The first place has a pot bottom and a bright kitchen stove. Tan duck blood jumps into a hot pot world.

From the beginning of this year to the present, Tan Duck Blood Hot Pot has jumped into the Chengdu hot pot market in the form of a black horse. In just over six months, it has opened more than 10 directly operated stores in Chengdu.

Every day, close to the meal, the diners who are eager to take the blood of the Tan duck will be in groups, and the friends who are calling friends will wait in front of the store, sometimes even waiting for 2 or 3 hours. Willingly. The authentic Sichuan flavor and super high popularity not only make the guests feel ashamed, but also attract Hong Kong and Taiwan stars including Ren Xianqi, Su Yongkang, Liang Hanwen, Chen Baixiang, Zhang Zhaohui, Li Zixiong, etc., while Li Boqing, Yuan Feng, Tan Weiwei, Wei Qun Yaochuan and Ma Mingyu and other Sichuanese stars are frequent visitors to various direct sales stores.

Why is the Tan duck blood old hot pot so hot? Every diners with equal rankings have issued such silent questions in the heart, and when they are seriously experienced, the answer is gradually clear: the iconic material Pot bottom, Ming kitchen bright stove, special faucet pot, original open luck seal, Tan Gong duck blood, hand cut shiitake mushroom, thick cut lunch meat … … Tan duck blood old hot pot unique seven weapons, take the diners Looking forward to it, it also relies on the unique skills of the rivers and lakes in 2018 Chengdu’s hot pot rivers and lakes.

Ming kitchen bright stove with a faucet pot, just to make a delicious mouth to eat assured

Into the Tan duck blood Taigu Li shop door, a double faucet pot is very attractive Attention, this is the first secret weapon of Tan Duck Blood. The idea of ​​such a double-faucet pot is derived from the originality of Tan Duck Blood. On the one hand, it is intended to show the beautiful expectations of life, and on the other hand, it is not difficult to see the blood of Tan Duck on the food safety. The faucet pot is filled with the secret weapon of Tan Duck Blood —— Tan Gongyu blood. The duck blood is selected for distribution on the same day, and the duck blood is placed in the faucet pot after being sent to the store. “Drug duck blood is a traditional craft,” “The tight blood of the duck is better, and the mouth is delicious.

Entering the store, in the open-plan operation room, there are a lot of ingredients such as hairy belly, yellow throat, luncheon meat, green bamboo shoots, potatoes, and glutinous rice. More than ten garnished masters have already been busy. Ming kitchen bright stove, this is the third secret weapon of Tan duck blood.

I saw that the masters were neatly dressed, masks, gloves and other standard equipments. Needless to say, when facing the customers, the dishes are more calm than the back kitchen. For the customer, from the time the order is placed to the dish, the preparation of the ingredients can be completed almost in the operation room. Before the stomach was lifted, the bright kitchen stove in front of the eyes was pleasing to the eye, and it was more reassuring to eat.

There is a connotation of the quality of the bottom of the pot, and you can open the hot pot if you eat it.

If the faucet pot is the facade of Tan duck blood, it is appropriate to have the bottom of the pot and the blood of the duck. The connotation of the right! Whether a hot pot is authentic, whether the materials are safe, this pot is very knowledgeable. In the past, it was often the case that the hot pot was served. The waiter directly put on the bottom of the pot. What is the material in the bottom of the pot? The freshness is in the end, the customer is not clear. There is also such a hot pot bottom material packed into small pouches, the waiter cuts and mixes in front of the customer’s face, and the bottom material finally melts into a pot bottom … … In fact, for the customer, the origin of the ingredients at the bottom of the pot is still somewhat Look at the flowers in the fog.

The value of Tan Duck Blood Old Hot Pot is that it breaks the routine, the first pot has the bottom of the pot, the duck blood is used as the base material, the bottom of the pot is butter, ginger garlic, base material, two vitex, and dried tofu. The eggs are clearly visible. In addition, Tan duck blood also abandoned the traditional bone soup, created the bottom of the eagle tea soup, its taste is not reduced, the flavor is more healthy and not getting angry.

It is worth mentioning that each pot of material will be covered with a Fortune seal. Every time I open the pot, it also foreshadows a good wish ——“ In the same ordinary pot bottom, the bottom of the duck blood pot stands out with its connotation and ritual feeling, creating the first of the catering era. There are two kinds of secret weapons: Tan duck blood and two secret weapons.

The bottom of the pot is “material, so it deserves to be taken seriously. Tan duck blood each pot bottom material is a disposable base material, from the beginning of the pot to the customer to eat, the Tan duck blood has the bottom of the pot to complete the mission, only for every soul that loves food bloom once. For example, Liao Jian, the founder of Tan Duck Blood, and the star of the Bayu, said, “I don’t worry about the taste of the product. The safety of the product is absolutely assured. I will not get rid of my own signboard. If you have any questions, please come to me. Jian Ge has been here!

Breaking the traditional old three, hand-cut mushrooms back to the truth

Every delicious dish that loves hot pot, the favorite dish There must be “hairy belly,” duck intestines, “yellow throat,” “wide powder & hellip; … life needs freshness, as well as eating hot pot. Among the top ten dishes of Tan Duck Blood, many dishes have refreshed the perception of diners. It is not necessary to say that the duck blood of the signature ducks is too greasy, the thick cut lunch meat, the special special offer, the dense taste makes people forget. Want to eat & ldquo; mushrooms, let you feel the growth mode at zero distance, the clerk and even the diners personally take off the picking, the last second is still growing, the next second to eat in the mouth, full of delicious.

Selling very good toothpick beef, the taste is not negative, bite a bite, the happiness of high-quality ingredients, overflowing between the lips and teeth. As a hot pot must order, “double belly in the Tan duck blood performance bright, crisp taste even if you eat it can not help but always linger. Braised sausages, such as marinated sausages, simmered with special spices, dried and fragrant peppers and dried succulents, are perfect!

In May, Hong Kong star football team and Sichuan Huangbei star team went Come to the Tan duck blood old hot pot Taikooli shop to taste the authentic Chengdu hot pot. Quietly tell you, including Chen Baixiang, Zhang Zhaohui, Yao Xia, Wei Qun and other stars, that night Tan Gong duck blood, thick cut lunch meat, hand cut mushrooms, marinated sausage, toothpick beef, hairy bellyThere are several copies of the Melaleuca belly!

The reason why the Tan Duck Blood brand has become a catering dark horse in Chengdu, Sichuan and even the whole country. After the opening of the team, after several years of market research, they not only Successfully caught the eye and taste buds of the good diners, and also presented a legendary return to the hot pot rivers and lakes in Chengdu. It is no wonder that there has been a wave of follow-up in the world of duck blood hot pots. Some merchants even take the risk of imitating plagiarism … … in Chengdu, nothing is a hot pot can not be solved. Want to eat hot pot? Tan duck blood to understand!

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