Russian “Union MS-11” spacecraft with 3 people flew to the International Space Station

Xinhua News Agency, Moscow, December 3 (Reporter Bohai) Russian Aerospace Group said on the 3rd that the agency successfully carried three astronauts on the same day, the Alliance MS-11” spacecraft was put into the orbit, the spacecraft is expected Arrived at the International Space Station in about 6 hours.

At 19:33 on the 3rd, Beijing time, Russia “Union – FG”; rocket carrying “Union MS-11”; spacecraft lifted from the Baikonur launch site in Kazakhstan. About 9 minutes later, the spacecraft separated from the rocket in the scheduled orbit and flew to the International Space Station.

The three astronauts on the International Space Station were Russian astronaut Konoenko, Canadian astronaut St. Jacques and American astronaut McLean. According to the plan, the spacecraft will automatically dock with the space station’s “Exploration” small test cabin at 1:35 on the 4th, Beijing time. Three astronauts will be stationed in the space station for 194 days. The three astronauts currently on duty at the International Space Station are from Russia, the United States and Germany.

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