Pigeon Rock Glass Bridge New Landmark Building

The photo rock is in the Pigeon Rock, so you can see at a glance.
Every day, architects and designers come into contact with WANs with ambitious proposals and unusual projects. These latest from Ayub, involving his concept design for the observation deck in Lebanon: Pigeon Rock pedestrian bridge. The rock in Pigeon Rock, also dubbed the pigeons & ldquo; located in the coastal area of ​​Beirut, Lebanon. It is a natural rock formed at an elevation of about 45 meters. These have become the landscapes of Beirut and their location near the pull, an iconic natural function. ”

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The sunset behind the rock is quite famous, attracting tourists and locals to this scenic spot. In the pigeon rock rock has even become a hot spot, adventurers from the top of the rock diving competition. Currently, everywhere The limited number of pigeon rock rocks is overgrown with wild plants and weeds. Visitors must conquer the cliffs and find the perfect spot to observe the dangerous terrain near the edge of the landscape.
Pigeon Rock Pedestrian Concept
The rock in Pigeon Rock is one of the few public gathering places in Beirut, and the daily life of the residents who define the city is usually set aside, allowing visitors from all walks of life to enjoy one of the tranquil environments. The overall design of the Dove Rock pedestrian bridge It is a symbol of unity based on circles.
The design includes a transparent walkway across the Mediterranean Sea, providing visitors with this unprecedented landmark. In addition to reviving Lebanon’s most famous One of the landmarks, this concept will provide a unique stage for public and private events such as formal ceremonies, concerts and other cultural celebrations. It will also include an integrated visitor centre and room-specific retail, dining and entertainment venues. Overlooking the beautiful rocks in Pigeon Rock.
Design aspect
The arch, with its two support points, provides minimal impact and holds a suspended glass corridor that spans the Mediterranean. The sidewalk is made up of structures Custom glass panels provide a unique view of the water below, cliffs and rocky pigeon rock. A ceremonial bridge extends from the ground to the suspended glass stage, and the glass flyover is connected by a pedestrian bridge to the visitor center.

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