Texas Instruments introduced the industry’s new integrated system basis chip CAN FD controller and transceiver

Texas Instruments (TI) today introduced the industry’s new car system basis chip (SBC) TCAN4550-Q1. The chip integrates a flexible data rate Controller Area Network (CAN FD) controller and transceiver, designed to meet the needs of in-vehicle network for high bandwidth and data rate flexibility. It uses almost all the microcontroller serial peripheral interface (SPI) bus interface, or to improve the deployment CAN FD CAN FD system bus port number , while a minimum quantity of hardware make changes. Conventionally, when to upgrade or expand CAN FD Function CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the designers have to integrate a plurality of discrete components in their design or completely revised microcontroller, which is typically time-consuming and costly. With TCAN4550-Q1 System Basis Chip (SBC), designers can retain automotive electronics and lighting, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and automotive design based on an existing gateway architecture microcontroller simplifies CAN FD upgrade or expand . For more information about this product, please refer to www.ti.com/TCAN4550-Q1-pr.
Texas Instruments (TI) Interface Products Division, Product Line Manager Charles (Chuck) Mr. Sanna to introduce new products TCAN4550-Q1
What is CAN FD? CAN FD communication protocol is based on the original CAN bus standard (also known as “classic CAN”) designed to help ensure a variety of vehicle network data rates and throughput, while continuing the evolution of automotive microcontrollers and connections efficient communication system can be at various rates. CAN FD protocol supports up to 5 Mbps data rates and up to 64 bytes payload, effectively enhance the ability of the designer, it is possible to move data more quickly in its next generation of automotive applications. TI TCAN4550-Q1 ● The main features and advantages of simplified BOM (BOM) and reduce system cost: designers rely on highly integrated design simplifies TCAN4550-Q1, includes an integrated ± 58-VDC bus fault protection, the watchdog timer and failover mode. TCAN4550-Q1 also be cross compatible with classic CAN protocol. ● more easily expand bus in automotive design: if a limited number of ports CAN FD microcontroller, designers can also use this chip to add more cars via CAN FD bus system existing SPI port. Generally, such bus expansion system needs to be redesigned, and in the use TCAN4550-Q1 is not necessary to do so. ● smaller power design space: 125 mA with integrated low-dropout (LDO) linear regulator, TCAN4550-Q1 can supply their own, in addition, can be supplied to the external output of 70 mA sensors or other components. By reducing the need for an external power supply assembly , the space occupied by power supply design therefore becomes smaller. ● Lower power consumption: TCAN4550-Q1 can help designers to wake up and sleep function by reducing system power consumption during standby. ● increasing the maximum data transfer rate: SBC brand new car can be supported more car to write software programs based on 8 Mbps maximum data transfer rate quickly during assembly Control Engineering Copyright , beyond the CAN FD agreement of 5 Mbps The maximum data transfer rate. Saving space while improving system performance of this new product is part of TI’s growing SBC product family, it CAN FD, CAN, Local Interconnect Network (LIN) transceiver and power components into a single chip solution, including TCAN4550 -Q1 and TLIN1441-Q1. Compared with competing products less integrated components, these highly integrated devices help designers reduce their BOM, improved system performance and design make it to market faster. Designers also will work with TI C2000? Microcontrollers paired TI SBC Control Engineering Copyright , in order to quickly and easily expand the number of available bus port and enhance overall system functionality. Accelerate the design tools and support ● With TCAN4550-Q1 Evaluation Module easily evaluate TCAN4550-Q1 and CAN FD protocol support, now can be purchased from stores and TI authorized dealers. ● means “through the car RFCMOS 77GHz radar module dual CAN FD output-object data with reference to design” quick start SizeDesign Optimization of automotive radar module. Packaging, and Availability TCAN4550-Q1 using thin 4.5mm × 3.5mm (VQFN) package, store and TI have passed authorized dealer supply. To learn more about TI TCAN4550-Q1 ● information please download TCAN4550-Q1 datasheet. ● Product Overview Please Watch this video to learn the advantages and features of TCAN4550-Q1. ● Please read the following technical article to learn more about SBC and CAN FD: o – o “System Basis Chip foundation courses CAN, CAN FD systems and LIN SBC Beginner’s Guide.” “Need for higher speed: CAN FD.” ● Please read the following application instructions, understand TCAN4550-Q1 integration capabilities:. “Learn LDO performance TCAN4550-Q1 in the” o o “. TCAN4550-Q1 Watchdog configuration Guide” ● Find expert answers Interface Forum in the TI E2E.

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