Small bathroom decoration strategy Humanized rational use of space

The small bathroom decoration, just like the small apartment design, wants everything, but it has to face reality. Then, how to do small bathroom renovation? How to design a small bathroom to be practical grade? Below, Xiaobian will recommend some good small bathroom decoration case for everyone.

1, Small Bathroom Renovation Raiders

1, mirror cabinet + base cabinet

The size of the furniture in the bathroom is generally small, and there may be only one wall or a corner that can be used by us. If there is a mirror cabinet, you can put all the usual trivial items behind the mirror cabinet and put the detergent in the base cabinet. Such a bathroom must not be messy, and then with the mirror reflection, stretching the overall sense of space.

2, domestic tiles are also good

Now many owners are a bit too blind to pursue imported tiles. In fact, for the decoration of small bathrooms, the texture of imported tiles is also easily overlooked. On the cost performance and practicality, it is better to choose our domestic tiles of tens of yuan and one square meter, which is durable and reliable.

3. Small-sized toilets on the ground

The toilets on the market are generally divided into two types: the whole and the split. The overall toilet, its water tank and toilet are integrated, the chance of scrapping is relatively high, the price is slightly more expensive than the split, but the floor space will be larger. Therefore, the toilet of the small bathroom is recommended to choose a split type, saving money and saving land. A split toilet like 70CM is ideal for small bathrooms.

4, the washbasin refuses the pedestal.

When designing the washbasin, try not to choose the pedestal. This type of washbasin has a big drawback, that is, the lower column space can not be used, which is equivalent to wasting a square. If it is a pedestal washbasin with a built-in cabinet, it can be considered. The bathroom can be used more than one square meter.

5, the ceiling above the toilet to do the cabinet

The space above the toilet is ignored by many families, which is commonly known as the “vacuum zone.” In fact, if that area does not affect the normal use of the bathroom, you can design a wall cabinet in that area to supplement the storage. Hand paper, feminine hygiene products, etc. can be put in, and it is very convenient to use.

6. The upper shelf of the basin is installed.

Small editors have visited many friends and found that there are many sanitary wares on the surface of the basin. The entire bathroom looked very messy. We may wish to try to put some partitions on the basin or basin, so that you can put cosmetics, wash cups and other daily necessities. However, there is a premise that the height of the partition does not affect the normal use of the faucet.

Article summary: The above is the small bathroom renovation strategy and how to design a small and small bathroom. Although the small bathroom has limitations in area, we can make up for its shortcomings through some humanized design. What do you say?


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