The details of the five hydropower renovations that can’t be ignored, please fix the renovations, and will not be pitted again.

   Hydropower transformation has always been regarded as the top priority in housing renovation, and it is also the concern of most owners, if it is under construction In the process, if the hydropower transformation is not taken too seriously, then it will directly affect our future life. Even if it is serious, there will be water leakage or fire, which will not only disturb the relationship between the neighbors, but also give ourselves The life brings threats, so before you renovate hydropower, it is necessary to know more about the things that need attention. Then you can’t easily overlook the details of the five hydropower renovations. understood.

  1, when decorating the bathroom, don’t forget to waterproof, especially If you are grooving on the ground, there will be a shower area in the bathroom. If the shower area is not closed, then the wall surface should be 180 cm or more. Before the cement is applied, it should be 24 hours. The closed water test, after waiting until there is no problem, can be prepared for paving.

  2, circuit construction in hydropower transformation, generally need to be divided by three colors of wire , fire line, neutral line, ground line, usually, the red line represents the fire line, the blue or green line is the zero line, and the yellow and green color line is the mark of the ground line.

  3, if the pipe diameter is less than 25 pvc electric pipe, be sure to use the upper elbow when turning It is not possible to add elbows and bends. Turning should try to avoid bending at right angles. In addition to the special space of the kitchen and bathroom, the circuit wiring should be as far as possible. After completion, paste it with pvc glue. At the interface.

  4, at home, there is no shortage of hot and cold water pipes, and when installing hot and cold water pipes, It should be two centimeters above the wall. When laying the wall tiles, it is also necessary to require the bricklayer to ensure that the wall tiles and the water pipe nozzles are kept flush after the laying is completed. If the size is not suitable, then If you install the water heater, it will become annoying when you tap the faucet. You need to purchase additional parts such as the pipe clamp, the inner wire, and so on.

  5, after the hydropower transformation construction has been completed, it is necessary to conduct a pressure test If you find a problem, you need to repair it in time. If you wait until the other construction projects are completed, you will find the problem. If you fix it again, it will become troublesome.

  The original small hydropower wiring project has brought us so many hazards, if there is a little If the details are not noticed, it will pose a serious threat to our lives. Therefore, it is not unreasonable to say that hydropower transformation has become an important part of the decoration. Therefore, everyone should pay attention to this aspect and do not leave it to themselves. Any security risks.

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