Source Kang Yunshui: Data is nuclear, leading a new revolution in the field of water purification

In 1976, when Apple founded it, computers were still a new gadget for the general public.

At that time, if someone thought that the computer could enter thousands of households, then he must be crazy. And Jobs is the crazy person, he invested money, recruited employees, made strategic plans, and ultimately made Apple a big success. What is the reason for Apple’s success? Of course, it breaks through the inherent mental thinking of the market.

Today’s times are different, but such mental thinking still has a strong reference.

The first Apple computer

in this crowd shouts “consumer upgrade” In the ages, more and more people are trying to get a better quality of life for themselves at a greater cost.

In addition to a variety of new consumer products that promote consumer pleasure as the main theme, the pursuit of “original ecology,” “non-polluting, is also an important direction in the tide of consumption upgrades. Small to the supermarket is more and more “organic variety of fruits and vegetables, as large as the electric vehicle industry, people do not hesitate to try to fill the negative impact of their own development on the environmental and environmental reaction to human survival.

This is especially true for the water purification industry. The large-scale pollution of water resources available in China has led many users in the need for consumption upgrades to find solutions.

Spoilers of the old world

The speed of the blue sea is spelled in the sea.

As a pioneer in the water purification industry, Yuankang clearly understands this. When an industry moves from extensive growth to a refined operational phase, it is critical to grasp the needs of users as products to optimize.

The traditional water purifier brand adopts the sales mode of “machine + filter”, the host is not expensive, and the filter with high frequency of replacement becomes the main profit point. Some consumers have calculated such an account, and if the filter element is changed twice a year, they can buy another water purification equipment.

The seemingly lucrative profit will eventually become difficult to maintain because of the user’s perception.

For the water purification industry, what consumers need is a convenient and safe water purification solution, and any cumbersome and redundant expenses will be considered over-selling.

In order to change the chaos of the traditional water purification market, Yuan Kangyun Water was the first to launch “Internet of Things + Net The water cloud platform model replaces the traditional “core change” method with a more scientific billing method.

Yuankang currently uses two types of billing methods:

1. According to the flow meter fee

, it is charged according to the actual water consumption of the user, which is equivalent to The community water vending machine was moved to the home, and the billing method was more reasonable. The water purifier host, filter and maintenance are all free, completely free of high purchase costs.

2. Billing by time

You can also bill by number of days and provide a yearly service. One machine meets the needs of all household water, recharges the consumption and continues to earn, and truly “does sleep and makes money.

There is no doubt that the new model of Yuankang has become a clear stream in the industry and has been welcomed by consumers. Such leasing and billing methods, on the one hand, avoid expensive host and filter purchase costs; on the other hand, give users great trial and error costs, reducing the cost of capital sinking.

Product is up, channel down

阮 超 超 与 源 源 源 源 源 源 源 源 源 源 源 源 源 源 源 源 源 源 源 源 源 源 源 源

The keen business sense allowed him to immediately notice the project. “The water purification market is a market that is suitable for long-term development. People’s pursuit of quality of life has also made clean water more and more needed.


After the exhibition, 阮 超 超 前往 立刻 立刻 立刻 立刻 立刻 立刻 立刻 源 源 源 源 源 源Inspection. With a sneak peek, he continued to communicate with the headquarters during his three-day inspection.

Since entering the water purification market in 2008, Yuankang has developed a number of practical and efficient water purification products on the market. In order to catch up with the tide of the Internet of Things, it launched the “Cloud Water Project” in 2016. With years of practical experience and strong technical advantages accumulated in the water purification market, it overcomes technical difficulties and cooperates with Alibaba Cloud to completely subvert the traditional business model and become the Internet of Things. The leader of water.

Based on the implanted IoT intelligent control core technology, Yuankang has built a big data cloud service platform in the water purification segment, realizing real-time detection of water quality and precision services, and building a water purification industry chain. The closed-loop operation mode uses high-end technology to guide new experiential consumption and provide users with more detailed services.

After the inspection, Yu Yongchao returned to Jiangxi Yibin and became the first agent there.

In the initial stage, the post-90s franchisee skillfully mobilized its original resources to promote the community, stores and shops throughout the Yibin area. He printed tens of thousands of experience coupons and cooperated with B-side merchants to quickly complete the first wave of seed user collection.

In the view of Miao Yongchao, unlike the previous ones, the health consciousness of the current people has greatly improved. “Most people, when you introduce him, he is still very acceptable, especially in Jiangsu and Zhejiang.

In addition, Yu Yongchao believes that the core of Yuankang is still service. Whether to sell water purification equipment to users or to provide users with water purification services, this is a mustThe place to figure out. “We should let users pay for the service, not the equipment.

Based on this value proposition, 阮 超 超 often gets a lot of loyal customers from other water purification brands. There is a customer who spends 2,000 yuan to purchase a brand of water purification equipment, and spends 899 yuan per year to replace the filter element. The higher cost of use makes him unbearable. After learning about the source of the company, he quickly replaced all the water purification equipment in the house with the source Kangyun water series.

Such a similar situation, which occurs every day in the 阮 超 super, is essentially how to grasp the real needs of consumers.

The 100 billion market for data empowerment

The Internet era is never short of the wind, but how to fly higher and further with the power of the vent is a problem that every project needs to think about. .

The most important elements of the water purification market are data, traffic, and services, so the true commercial nature behind data and services must be done. Enterprises want to stand out in the fierce competition, relying on traffic in the short run and demand in the long run.

The working status of traditional water purification equipment and the consumption of consumables are unknown. Manufacturers often only tell How often does the consumer change and how much it costs to replace it. In the long run, it is difficult for consumers to perceive the value and role of water purification equipment.

No perception = no value, in the eyes of traditional water purification users, they just bought a device that only seeks psychological comfort.

On the other hand, for the B-end users, due to the concentration of water, the equipment is capable of operating. Bringing great challenges, maintenance frequency and operating costs are high.

In order to solve this problem, Yuankang invested nearly one million yuan to transform the equipment and developed an intelligent monitoring system. The system is capable of periodically transmitting back monitoring data. Including: water consumption, frequency, water quality, consumables usage, and equipment operating status. In this way, not only the data loss of the equipment is digitized, the service is more nuanced; the operating cost of the service team is greatly reduced, and excessive human consumption is avoided.

The empowerment of data not only greatly enhances the user experience of the water purification industry, but also effectively curbs industry chaos. In the fixed-frequency after-sales service, the service personnel come to the door to replace the consumables every six months. However, the water quality of different regions and the water consumption of end users are different, and the life of consumables is long and short.

However, consumables are a source of continued profit, and maintenance personnel may deliberately increase the frequency of replacement of consumables regardless of whether the consumables in the user’s home are used. Dong Yanshun, founder of Yuankang Plumber, said: “This is position determinism. Let the hardware provide after-sales service, they are still selling hardware, it is impossible to really think about the interests of users. Be sure to change the unspoken rules of this industry and be a conscientious water purification company.

Indeed, after dataization, everything will be made public. That is convenient for the user, but also standardized after-sales.

Written at the end

It can be said that whether it is standing on the standpoint of technological innovation or standing on the standpoint of consumption upgrading, Yuankang is on a correct path. The inevitable choice is an important step in consolidating the dominant position in the water purification industry. Most of the time, the importance of providing quality service is much higher than the trend of homeopathic trends.

This means that Yuankang will continue to adhere to cloud computing and big data drive to build a complete IoT water purification industry ecological chain. As a pioneer in the field of water purification, Yuankang has been committed to making services transparent and standardized. For the problems in the current water purification industry, Yuankang is constantly exploring and trying on the current track.

& ldquo; The lightest application, the heaviest operation, behind the business ecology is deep thinking and operation. Yuankang’s various attempts and efforts based on cloud computing and the Internet of Things not only help the buyers and sellers to maximize their profits, but also export a new value evaluation model for the water purification field, pointing out the direction for other brands that are in the process of exploration. .

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