Pakistani government cancels dialogue with Taliban to protest security personnel killed

Xinhuanet Islamabad, February 17th The Pakistani government cancelled the dialogue on the same day with the Pakistani Taliban on the 17th to protest against the Taliban branch killing government security personnel.

Ivan Fan &middot, member of the Pakistani government negotiating committee; Siddiqui said in a statement on the 17th that the Taliban branch’s killing of 23 government security personnel made the dialogue originally scheduled for the day meaningless. The government condemned this behavior and believed that a series of recent terrorist attacks had a negative impact on the ongoing peace talks.

Siddiqui regrets that the dialogue between the government and the Pakistani Taliban has not led to a positive development in the domestic situation. He said that the government negotiating committee will hold an emergency meeting on the 18th to discuss the domestic situation.

The Pakistani Taliban branch claimed on the 16th that it killed 23 security personnel in the Mohmand district of northwestern Pakistan in retaliation for the fact that the branch was killed in prison and asked the government to stop killing its members.

Pakistani Prime Minister Sharif announced on January 29 that a four-member government negotiating committee will hold a dialogue with the Pakistani Taliban. On February 2, the Pakistani Taliban appointed five religious political leaders to talk to the government. On February 6, the two sides stopped everything “violent behavior” to reach a consensus on promoting the peace process.

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