The choice of children’s room windows and doors is very important

The children’s room is a space for children to rest and study. In order to allow children to play in their own rooms, it is not easy to bump and rest without interruption. The choice of children’s room windows and doors is very important. The decoration of doors and windows should consider the decoration effect of the room, and also consider the safety of the materials to prevent accidents.
Children’s bedroom door selection points

The door is an important part of the children’s room. The children in the growing stage have special physical and psychological characteristics, which requires parents to buy the bedroom door. It is necessary to take into account some special requirements of the child.

1, pay attention to environmental protection. The environmental friendliness of the bedroom door is the primary consideration in the purchase of a child’s door. Some doors are not environmentally friendly, and contain a lot of harmful substances such as formaldehyde. Experts believe that the effect of excessive formaldehyde on children’s hematopoietic organs may be more serious than that of adults. Therefore, when choosing a bedroom door for a child, you should first choose a product with low formaldehyde content and environmental health.

2, pay attention to sound insulation. A good enough sleep is very important for the healthy growth of children. Choosing a soundproofed bedroom door will not only bring a quiet dream to the child, but also bring a good learning environment to the child. The choice of bedroom door requires special attention to the sound insulation index. For example, when selecting a solid wood door, the solid wood door with a dense material should be selected. The denser the door core, the better the sound insulation effect.

3, pay attention to safety. The safety of the children’s bedroom door is the second important factor in the purchase. In order to prevent children from bumping into the door, when selecting the bedroom door, please pay attention to the facade with as few raised decorations and corners; the metal door lock should avoid sharp and sharp, and pay attention to whether the door lock is easy to lock. For families with infants and young children, you can purchase products such as child door lock covers and security door cards to improve safety.

4, pay attention to privacy. When children grow to a certain age, they need to be relatively independent and do not like to be disturbed. That is to say, children’s rooms need to be relatively private. The first thing to do is the bedroom door. When choosing a child’s bedroom door, you should choose a fully enclosed surface to avoid buying a bedroom door with transparent glass windows. Closing the door, the children’s room is a small world for children, helping children to grow independently.

5, pay attention to decorative. The choice of the bedroom door not only needs to consider the functionality of the door, but also the decorative effect of the door, the matching of the door with the overall space style, and especially the choice of the door of the children’s room. Therefore, when purchasing, pay attention to avoid choosing a more rigid wooden board shape, and choose a more lively and beautiful door.

Children’s room window selection points

If the quality of the window is unqualified, there will be a great safety hazard. Therefore, whether it is to buy wooden windows, aluminum alloy windows or plastic steel windows, the quality of the windows must be checked at the time of purchase.

1, wooden window quality inspection: check the position of the window frame and window sash installation meets the design requirements; secondly, check whether the window frame is firm, whether the window shoulder surface is flat, whether the cutting edge is straight, and the surface has No defect, color difference; three check whether the hardware position is correct, whether the hinge installation is double-sided slotted, the groove depth is uniform, the edge is neat; four check the cover strip, the size of the pressure strip is consistent, straight, smooth, and varnish Whether the color texture of the wooden window surface is consistent.

2, aluminum alloy window quality inspection: a look at the material, including aluminum profiles, glass, hardware, color is consistent, hardware assembly is complete; second look processing, high-quality aluminum alloy window, processing Fine, tangential, and uniform angle (the main frame is usually 45 degrees or 90 degrees), there should be no obvious gaps and smooth switching during the splicing process; three look at the glass, see if it is hollow glass, there is no coating, The composite film is generally corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant and high-gloss; look at the size to see if the window size is correct.

3, plastic steel window quality inspection: First, we must understand the PVC profile selected for plastic steel window, good PVC profile from the appearance of the surface is smooth, the color is blue; second, we must observe the surface of the plastic steel window with or without obvious Injury, grooving, cracks at the corners, etc.; three to check the plastic steel window frame should have a steel frame, the glass is installed flat and firm and does not directly contact the profile; four depends on the glass, if it is double-glazed, there should be no dust in the interlayer And water vapor; five should pay attention to the plastic steel window joint structure and window area is proportional to the design requirements, if not proportional, consider whether the bearing capacity is reasonable.
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