The Japanese cabinet meeting passed the expansion of the admission of foreign workers bill, or rushed to accuse

[Global Network Reporter Wang Huan] The Japanese government passed amendments such as the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act to expand the status of admission for foreign workers at the Cabinet meeting on November 2. In order to alleviate the growing shortage of manpower, employment in the simple labor field that was previously not allowed is possible. The Japanese government is considering passing the amendments during the provisional parliament and will be implemented on April 1, 2019. The field of acceptance will be considered from 14 industries including construction and agriculture, and will be finalized by the Japanese Ministry of Justice.

According to a report by the Kyodo News Agency on November 2, it is expected that a large number of foreigners will enter Japan as laborers by changing the acceptance policy previously limited to highly professional talents, which may make the Japanese society look very good. Big change. On the other hand, the ruling party also expressed concern that the details of the system have not yet been finalized, and the opposition party plans to strengthen the offensive. Although the Japanese government denied it, there are also opinions that the bill is “in fact, it is an immigration policy”, and the Congressional review is expected to face twists and turns.

At the press conference after the cabinet meeting, Japan’s French Minister Yamashita said: “It is important to amend the law and it is a matter of urgency. I hope to be approved during the current Congress. ”

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