Shop paving mode is very good, truly legal and compliant

Xiaomi Ecological Circle is a new upgrade, integrated intelligent sharing ecosystem ~ 生态 ecological circle, including smart travel, ecology (shared agriculture), smart new retail, mobile sharing social e-commerce, artificial intelligence, new financial technology, ecological In the seven major sections, in June 2017, “Xiaomi Life began to be established, using the rapid powder-absorbing activities to create an amazing data of 60,000 powder-absorbing powder for five months. On November 1, 2017, it started to launch the floor-based wisdom travel segment. In order to share the electric treadmill and share the massage chair, the partner stage is upgraded. As of June 15th, 2018, a total of 1,500 regional signings for regional agents and 500,000 partners registered in the country were recruited. The new policy, in compliance with China’s new economic implementation code, began to build on June 16th, 2018. The seven major sectors of the eco-sphere are based on the “share-oriented enterprise operation pilot”, summarizing valuable experience for China’s shared economy, and reform needs. Courage, innovation requires courage, leading the need for wisdom, people need to have faith, the nation needs hope, the country needs strength, and “the ecological circle inherits the past and the future” Responsibility is more important than Taishan. All partners have a strong sense of mission and sense of responsibility. The future belongs to the wave of all the waves involved in this economic reform. I believe + follow + efforts = a bright future!

Shop for short-term retail-bonus system

More than 100,000 partners in the company promote new retail short-term e-commerce The model! Plus listing, and media promotion! We give priority to big brands to enter the mall, but the price has an advantage, and the form of the redemption of the lucky draw, pull the fans big data and the transaction rate!

Believe the owner / The warehouse owners will have a phenomenon of multiple sales in one month!

For example, a shop owner has laid out 5,000 goods. The company rewards you with 20% profit. This month, you will queue up to sell 8 rounds of goods

Profit: 8000-monthly rent = 7600 yuan

Share the store, the warehouse owner settles in, and take the other party’s purchase amount. 10%!

Example: If you share a warehouse owner, she chooses to sell 50000, this warehouse owner sold 4 rounds this month

Your profit is 50,000 ×10%×4=20000 yuan

If you share a shop owner, he sells 8 rounds of goods this month, each time choosing 5,000 yuan for goods, 10% promotion profit = 4000 yuan

From June 16th to July 15th, the income will reach 2,000 yuan to send a Baodi asset!

From July 16th to August 15th, the income will reach 5000 yuan and send one. Breguet Assets!

Team Award: For partners with excellent monthly performance, give 10% of the mall’s profits as rewards!

Management fee: 5% of store profits, profit & times ;0.05

Cash withdrawal fee: principal + profit & times; 0.01

Applying for a store Note:

1- One ID card number can only be registered for one account, please be sure to put the main account I recommend the account as my ID card number to apply for the store master account (other accounts don’t need to be managed first)

2-First enter the personal center, bind the bank card, bank account, card number, common harvest address, Don’t be wrong

3-click “My shop, go in for real-name authentication, and now ask to upload photos

4- After the real-name authentication is over, go in again & ldquo; Shop, click “ rent a store, submit 50 yuan rent, then choose the purchase price 1000–5000 yuan, choose to pay can be queued

The shop mode is very good, the real legal compliance, the government guides the direction! We are only responsible for opening the store, recharging the rental store, recharging the purchase amount, the company to purchase goods, we will wait for the income! Actively promoted, the income will be bigger and faster, the key is still sustainable income, because who earned not want to continue to rent a store, purchase to increase the greater income! Everyone slowly understands, it is clear The income brought up will not be as good as wealth!

In Taobao, Jingdong, Vipshop, Amazon and other major shopping platforms, you will either become a consumer, or become a store to buy, ship, and after-sales!

And it can be used as a consumer, or you can become a consumer who does not need to sell goods to the platform to sell, and then divide, and do not know how much manpower and material resources saved in the middle

In such a social and commercial context, “shopping is born!”

Unlike other platforms, “Publishing is a self-developed e-commerce retail 2 One share platform. It covers a new retail e-commerce system integrating global market, shopping, online and offline sharing platforms. APP products include thousands of types of clothing, daily chemicals, jewellery, fresh produce, farm products, household items, etc. The shop is paved with “shared + convenient” to meet the diverse needs of people in clothing, food, housing and transportation. .

The new business model of the shop has attracted the attention of authoritative media. At the end of June 2018, the shop will be ready to hold a press conference. At that time, the People’s Daily, Xinhuanet,, and other major authoritative media will be invited to witness the charm of the platform.

Shops sharing mobile social short-term e-commerce enrolling shopkeepers and merchants WeChat: QQ9349146

Scan the QR code to download the shop. Shop for 1 to 1 professional guides to welcome you to join /

Welcome to join the shop to share a social e-commerce platform. Fill the shop invitation code to fill in: 97RODS (required)

Articles and pictures from the network, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete!

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