Please note! Floor distributors rely on accessories to make a profit.

Ms. Zhang recently ordered a composite floor in a building materials market. She bought a few nails and insecticides and other floor accessories. The purchase of skirting and moisture-proof mats has not been purchased. After investigation, it was found that some dealers selling the floor itself could not get too much profit, and they relied on selling accessories to make profits.

Ms. Zhang complained that although the merchant presented a solid wood baseboard and moisture-proof floor mat, she also needed to buy floor nails, keel nails, insect repellent, flat buckle, large right angle and other accessories. Calculated there are more than 1,000 yuan. ‘Don’t look at the price of the floor is cheap, and the seven seven eight eight-eighth accessories are not cheap. ‘In this regard, some people in the industry said that the floor accessories have all-inclusive price, half-price, single calculation three sales methods, some dealers sell the floor itself can not get too much profit, they rely on selling accessories to make a profit.

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Sales of floor accessories are tricky

The price of the laminate flooring ordered by Ms. Zhang is 40 yuan per square meter including the installation fee. The dealer promises to give a mat. And the foot line nails, but other skirtings, side buckles, flat buckles, glass glue and other accessories need to be purchased separately, Ms. Zhang has no choice but to spend more than 1,000 yuan at the dealer to buy all kinds of accessories. Ms. Zhang depressed Yes, she later deliberately compared the skirtings sold by other merchants and found that the price was cheaper than the one she bought, but the quality was better.

Nothing else, the public Ms. Zhang also Encountered the same thing, she spent 3,900 yuan to buy a composite floor, but bought a 25 yuan / m baseboard, 150 yuan / root of the bead, plus installation costs, etc., spent more than 1,900 yuan. ‘Almost I quickly caught up with half the price of the floor. I didn’t ask for the price of the accessories when I bought the floor. Now I can only eat dumb. ‘

The reporter visited a number of building materials markets to see that ordinary laminate flooring costs as little as tens of yuan per square meter, and solid wood flooring costs hundreds of yuan per square meter. Some dealers implement all-inclusive prices, including quotes. Floor prices, skirtings, buckles and other accessories costs, as well as installation costs. Some dealers implement a half-package price, that is, the installation is free, the accessories are separately charged. There are some floor dealers, only the price of the floor, Accessories and installation fees are subject to additional charges.

‘Three-point floor, seven-point installation, accessories and accessories are just as important.’ Zhang Wei, the person in charge of a flooring brand in Tangshan, told the reporter that many well-known flooring brands are now clearly priced, and different materials have different price points, consumers can choose. ‘Although the whole package price for consumers It is more convenient, but consumers are not easy to control the material and quality of the accessories. ‘

Mr. Zhang said that some laminate flooring price is 80 yuan / square meter, perhaps distribution Chamber of Commerce tells consumers The accessories such as skirting line and beading are worth 10 yuan per square meter, but the accessories used in practice are only worth a few dollars. ‘Sometimes the quality of the gifts is not worrying, and some will appear in a year or so. Quality problems. ‘Manager Zhang revealed that the profit of insecticides in floor accessories is relatively large, and the cost price is 5 yuan for insecticides, and some dealers can offer up to 45 yuan.

In the interview, the reporter found that many consumers are very concerned about the quality of the floor, especially the environmental protection and health indicators when purchasing the floor, but the quality of the accessories such as the baseboard and buckle is not too concerned. Some consumers even think that it is not necessary to be too true. ‘Some floor dealers are using the psychology of consumers to play tricks. Consumers will take home low-priced and inferior accessories when they are not careful. It is easy to have quality problems, and pollution is not negligible. aspect. ‘Manager Zhang told reporters.

‘By the way of tying inferior accessories, has become a common tactic of some floor vendors. ‘Zhang Wei manager reminded that some inferior quality floors that are unqualified and not environmentally friendly will often produce ‘all-inclusive price’, not only sell fake floor, but also sell high-quality, unqualified accessories together, plus The installation technology is very easy to cause pollution to the indoor environment. Consumers should try to buy well-known brands with good reputation, pay attention to accessories and workmanship.

Care must be taken to purchase accessories.

Remind that the floor is finished only after installation. Nowadays, there are certain misunderstandings in the traditional concept of consumers. The specific performance is ‘six heavy six light’: heavy price, light weight, light and light appearance, heavy fashion, light and wearable, heavy purchase, light laying, heavy friends’ opinions Re-committed to light text. Consumers are advised to carefully consider the cost performance of the product when purchasing the floor. At the same time, according to their own habits, choose different floor products with different wear resistance, do not re-purchase light laying. In addition, do not trust the dealer’s verbal promotion and commitment at the time of sale, should require the merchant to issue a written certificate.

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