging out & rdquo;, enjoying the view. The construction supplement is mainly for the horizontal area, through the vertical extension of the public space.

The hammock house allows for easy assembly and disassembly, by prefabricated components, and with no structural connections on the ground. On the contrary, the search for a revitalized developing region has not yet encountered a large number of citizens. The function of the building serves as an information point and also supplements local events.
Design is used in a variety of public places. The project was originally based in Berlin and was not built. In 2010, through the “Postcard Movement”, visualize the structure of different scenes and send them to the corresponding cultural institutions. This effort led to the project being achievable.

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The exterior of the building is replaced by a plant wall okorder

The wall decoration of the factory building is an innovative decoration that can be used to modify the outer wall, in order to find a unique and more natural concept, the wall developed by Kengo Kuma. Inspired by modern African architectural style, this project looks so beautiful and amazing green projects are applied. The exotic exterior wall looks like a beautifully decorated wall with more natural plants.
The exterior of the house is designed by using glass materials that are covered by the use of stone buildings that are designed by using natural decorative plants around. In fact, this will create a unique wall concept that will make the theme of the house’s exterior different from others. In addition, the arrangement of art stone and natural plant decoration are perfectly decorated with this building outside the house, in order to look more unique. It can have unique and special impressions on the walls.

By applying the concept of the wall, the stylish exterior wall can also be fully established. This is because the art wall decoration will look so beautiful from the outside. The perfect combination of plants and natural stone architecture gives the home a perfect look and looks very unique. It can also be called a decoration of the future exterior wall.
In addition, in order to make the appearance feel more fashionable, the position next to the decorative façade is modified to a staircase. The stylish steel staircase is used to construct and modify the space of the building to make it look more elegant. It is an innovative way to get a perfect look for the future.

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Energy ducks can use solar power to generate electricity okorder

A team of British artists and designers in view of visually interesting and entertaining sculptures, is a dual function solar collector and buoyant energy storage in a huge duck styling. The Art Generator Initiative, developed in 2014, “Energy Duck” is located at the port of Copenhagen, where solar radiant energy is converted, converted into electricity by standard photovoltaic panels located in its feathers.
has a height of 12 floors. The collected energy is stored in the abdomen of the waters, utilizing the design’s floatability due to the retention of different water levels in the interior and exterior. When the power needs to be distributed, the base of the duck is produced the same route as the electricity generated by the photovoltaic panel.

At the “Energy Duck” is a target response to a carbon neutral city in Copenhagen by 2025, Achieved as an iconic building that fully illustrates the local wildlife. Mainly the upper part of the duck, it is defined from its shape and support, forming the solar cell components of most of its skin, in the field of receiving good total solar radiation, more specifically the construction of lightweight steel space frame . In its interior, visitors are watched by a lightweight steel-structured cellular network; with an upward view revealing an amazing grid of photovoltaic panels with a backlit backlight during the day through the air gap. At night, “Energy Duck” is a color-changing illumination by a low-power LED lamp; its choreography is proportional to the rhythm and is positioned at the output of the hydro turbine.

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Characteristics and application of structural bionic building materials okorder

Bionic building materials are new materials designed and manufactured by studying and mimicking the organizational structure, chemical composition or ecological function of biological organisms. It roughly corresponds to the application of bionics in architecture. Among them, the structural bionic building materials are constructed by constructing a similar organism or a part thereof through the construction of a graduated object, and the functions are similar by structural similarity.
For example, cellular foam concrete is a new type of building material that is made by imitating the structure of honeycomb. It is light in weight and high in strength, and represents the development direction of future building materials. As a genius architect in the biological world, the bees built with beeswax are light and strong, both beautiful and practical, and are the most economical construction under the same conditions. In order to save the amount of reinforced concrete, honeycomb foam concrete was invented in the form of a honeycomb structure. Similar materials include aerated concrete, foam, foam rubber and foam glass. It has been proved that these honeycomb materials with bubbles are insulated and insulated, and the structure is light and beautiful. Currently, they have been widely used throughout the world.

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The Vietnamese Pavilion of Wuyi Fuzhong is inspired by Lotus. okorder

Wuhan Fuzhong has launched the Vietnam Pavilion design at the 2015 Milan Expo. Inspired by lotus, the pavilion features a lot of bamboo bags, a pool support tree above the umbrella-like structure, in the composition of the Indian cafe reminiscent of them.

Lotus is the symbol of Vietnam’s national flower, purity, commitment and optimism. Growing up from the muddy surface above it rises with remarkable beauty. Flowers are proof that patience can turn difficulties into advantages. In addition to expressing the symbolic meaning behind the lotus, the architect Wu Hao also used flowers to describe the resourcefulness: “In addition to its beauty, the lotus is closely related to Vietnamese cuisine; there is no waste from the factory, and all parts of the plant that are considered delicious, As a temporary event, the role is to reduce its impact. This design uses bamboo, a fast growing and low carbon material. The pavilion is also designed to be detachable so that its components can be reused.
For its visitors, the pavilion will shade the bamboo structure and under the tree, and “Hollywood Moonlight” will have a cool microclimate in the pavilion. The screen will protect the elements from the cool of the sky, but can be removed on warm days and the pavilion will be cooled by the breeze. With the pavilion, Wuyi Fuzhong hopes to prove that “Vietnam loves nature and will share it with the whole world. ”

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Villa Kelowna Home like a resort okorder

The Kelowna Villa is located in the Okanagan Valley of Canada. It is all special. It is built next to a river and the river is like its private pool on a private terrace facing the river. With a transparent glass floor, you can see the river below through the round glass floor. It has a different artistic sense, which can give you the comfort of home and the luxury of the resort. David · Tyrrell is the architect who built the house.

Villa Kelowna has a steep downhill to the lake, the entire architectural style is linear, local The climate prompted architects to design an extended eaves that would protect the terrace and people resting on the terrace on hot summer days. The creation of a glass floor from one end of the balcony to the other is quite a special design, and this complex design is just to enhance the residents’ experience. The long fireplace in the outdoor seating area is warm and homely, with four beautiful lanterns rising from the end of a flashing terrace in a glass cage like a flame.

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Residential decoration in Hanoi, Vietnam okorder

There is 4.5 million people in Hanoi, the capital of Hanoi. This family home is in Hanoi. The main style is to emphasize the color of the room. Now the house needs to be renovated, and the Landmark Design Office is responsible for it. .

A total of 83 square meters of space consists of three bedrooms, two bathrooms, open kitchen, dining room and terrace composition. This small space looks very spacious and can satisfy a family life. The key to color design, the splashing treatment of yellow, green and orange adds a lot of energy to the space and creates a great contrast with the white wall, with a very surprising visual effect. The patterned tiles are used as an open plan living room and as a decor for the dining room. The yellow lights hanging from the wooden light stand are very useful. The comfortable thick cushions are everywhere in the room, the interior is well lit and the flowers are decorated, so this apartment is very popular.

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Apartment design from the Netherlands, colorful country okorder

Nina, a designer from the Netherlands, has dressed up her home as a colorful country. Because Nina has a strong interest in photography and painting, and as a designer, she is in every corner of the apartment. They clearly express their own characteristics and styles, and show a different artistic position.

For the decoration of the living room, Nina is obviously more attentive, and the black and red sofas have different flavors. Coordinating, very natural. In addition, in the leather seats with black, white and red colors, the lively and bright colors enrich the whole space, and the colored lattice carpets play a good role in setting off. Such a well-defined mix of decorations has created this fascinating and colorful living space.

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Reconstruction of the Portuguese DM2 building completed okorder

The DM2 building in the center of Porto in Portugal has been remodeled since 2010. The renovation project has a floor area of ​​1,100 square meters and has been officially completed in recent days. The city centre of Porto has a large number of historical and old buildings, and the DM2 building is also part of it. As a 20th century building, it was transformed into 17 separate residential units for students and young people through related building renovations.

The DM2 building is located in the Suarez National Museum Reserve in downtown Porto (Priority Renovation Area) and was built in the 19th century. . Originally used as a residence, this original building has a deep imprint of the decor and structure.
At the end of the twentieth century, the interior of the building experienced a major alteration due to changes in demand. The building is divided into several separate floors for service and business. The lower floors have been redesigned, and the valuable parts of the original structure, the wooden floor (now concrete) and the traditional skylight at the top of the stairs are hidden or removed. The DM2 design draft attempts to restore the original function and hidden features of the entire building through this reconstruction, reinterpreting its traditional elements, and using a series of popular models of the current market to create a contemporary living project.

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Ham Yard Hotel opens in London okorder

The Firmdale Hotel is the eighth hotel chain in London – Hamm · the Yade Hotel has opened. Built by Woods Bagot, the hotel is located in a 3,000-square-meter area in the heart of Soho, in the style of “Urban Village” with 91 rooms, a restaurant and a 24 The penthouse apartment complex, which is surrounded by a public square with five oak trees and a bronze sculpture of Tony · Tony Cragg.

In addition, there are 13 specialty stores on the outskirts of the hotel, such as housing retailers, Australian homeware stores and jewelry. enterprise. The on-site restaurant is designed by Kate & Kitdot; it can accommodate up to 102 people and is named after the hotel – Ham · Yade Restaurant.
In the dining room, open a red carpeted road from the main entrance directly to the hotel’s terrace, with an extra 50 seats on the terrace. The saffron-toned upholstered bench rests on the wall of the fabric from Kemp, and the tin-top counter separates the restaurant in the bar area, creating two different spaces that are chic and inviting.
Kate · Kit Kemp also designed the hotel’s 91 rooms and 24 homes. The rooms feature floor-to-ceiling windows and are decorated with granite and oak bathrooms.

In addition to these, the hotel also features a leafy roof garden, the state-of-the-art theatre The 1950s-style bowling alley and an aerobic high training studio and spa fully equipped gym.

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