After 85, 90, after the purchase of the main force, multi-functional furniture began to market okorder

With the “85” and “after 90” marriages began to become the main buyers, but due to limited economic strength, small units become the first choice for many of them. Space is limited, you need to work hard on furniture configuration, “all-purpose functional furniture is starting to sell in the market.

Multifunctional into a new design

Multifunctional furniture has emerged in Europe and the United States in the early 1980s, and the domestic multi-functional furniture market has gradually evolved in the past decade. form. It is understood that this kind of trendy furniture, consumers are mainly young people, especially urban white-collar workers. As we all know, as an integral part of the home space, the form of furniture must obey the state of life, and the younger family who pursues individuality is obviously different from the older generation.

Now the young people at home often “sit without sitting, standing without a station, reading a book while eating, and going to the Internet to turn on the TV, so the furniture must follow the “mutation.” According to Wang Ke, president of the Guangdong Furniture Association, this functional element includes two aspects: one is humanization, adapting to the changes of modern lifestyle; the second is personalization, solving different space customization. demand. Based on the multi-purpose functional design, it saves both small space and functional requirements, making it a must-have for modern dwelling furniture configuration.

With compact and adjustable construction

In recent years, functional homes have attracted attention. It has the characteristics of less land occupation, high flexibility, simple function conversion, novel design, convenient and comfortable use, versatile, flexible and economical, and is playing an increasingly important life role.

Look at the rapidly growing custom furniture’s space magic in recent years. The reporter saw an invisible bed in the market, put it down, put it up and turn it into a decorating cabinet, with The bookcase is integrated, which not only saves space, but also pushes and pulls it very lightly. Another multi-functional tatami, the one that lifts the crescent-shaped handle, the hidden storage compartment below, is divided into two pieces to form a different storage Space; with the electric and hand-operated control system, you can also let the tea table rise and fall freely, and the quiet tea room will become comfortable bedroom.

According to the investigation, these multifunctional furniture are not all complicated institutions or new materials. A set of linkages, several flexible connections, wheels, buckles, slides, etc. are simple but delicate. Construction can also implement new features. Rotate table, folding sofachair, combined bookcase …… users just follow the design By simply shifting, flipping, folding, and rotating, you can complete the transformation between different functions of the furniture. As a result, these seemingly simple furniture creative is not only convenient and practical, but also Strong class=”autolink”>Home life brings more freshness, just as interesting as Transformers.

Smart Furniture Play Part-time

The biggest feature of functional furniture is the creation of space. The same furniture can create a variety of different functions through deformation: every piece of furniture Have their own “full-time, such as wardrobe for hanging clothes, wine cabinet for wine storage; each piece of furniture can be “part-time & mdash;— Chairs change ladders, coffee tables become smaller dining tables, bookcases become stools, etc. These multifunctional furniture have been greatly improved in design and materials, and have been recognized by purchasers, which has also stimulated the market’s warming.

Intelligent furniture is a typical representative of modern multi-functional furniture, leading a new way of life. For example, on the traditional leather sofa, Chivas uses the telescopic alloy frame to achieve “110° computer, 125 & deg; reading, 140 & deg; watching TV, 150 & deg; listening to music, 160 & deg; rest five ” Sitting position function; intelligent for the elderly The new chair lift also has the auxiliary standing function. Sit on the chair and gently press the button, without the help of others, you can Get up easily.

NothingAt this year’s Chengdu Furniture Fair, the reporter found a smart treadmill function sofa, one-button remote control, sofa Automatically open, the treadmill automatically sets the scene mode, can adjust the length according to height and step size, can also choose running scenes such as seaside, park, etc., and can calculate running mileage and energy consumption. This sofa combines home and sports, and when you are sitting for a long time, you can get up and exercise. The living room changes into a gym in one second. It is understood that this sofa is not very expensive, and the price of ordinary sofa is similar.

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The Double 11 Carnival is coming again, and the three major e-commerce companies are surprisingly attracted to consumers. okorder

Now, the distance from the double 11 has been less than a month, this week, Jingdong, Suning Tesco, Tmall three e-commerce platforms have announced the start of this year “Double 11 Carnival. In a blink of an eye, the Singles Day has entered its eighth year. Is the e-commerce promotion method a bit tricky?

If you think so, it’s a big mistake. As an Internet product that grows from the grassroots, e-commerce combines the latest hotspots every year to succeed in the hearts of many consumers. “Growing grass, of course, “the way of planting grass is very strange. This year they use “VR.” , "Global purchase and “ serious shopping concept to plant grass.

From another point of view, for consumers, even if it is “to pull out the grass, it is necessary to pull out the peace of mind, value for money, how can we accurately pull out what you want” grass ?

First look at Jingdong.

Jingdong has more self-operated products. Relatively speaking, the quality is relatively reliable, so it is always the main product with good product quality. This year, Jingdong high-profile play “sell seriously, buy a good slogan, advocate consumers to refuse impulsive, rational shopping. Jingdong’s poster shows 11 figurative pictures of multiple delivery personnel walking in the frontier, into the mountains, and wearing the plank road. The main theme is logistics, the theme is “11.11, I am by your side. Their purpose is to take advantage of natural logistics and consolidate their e-commerce market. Song Jing, vice president of Jingdong Group, said that this year, entertainment and impulsive consumption will no longer be the mainstream of the Double 11. When consumers buy goods, the necessity of purchasing goods and the individual’s demand for goods, this will affect the final shopping decision. Rather than saying that as in the past, as long as the price is low, go to pick up the goods and then buy a lot. When you come back, you will find that many of them are not particularly necessary.

Look at Tmall and Taobao again. Eight years ago, it was the double 11 of the first year. The turnover of Taobao was about 52 million yuan a day. However, last year their turnover in the day has reached 91.2 billion yuan. At the beginning of the opening, the number of orders generated by clock per second is 140,000, and the payment per second is 80,000. Behind the all-round carnival brought by the Double 11 reflects the profound changes of the whole society, reflecting the tremendous changes brought by the Internet and e-commerce to all businesses, consumers and economic life. Zhang Yong, CEO of Alibaba Group, said: “Double 11 has gone far beyond the concept of shopping and even consumption today. The reason why Double 11 became a carnival, because it has many carnival elements, there are many entertainment attributes. The reason why the double 11 became a carnival and became a consumer holiday, it is definitely not mechanically let our business put a few goods, marked with an attractive price, consumers go up and look at the picture to buy and buy.

Alibaba still emphasizes the concept of “carnival” compared to Jingdong’s introversion. In order to allow this carnival to continue, this year Alibaba’s first push is interactive and live broadcast, vowing to entertain consumers to the end. Just today, on the 23rd, Tmall is holding an international fashion week for 8 hours. The show is a global fashion event, including 50 world-class brands such as Burberry, Maserati and Guerlain. From October 21st to November 11th, the official live broadcast plus the number of merchants will be more than 60,000. Including hundreds of entertainment and sports stars, including Yang Yang, Yang Mi, Zhang Yixing, and hundreds of net red people will interact with consumers in the live broadcast. This year, they also launched VR shopping, which is not a simple simulation of foreign shopping scenes, but in the simulation shopping, if you look at a good product, you can place an order directly.

Zhong Yuzhi, senior manager of merchandise marketing at Macy’s in the United States, said that at 11 o’clock, consumers can directly purchase about 20 VR experience products through Tmall’s flagship store. This may be the first time that Chinese consumers can make virtual reality shopping in the history. The focus is not on how much to buy and how much to sell. It is to bring a future experience to consumers through Macy’s cooperation with Alibaba. In fact, this It’s a bit like jumping out of the future. In addition, they also launched a globally-purchased business. Opened at home and abroad, not only consumers can buy all over the world, brand merchants will also realize the convenience of global sales.

Let’s have a look at Suning. This year, “Double 11, Suning chose to build another city in the Three Kingdoms Waterfront City on the shores of Taihu Lake, to create a “buy and buy” and entertaining nature. “Antiques Street & mdash;— According to reports, from November 8th to November 11th, more than 100 first-line brand merchants will settle in Xiaocheng City, 111 well-known net red live broadcast, together to create an entertainment shopping carnival, is expected to be Suning Yi within four days The purchase brought 500 million exposures. Huo Guang, deputy director of Suning Tesco Public Relations, said that their focus this year is to open up and down the line. Building a city like a carnival, there will be a lot of retro layout, there will be many shops in the city, there are some places to play. There is a street inside which is a retro reflection of Shanghe Street shops in Qingming. The core is to encourage everyone to play while buying, including eating, drinking and shopping to buy a one-stop shopping experience.

At this point, the various tricks of the three largest three e-commerce platforms in China have already appeared. However, for consumers, the appearance does not mean that they are all reliable, but also need to polish their eyes and carefully choose .

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The correct way to open “smart appliances” okorder

The original single feature of home appliances is constantly enriched and diversified, which is a good thing, because it also means that users can experience more content. If you are a person who can’t cook, you can finish cooking directly according to the recipe of refrigerator display; if you put the washing liquid often “slightly no weight, in fact, the washing machine can also be based on Add a moderate amount of clothing weight. If these things seem to be more practical, then some of the features that look very “singular” are not so good.


Now most smart home appliances require a mobile phone for remote control. What does this mean? Explain that the concept of intelligence is too hot. As long as the products that can be controlled by the mobile terminal are all intelligent, but we can also see in the article, some functions are simple but really useful, such as air conditioning mobile control switches, multi-screen interaction of TV. Can smart home appliances change our lives? It seems that it still can’t be done now. Smart Home/smart home appliances are developing at a rapid pace, but smart homes are not simply letting home appliances be linked to WIFI, which can be called intelligence, and the true meaning of intelligence is how deep the intelligence is. Whether it can give users a better product experience is determined. The intelligence of many products is only a brand of technological innovation to fool consumers. It is like letting consumers passively accept some unnecessary functions. The real intelligence is that home appliances can actively communicate with users and help users solve some problems. The problems encountered in life, let users get better use and experience.

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Anxin floor event picks up the unspoken rules of the industry okorder

Imported brands enter the engineering market, secretly domestically produced retail building materials and engineering procurement are different from the same brand—

Whether the products provided by Anxin Floor to Vanke hardcover rooms are ‘toxic’ or ‘thinned’ Vanke made a positive response on Monday. However, there is a phenomenon that has once again attracted attention. That is, in the materials related to hardcover, such as flooring, bathroom, furniture, cabinets, etc., there is a widespread phenomenon of ‘special supply’ for hardcover rooms. According to industry insiders, ‘special offerings’ are mostly ‘special’, not ‘special’, can not reduce the cost, will be crowded away by other brands. ‘Special’, where is the bottom line of quality, and no one can tell at the moment.

● ‘Special supply’ building materials

ubiquitous in hardcover houses and engineering projects

In 2002, a German brand cabinet was secretly found in the factory for OEM production. In order to press the low cost again, to enter the hardcover section of a high-end real estate near Chaoyang Park. The person in charge of the brand said that this property is to promote the quality of its own by the famous cabinet brand reputation.

Three years ago, a flooring brand revealed to reporters that in order to take over the floor strategic cooperation business of a real estate, they took turns to public relations, and in the originally low profit margin, they also squeezed out the ‘kickback’ In the part, in desperation, another production line managed to reduce the input on the floor and became the final strategy. In a wooden floor factory, the reporter once saw a large number of ‘ultra-thin’ floors stacked in the warehouse. The brand owner who once said that the floor was ‘thick and feel good’ said that those thin floors were specially made for a certain CBD property. .

In the conversation with several designers, you can also understand that for the later effects, designers often specify some brands of building materials, and attach about the price per square meter, these will also be sold when the house For consumers’ reference. However, developers often go to the procurement process and will adopt bidding methods for bulk building materials. First, they will lower prices, and second, they will not rule out products with better price/performance ratio. But in the end, there are often some building materials dealers who go to work here as designers, hoping that they will work hard to get the opportunity to get recognition of the design.

One to two, the quality of the final use of building materials, developers and building materials suppliers who do not want to make it clear.

●Imported brands secretly made in China

To reduce the cost of entering high-end real estate

According to the executives of the German brand cabinets, when the imported cabinets were in people In the eyes of the high-end luxury goods, but in the retail market, because some consumers have begun to pay attention to kitchen life, it is relatively easy to convince some wealthy people to buy high-end cabinets, but it is not easy to advance to the hardcover and tooling projects with the same quality.

Beijing’s high-end real estate is often willing to cooperate with brand-name building materials, to enhance the value, in the face of such high-end engineering market, any brand that is unwilling to fall behind will be tempted. Therefore, after many contacts with the developers, they decided that in order to enter this market and touch the pulse of the developer wanting the brand but not so demanding quality, the German headquarters of the brand also acquiesced: find a factory cooperation in China. Manufacturing.

In those days, consumers who bought this high-end real estate only knew that their home was a certain brand of German cabinets, and found that although there was no problem, the details and quality of the cabinet could not be monopolized with the brand. Any cabinet in the store is comparable.

● Different quality with the same brand

Price material technology discounted together

‘Special ‘product’ special ‘where the bottom line is

Specially tailored products such as hardcover are specially designed for this channel. Originally, there is nothing wrong with it. In addition to the cost reasons, the original intention of satisfying the ‘special design’ requirements of the developer is also one aspect. At the same time, in order to expand the market, it is also understandable that a brand can produce products of different grades to fight for more consumer groups. But fundamentally, the ‘special offer’ should have a bottom line when it is ‘special’.

A designer with engineering experience revealed that ordinary consumers buy building materials and other products, and they are amazed. When the same brand docking project, the so-called engineering price often reaches the retail price. Half or even one third. How can it be done? The designer said that responsible brands should work hard on scientific mass production, manual logistics and raw material procurement under the premise of ensuring quality, and ensure that the final ‘slimming’ products are still in line with the relevant national departments on environmental protection and longevity. Basic quality requirements.

But an industry insider who is far away from the engineering market also revealed that some building materials suppliers are focusing on low-cost, multi-connection projects, compared with quite conspicuous brands. Material quality is often neglected. The relevant national testing institutions only perform ‘send inspection’, ‘sampling inspection’, etc., and cannot completely block the source of fake and inferior building materials entering the market. If it is not the brand conscious, the quality is indeed unstoppable.

It is not difficult to understand that there is no such thing as a single installation in the construction of the project. Therefore, consumers often encounter problems such as cracking of the floor of the hardcover room, failure of the toilet, return of the ground, and leakage of windows. It is not surprising that it is basically the result of both product quality and construction quality.

● Related investigations ●

‘Check inspection’ building materials

Can the quality of the products be matched?

At present, ‘send inspection’ is the only way that Chinese furniture and building materials products must comply with, and the quality, environmental protection and safety of products are tested to meet national standards. However, this method of picking out a product ‘send’ to the official testing organization by the enterprise is also questioned by consumers because of the possibility that the product to be inspected is qualified and the product entering the market is unqualified.

Is there any possibility of the above problems in building materials? Wang Yonglin, vice president and secretary-general of the Wood Door Professional Committee of the China Wood and Wood Products Circulation Association, said that the same brand of products for inspection and sales are sold because of the raw materials used., glue, paint and hardware accessories are not completely from the same brand, the same batch, so this phenomenon may occur. However, as long as some brands have a complete self-checking system, although not every product will be sent for inspection, they can use this self-checking equipment to carry out quality and environmental protection for various main and auxiliary materials and finished products of building materials. The monitoring of the problem to ensure the highest rate of products entering the market.

Is the ‘sampling’ in advance notice ineffective?

Most consumers believe that ‘sampling’ is a sample inspection of the products entering the market when the merchant is unprepared to monitor the product’s compliance. However, the president of a well-known wooden door brand that was set up in Guangdong and sold in Beijing revealed that the ‘sampling inspection’ of wooden door products is not a person in the inspection department suddenly picking up a door to the exhibition hall or production workshop. Since the wooden doors are mostly customized products, in order not to delay the use of consumers, causing inconvenience to the merchants, the inspection department will issue a ‘sampling inspection’ notice in advance, and then the brand will ‘send’ the door for testing.

And a person in charge of the wooden door brand in Beijing who did not want to be named also bluntly told us that ‘send inspection’ once a year, and the time of ‘sampling’ is not fixed. If the brand that has been ‘sampled’ already has a ‘send inspection report’, it is not necessary to participate in the ‘sampling inspection’.

Who is the bottom line of hardcover rooms and engineering decoration quality?

A person in charge of the product division of a home improvement company said that developers generally have a slightly lower quality requirements for the main materials than ordinary home improvement products. In addition, there are usually wood products that may cause environmental hazards, and most manufacturers will not compromise. However, in the products related to durability and the life-related tiles and sanitary wares, some manufacturers will find it difficult to resist the temptation to open a ‘low-end product’ production line. The person in charge of a home improvement company that has been undertaking the hardcover project said that the work of the renovation of the project is not good. In some projects, the developer left a small budget for the renovation, and wants to keep the material and construction quality bottom line, the home improvement company almost has to pay for it.

Release date: 2012/2/29 10:43:04

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The five major factors affecting the sales of the 2011 flooring market okorder

At present, most of the flooring companies are still export-oriented. They do not have their own brands in the market. There is no pricing power in the price. For foreign brands, the horses are from the market. This will have very serious consequences, which in turn will Dragging down the development of our domestic market.

Related industry sources said that the future competition in the flooring market will focus on the second and third-tier markets, and even the township four-tier market. The total market is huge, but the size of the market is small, and the difficulty of development and management difficulty are difficult to estimate. There is no doubt that this is a typical ‘long tail’ market, competition has entered a crucial stage, and the new situation calls for a new business model.

In a word, the company is still a dealer, there is no such thing as martial arts, and the means of going all out. By relying on a single traditional business model, if you want to ‘get out of the ground’ in the flooring industry, I am afraid that there is no chance, even if the previous foundation. Playing well, if you can’t keep up with the pace of market development, it is likely to be eliminated.

According to market research, the following five factors affect the sales of the floor:

Market Analysis 1: Inflation caused by inflation in 2011 will directly affect consumers not to spend money.

Market Analysis 2: The rise in raw materials and labor costs will directly affect the price of products, and consumers will be more unbearable.

Market Analysis 3: In 2011, there were more than 3,000 domestic flooring companies. Under the premise of high homogeneity of products, mutual imitation of marketing, and re-marketing of light services, competition can be imagined.

Market Analysis 4: In 2011, affected by the appreciation of the renminbi and the anti-dumping and anti-subsidy investigation of the flooring industry, it will directly lead to the export of many wood-based enterprises that are mainly export-oriented, and the competition in the domestic market will be fiercer than in previous years.

Market Analysis 5: In 2011, the country’s property market regulation policy was the most stringent regulation and control policy in history. From the current situation, the country has a tendency to refrain from giving up. It is foreseeable that the regulation will be more stringent in 2011, which will directly lead to a contraction in real estate transactions. Nowadays, the prices of major and medium-sized cities are priceless and the transaction volume is extremely low. In particular, the second-hand housing transaction volume is lower, this situation will directly affect the downstream building materials industry, and the flooring industry will not be spared.

Analysis of the above factors will be the most difficult year for wood flooring companies, and the current status of the flooring industry will determine the beginning of this year’s brutal competition brand cleaning year. The current Chinese wood flooring market is a giant of production capacity, the brand of dwarfs. None of the current flooring brands are really big names, and their market share is not more than 10%, which is caused by the concept of floor business operators.

Release date: 2011/11/22 9:46:05

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6 misunderstandings to pay attention to floor heating okorder

1. Floor heating will definitely increase the load on the floor.

Some communities have no industry to worry that the owner will increase the weight of the floor when doing the floor heating, so the community is not allowed to do floor heating. In fact, ultra-thin floor heating products, without pouring cement, will not increase the weight of the building.

2. The height of the floor heating will be high.

The residents of China are more concerned about the height of the living room. The main problem in communicating with the owners in the business seems to be the high degree of calculation. … The thinnest floor is only 12mm, which has almost no effect on the height of the floor.

3. The floor heating pipe will be blocked.

The independent heating generally uses a wall-hung boiler. The water in the floor heating circuit is closed, and generally does not need to be replaced, and there is no possibility of blockage. The floor heating that is connected to the central heating system does have to consider the problem of plugging due to the problem of corrosion aging of the central heating pipe. However, it is sufficient to add a filtering device when doing floor heating.

4. The heating of the floor heating pipe will make a loud sound, which will affect the residents downstairs.

The water in the floor heating pipe circuit is closed without gas, very calm at work, no Will make a sound. Floor heating will only help to soundproof.

5. Water leakage problems

The life of a good quality pipe is even longer than the life of a building. Some people have to destroy it. If there is a problem with the quality, the owner can find a floor heating installation company. And pipe manufacturers claim. But the floor heating project does not seem to be so fragile.

After the water leakage, the traditional floor heating needs to plan the ground, but it is not necessary to plan all the holes. If you press the pressure, you can find which circuit has a problem. After the new floor heating finds the problem, it is also necessary to uncover the floor treatment problem, but it is relatively simple to deal with the problem.

The heating water of the home is installed in a closed loop. The amount of water is not so large to the extent of the water. The ultra-thin floor heating has a maximum of 2.16 liters of water.

6. Under the furniture without legs, it is also necessary to warm the floor.

‘My home decoration is less than half a year, the floor of the bedroom is somewhat deformed. ‘Mr. Yang is puzzling about this. Later, when I found a professional check, I realized that it was the bed of the bedroom. Mr. Yang’s bed has no bed legs, and the entire bed is in direct contact with the ground, and the hot air is blocked under the bed.

Expert analysis: If the interior is paved with floor heating, do not make decorative parts or legless furniture on the floor. Because the floor heating floor is a cooling surface, the hot air circulates from the bottom to the top, producing a greenhouse effect. If legless furniture or the like is placed on the floor, the heat dissipating surface will be reduced, which not only causes the heat effect to be weakened, but also does not allow the heat to be sufficiently dissipated.

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How do wooden flooring multinational companies compete for the Chinese market? okorder

With the rapid development of China’s economy, multinational companies in the wood flooring constantly adjust their business structure in China to meet the challenges that come with them, and strive to become a ‘sustainable development’, ‘respected’ and ‘localized’ companies. . Create market advantage through product and technology leadership, expand market to provide perfect customer service and establish a holistic system through strategic merger. At the same time, Wood Floor Multinational’s world-leading research and development capabilities will be its strongest competitiveness in the Chinese market.

1. Manufacturing, sales and service close to the market

While implementing the globalization strategy, wooden flooring multinational companies actively promote localization, using localized personnel to produce locally Production of wooden flooring, and the provision of a variety of localized marketing services and financial services, to form a localized competitiveness, so as to be closer to customers, close to the market, to respond quickly and efficiently to the needs of local wood flooring consumers.

2. Firmly control the core technology

Market competition is essentially a contest between modern technology and competition for technological innovation. The world’s various wood flooring companies firmly control the most critical elements such as product standards and core technologies in the division of labor in the industry chain, occupying a dominant position. And by continuously increasing investment in research and development, and enhancing its technological innovation capabilities, it will develop new energy-saving wood flooring products through new energy, new materials and new technologies in key areas such as safety, environmental protection and energy conservation, occupying the technical commanding heights and improving The degree of monopoly on key core technologies to obtain high profits.

3. Market adaptive technology development globalization

In recent years, international technology alliances have increased, and wood flooring multinational companies have established research and development cooperation in the field of technology and developed joint technology development, thereby promoting The globalization of technology development, the speed and intensity of the diffusion, transfer and utilization of technical knowledge have greatly increased. In order to make the developed wood flooring products more in line with the needs of the local market and more convenient to use the local human and technical resources, and the ‘market and users where to build the factory, where to produce, local sales’ strategy More and more wood flooring companies are spreading technology development organizations (of course primarily adaptive development and design) to the rest of the world.

Release date: 2012/2/2 10:32:07

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Technological innovation and branding are key to the flooring market okorder

After long-term enjoyment of low labor costs, strong international market demand, and considerable profit and development space at the expense of the environment, with the tightening of the world economy, the Chinese flooring industry is not ready, China’s manufacturing industry has ushered in an era of overcapacity, fierce competition, high investment, low growth, and low profits. There are many reasons for this problem. But in general, insufficient demand and overcapacity are the biggest problems in the Chinese flooring market.

Overcapacity is always closely related to product homogenization. There are two main reasons for product homogenization: first, lack of innovation in technology, and second, weak brand building. The first point is related to the core interests of the product, and the second point is related to the product extension benefits. The first point is the weakness of Chinese companies. Not only is the flooring industry lacking technological innovation, but almost all of China’s industrial innovation is insufficient. Its essence is a matter of national education and innovation environment. The second point is the soft underbelly of the flooring industry. It is generally believed that the customer base of the flooring industry is scattered and generally represented by rational purchase and group decision-making. Therefore, entrepreneurs in the industry believe in physical value and neglect intangible value, especially the perceptual value represented by the brand. For a long time, relying too much on sales promotion in marketing, brand awareness is weak, and the brand management department is marginalized and vacuumed.

When China’s flooring industry relies on external input technology and brand, and the external market demand is strong, the products of Chinese flooring companies will continue to be sold overseas, creating the illusion of unprecedented prosperity in the market. But once the international market has seen a downturn, especially the continued weakness and shrinking demand in the past two years, this contradiction has immediately manifested itself, becoming extremely sharp, and its final appearance is excess capacity. Overcapacity is a relative concept. Just as the capitalist economic crisis we all know in the middle school era is a crisis of relative surplus production, it is a crisis caused by the unrestricted product surplus of socialized large-scale production compared with the declining purchasing power of the working people.

Enterprises to solve this relatively surplus capacity, you can start from two aspects, one-handed research and development innovation, one-handed brand building. Technological innovation and branding are all means to create product differentiation, and differentiated products will not only generate new market competitiveness, but also stimulate new market demand. Technological innovation is the most revolutionary factor in breaking the old balance of the market and reconstructing a new balance in the market; the brand is a sharp tool that allows you to smoothly introduce new markets, stabilize market position, and avoid price wars. Although the iphone is also cutting prices with the appearance of newer and more powerful mobile phones, the price and rate of price reductions are much slower and much less. Compared with the high investment and high risk in R&D innovation, brand building will become the choice of most floor industry entrepreneurs. Most enterprises in China are inherently inadequate in research and development, lacking the spirit of innovation and risk-taking, lacking long-term persistence and investment, and worrying about the lack of legal protection of the innovation environment. This is an important reason why so many manufacturing companies prefer to invest their money in real estate rather than invest in research and development. In this case, brand building has become a favorable choice for entrepreneurs.

So in the brand building, how to build a brand and achieve brand breakout? There are three aspects that need to be emphasized here.

First of all, we must recognize the necessity and long-term nature of brand building. Be prepared mentally, organizationally, and financially. Any short-term, speculative ideas and practices are wrong. Brand building itself is a long-term process, even for the brand building of consumer goods, let alone the construction of industrial brands.

Second, companies must adopt a systematic and innovative brand building ideas. At present, the theory of floor brand marketing has not yet formed, and in practice it is also influenced by the sales-oriented methodology. Some marketing companies confuse sales with brands, and do branding with sales ideas. Although flooring brands have their own characteristics, they ultimately belong to the whole category of brands and need to learn from the theory and practice of brand building in other industries.

Finally, the rapid development and popularization of the network has given enterprises an unprecedented opportunity to build their brand. How to use the communication advantages of the network to quickly enhance brand awareness and make the latecomers live, we must focus on thinking. problem.

Release date: 2012/1/30 13:15:37

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The development of flooring companies has brought new development opportunities okorder

In 2011, with the implementation of real estate regulation and control policies in major cities, the wood flooring industry was inevitably affected as a downstream decorative building materials industry. As an indispensable variety of home decoration in recent years, wood flooring has become more and more popular, the industry has become bigger and stronger, and the annual output value has exceeded 70 billion yuan. However, under the influence of this round of real estate regulation, the flooring industry is also the first to bear the brunt. Greatly affected. Faced with the grim situation, how can enterprises break through the encirclement, how the industry breaks through the bottleneck, not only test the entrepreneur’s decision-making ability and innovation wisdom, but also the policy support of the relevant state departments. The road ahead is thorny, but the future is still bright.

Regarding the brand development of the flooring industry in 2011, if one word is used to describe it, the most appropriate one is ‘two-level differentiation’. On the one hand, some powerful brands continue to attack the city, expand the country, seize market share, and gain development opportunities; on the other hand, some brands with weaker anti-risk capabilities are stagnant or even declining, and some face financial difficulties and business distress. A few want to close down.

The power of the brand is growing. Brands such as nature, icon, Anxin, Jiusheng, Shiyou, and Life have further developed, and the network has been expanding. The channels have been extended to third- and fourth-tier cities, mainly in strategic cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. These brand support is indispensable in the home store, occupying the most conspicuous position. According to a consumer survey, nearly 70% of consumers are willing to choose well-known brands when shopping. Under the same price conditions, brands are the best choice. Sometimes, even if the price is more expensive, they are willing to pay more to enjoy the brand. the value of. An important reason is that the well-known brands in the flooring industry not only have strict product quality control, but also have established a perfect service system. They also have unique processes and processes for the later installation of products, which can help customers realize their desire for beautiful home.

The enhancement of brand strength also reflects the recognition of the capital market. On May 26th, 2011, Nature Floor was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange under the name of ‘China Floor’ and raised HK$1.1 billion. On November 11, Del Floor landed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in the name of ‘Del Home’. 8,000 million yuan. The two flooring brands have entered the capital market, indicating that the development of this industry is very stamina. Facts have also proved that listing financing has brought new opportunities to the development of enterprises. Shortly after the listing of nature flooring, the company launched a series of products such as wardrobes and wooden doors at the Guangzhou Construction Expo. Del Floor plans to invest more than 280 million yuan in financing for floor expansion and high-density board projects. Construction, in order to obtain further development in the flooring industry.

While the big brands are advancing by leaps and bounds, some small and medium-sized flooring companies are worried about their operations, the channels are shrinking, the funds are short, and they are in trouble. With the decline in sales all the way, coupled with lower gross profit margins, raw materials, labor and other costs have been rising all the way. Under the trouble of multiple crises, some flooring companies, especially solid wood flooring companies, can’t absorb the cost of soaring, which is even worse. At the end of the year, hundreds of companies have shown signs of under-employment and financial difficulties. More extreme is the phenomenon of ‘running the road’ in the flooring industry. In November 2011, the news of the news that a floor boss was running a road was reported to the industry, which greatly shocked the industry. Although its main product is bamboo flooring, its headquarters is located in Nanxun, Zhejiang, which has the reputation of ‘China’s wooden flooring capital’, which has led to speculation about the future development of the floor distribution center with thousands of companies. However, according to the survey of the Nanxun Flooring Industry Association, most of the Nanxun floor enterprises are still in good condition. Only some enterprises are not doing business, blind investment, and ruining the main business, which makes the capital turnover difficult, and ultimately the enterprise is insolvent. If some weak and small brands do not open up the blue ocean for survival and development, it is difficult to overcome the difficulties under the general trend of insufficient market demand. The ‘running road’ event undoubtedly sounded the alarm for the flooring industry.

Release date: 2012/2/6 12:02:58

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Prospects for the development of wood flooring industry for fast-growing raw materials okorder

Forestry is the only industry that integrates the three functions of ecology, economy and society. It has an important strategic position. With the emergence of energy crisis and climate warming, the basic role of forestry has been further strengthened. Mitigating climate warming, developing biomass energy, promoting farmers’ employment and increasing income, and maintaining rural harmony and stability all require greater development of forestry, and the forestry industry needs to make greater contributions. At this stage, China’s wood flooring industry is an important branch of the forestry industry. The wood flooring industry’s leading products, solid wood flooring and solid wood composite flooring, are made of natural forest precious wood, which is one of the largest industries that consume natural precious wood. The reduction of virgin forest resources and rising prices have led to an increase in the operating costs of China’s wood product manufacturing enterprises, especially in China’s solid wood flooring production enterprises. In addition, China’s economy is currently facing the key to transformation and upgrading. Relying on scientific and technological progress and innovation to develop a low-carbon economy, achieving sustainable development has become the starting point and the foothold for accelerating the transformation of economic development. The fast-growing raw material has a fast production speed, a short material-forming period and a strong carbon-fixing capacity. It has become a tree species widely promoted by various countries and is a growth point of forest coverage. However, the fast-growing materials are characterized by soft material, low density, easy deformation and low strength, which make the commercial value low, increase the income of forest farmers with little or no, and dampen the enthusiasm of forest farmers to plant trees, raise trees and protect trees, making forest resources low quality and benefit. difference. In the past few years, domestic and foreign research institutes and enterprises have actively invested in the research and development of fast-growing materials instead of natural forests. At present, surface solidified solid wood flooring and chemically impregnated solidified solid wood flooring have been put on the market and exported to foreign countries. Among them, the surface layer solidified solid wood flooring production technology uses physical modification technology, the raw material required for this technology is fast-growing material, especially the domestically produced fast-growing high-yield forest poplar, Chinese fir (Chinese fir quotes, fir manufacturer list), eucalyptus (Yushu market quotes, eucalyptus manufacturers list), can also use the US Southern Pine, European spruce (spruce quotes, spruce manufacturers list), Russian Pinus sylvestris (Scotch pine quotes, Pinus sylvestris vendor list), etc. All the fast-growing materials can reduce the harvesting of precious hardwood and protect the original forest; the wood products produced are clear and natural in color and have the color texture of hardwood; this technology is pure physical wood modification technology. Safety and environmental protection; this technology overcomes the loose material of the fast-growing material, poor dimensional stability, poor corrosion resistance and weather resistance, and at the same time makes the wood products produced have good dimensional stability, high surface hardness, large static bending strength and elastic modulus. Such excellent physical and mechanical properties, thus achieving the use of small materials, inferior materials. The wood obtained through this technology can be used for the production of furniture, flooring, wooden doors and stairs, etc., and can be used as an emerging industry such as structural beams and high-grade automobile floors. The implementation of this technology industrialization is in line with the spirit of the National Forestry Industry Revitalization Plan (2010~2012), which will promote the upgrading and development of the fast-growing forest economy. Due to the huge demand for solid wood flooring in the market, and China’s largest fast-growing forest planting area in the world, the maturity and low cost of the industrialization technology of fast-growing solid wood flooring has caused strong concern in the industry and positive affirmation of consumers, ordinary families. Easily own solid wood flooring, which will surely become a new growth point for the wood flooring industry. In 2009, the construction area of ​​real estate development enterprises nationwide was 3.196 billion square meters, an increase of 12.8% over the previous year. According to the ground decoration area accounting for 80%, the floor decoration area totaled about 2.557 billion square meters. In 2009, the total domestic wood floor output was 378 million. Square meters, accounting for only 16.34% of the floor decoration materials. Moreover, according to the statistics of the National Bureau of Statistics, the total area of ​​urban housing in China in 2009 is 17.7 billion square meters. According to the decoration of the house every 10 years and the renovation of the non-residential house every 20 years, China needs at least 3.885 billion square meters per year. Floor decoration material. This provides a huge space for the development of the wood flooring industry with fast-growing materials as raw materials. Release date: 2012/2/8 14:45:20

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