Personalized design of the cabinet you need to know

[PART1: Drawer design with separate bars]

   The design of the drawer is exclusively for dishes. The bottom plate of the drawer is a wooden board with wooden holes. This is a jack specially designed for the spacer. In this way, the spacer can be changed according to the position and size of the plate, and this design is very good. The size of the dishes is properly fixed to ensure stability during drawing and cleanliness inside the drawer.

   The same design as Case 1, but this spacer is fixed, but it gives three large, medium and small vacancies, and the area on the side It can also be used to place the storage box storage basket to accommodate small pieces of other kitchens.

  [PART2: erect storage integrated into the water filter board design]

   If the dish just washed is placed flat, it is easy to accumulate water If you don’t dry it, give the bacteria a chance to take advantage of it. In this case, the dish storage cabinet is placed on the wall next to the pool, and the shelf of the cabinet is designed with a thin rod, so that the tray can be erected and the hollow design can smoothly filter the water.

   Similarly, in order to achieve the purpose of not allowing water to accumulate on the plate, the specially designed wall cabinet, the upper layer is the exclusive storage and decontamination of the dish, and the two plates are filled with vertical bars. The dishes are properly incorporated into the dish, and are specially placed next to the window to allow the natural sunlight to speed up the drying and keep the dish dry.

   The dish cabinet specially set up at the top of the pool is more used for natural water filtration. When the tableware is cleaned, it can be conveniently placed on the shelf. It can be used not only for placing dishes, props, pots, but also for proper size.

   The wooden water filter type dish storage rack is more classical and blends well with the design of the cabinet. In the case, the colored plate is placed. The placement effect, from another perspective, is also a kitchen decoration.

  [PART3: hiding the storage space in the dark]

   It is hard to imagine that such a dish storage is a hidden design, it is generally Set under the floor, or under the storage bench, it is a wonderful design to save the kitchen space. For the flat dishes, the vertical placement method is also adopted.

   Wall-mounted wall cabinets, specially added a grid, do not take up too much space, because it is placed upright, also consider the effect of water filtration, the design of the bottom plate is all hollow Wood pole design.

  [PART4: Plate storage rack parallel to the wall]

   In addition to the vertical placement of the wall, if the number of plates is small, parallel The erected design of the wall is also very suitable for flattened dishes such as dishes. For example, in the case, the storage cabinet is placed on the wall on the side of the kitchen console, and the middle guardrail is good for fixing the dishes. The design can make good use of the wall space and save the kitchen area.

   In addition to the wall, the fa├žade of the cabinet is also desirable. The side panel of the island console is designed as a shelf for storing dishes, although the area is not large, but It can also share the storage problem for the kitchen. The storage rack in the case is very suitable for storing large plates.
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