Smoke blocking wall, fire and fire protection

The smoke blocking wall is a fire-fighting fire-fighting facility that meets certain fire-resistance requirements. The main components of the smoke-proof vertical wall are the main material for smoking, the motor, the control box, etc. The selection and installation methods of the composite materials of each part must meet the corresponding requirements and standards of the national standard. . There are many types of smoke blocking walls. The following describes how to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of the smoke blocking wall:
1. Determine whether the marking is clear. The smoke blocking wall is a 3C-certified fire-fighting product. The certified regular manufacturer firmly installs the permanent sign on the product, and the sign is clearly displayed.

2. Check the smoke blocking parts of the smoke blocking wall. The appearance of the smoke-proof part of the main body of the qualified roller blind type smoke blocking wall is not allowed to have the problems of lack of angle, inclination, tear, corner, jumper, broken line, excavation, uneven density of warp and weft, serious unevenness of color difference, etc. It should be clean, tidy, beautiful, and straight; there should be no misalignment at the splicing.

3. Determine the advantages and disadvantages of the metal parts of the smoke blocking wall. Metal parts require the same fire resistance time, must pass the anti-rust treatment, the coating layer is even and beautiful, and there is no phenomenon of mottled rogue. Surfaces are not allowed to have cracks, craters and voids, bumps, burrs, etc.

The quality of the high-quality and inferior smoke blocking wall can be roughly discerned from the appearance. However, in order to purchase qualified products, the necessary national standards and standards should also be available:

1, the motor and control box (including the button box) equipped with the smoke blocking wall have the nationally issued certificate of conformity;

2, the smoke blocking component is working at the temperature (200+ 15) °C, the pressure difference (25+5) Pa when the amount of smoke leakage can not be greater than 25m / (m · h);

3, the width of the single block smoke vertical wall can not meet the actual smoke prevention zone When the length is required, it can be installed in the form of multi-section lap joints;

4, the vertical wall of the roller-type smoke blocking should be no less than 100mm, and the beam bottom must be set to ensure the normality of the vertical wall. Run, the flap type smoke blocking wall is not less than 20mm.

5, the temperature of the vertical wall of the smoke blocking at (620 ± 20) °C, the integrity of the time should not be less than 30min.
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