The Leader of the Business Leaders Annual Meeting, Wu Yijian, Chairman of Jinhua Group

2018 Business Leaders New Year Forum Fellows Series Report ⑫

Jinhua Enterprise President Wu Yijian has Be sure to attend the “New Change and New Beginnings & Mdash;— 2018 Business Leaders New Year Forum hosted by the Business Media Group. From January 24th to 25th, 2018, he will have a heated discussion with several other guests at the forum’s “Industry Efficiency Improvement Roundtable Forum brought by the Internet. What kind of “what’s going on,” we will wait and see. .

When the 7th China Top Ten Outstanding Youth Awards Ceremony was held in Shanghai, Wu Yijian was holding a gold cup and smiling and waving to the cheering people.

“Economic Daily” recommended Wu Yijian to participate in China’s “Ten Jie”: Wu Yijian, 36, president of Shaanxi Jinhua Enterprise Group. He is based on the integration of science, industry, trade, pharmaceuticals, finance, real estate, culture and entertainment, and agricultural development. The Golden Flower Enterprise Group relies on it to make people rich and not forget the government. In recent years, many good things have been done in the fields of culture, science and technology, sports, and people’s lives. The annual return of the society’s funds amounted to 40 million yuan, which played a role in solving problems for the people and sharing concerns for the government. Great impact.

Not only that, Wu Yijian’s group company has also developed rapidly in the economy: at the beginning of its business, it achieved net assets of RMB1.7 billion. Now, as a company with two listed companies, it has been involved in several areas of total assets. At the helm of the 30 billion Jinhua Investment Group, Wu Yijian has made positive contributions to accelerating the development of Shaanxi, the central and western economic and cultural undertakings.

From 600 yuan to 300 million assets

Wu Yijian’s dream started from Hainan.

At the end of 1983, Wu Yijian, who served in the East China Sea Fleet for four years, resolutely gave up the opportunity to work in a large state-owned enterprise.

He wants to choose a challenging life.

One day after returning to his hometown, Wu Yijian carefully placed the 600 yuan brought back during demobilization in his heart pocket, carrying his bags back home and telling his family, “I am leaving.” I have always been stunned by the old father who believed in peace. How will he establish himself in a completely strange place, how can he realize his dream in the most advanced place in the economic development of the motherland?

The fact is that he is very capable and courageous. Became the leader among the first wave of Hainan. After careful market research and accurate technical analysis, Wu Yijian decided to build Hainan’s first large-scale electronics factory with an annual output of 200,000 TV sets, 100,000 refrigerators and 100,000 video cameras.

Wu Yijian quickly reached an agreement with a real estate management company in Hainan to transfer the land by the other party, and he was responsible for the establishment of the factory. The contract was quickly signed, and 3% of the quality guarantee was nearly 2 million yuan on Wu Yijian’s account. Wu Yijian made a promise from a Hong Kong-funded enterprise after 80% of the electronic components were put into production, allowing the Hong Kong businessman to invest…..

When the factory building was vigorously built on the construction site, Wu Yijian began to issue notices for ordering orders to electrical appliance companies across the country, and then a large number of substantial advances flowed into the company’s funds. Then, he introduced the CF production line from Japan, on condition that the goods arrived at the factory for payment.

With the production plant, the production equipment was introduced, and the market was sought, while winning a broad market. The initiative was firmly in the hands of Wu Yijian.

After 8 months, 15,000 TV sets were put on the market.

All sales revenue not only earned back the investment in plant and equipment, but also enabled the company to have working capital, which laid the foundation for the investment of other production lines. When Hainan’s heat rises, the company’s fixed The asset price has reached 300 million (including land price).

From the demobilization fee of 600 yuan to 300 million assets, this is the first milestone on the golden section of Wu Yijian’s life. He knows that this section of his life, whether in the history of Hainan’s development or in the history of China’s electronics industry, will leave a light or heavy stroke.

Civilian Complex and “Sign Project”

Hungry childhood and childhood mothers have a hard-working back to support their families. “The civilian plot takes root in Wu Yijian’s heart and makes him believe.” Endless struggle and innovation.

When Wu Yijian’s business developed, Hainan was hot enough, and people flocked to the island, which symbolizes wealth, and started to build household appliances.

The person who knows the time is Junjie. In 1991, Wu Yijian withdrew and returned to the Sanqin land where he had raised him, turning from household appliances to real estate. He spent hundreds of thousands of yuan to buy a real estate company called Jinhua in the new city, and plans to build a high-end luxury complex integrating business and entertainment in the prosperous area of ​​the ancient city.

However, when he visited a home of an old worker with 20 years of service (a family of three generations of five people huddled in a low-rise house of 8 square meters, the people had no place to stand) After that, Wu Yijian completely changed his original intention: to engage in real estate, you must first build a house for the country and first for the ordinary people!

In this way, Wu Yijian’s first real estate project is located in Xi’an North. Xujiawan was positioned at the “Jinhuayuan Community” of the “Residential Project”. In order to reduce costs, Wu Yijian ate at the construction site, lived on the construction site, strictly thrifty, personally supervised, and also formulated a series of rules and regulations such as using cars, making phone calls, and using materials within the company.

This is one point and one cent. “When the Jinhuayuan Community was completed for sale, Jinhua reported the lowest price of 998 yuan per square meter, which surprised the peers.

Wu Yijian, who has unchangeable “civilian nature, knows that people need more cheap new ones.” Housing, but as a metropolis that inherits the Han and Tang dynasties, an open modern new city requires modern architecture.

Therefore, at the same time as the implementation of the “Residential Project”, the Golden Flower Group’s “marking project” has already broken ground in the most prosperous or dilapidated area of ​​the ancient city.

This is a huge series of projects. For the years that have passed, Wu Yijian should be the most magnificent stroke in life. For the ancient city of Xi’an across the century, it should be a glory worth watching! p>

Among them, the center of Jinhua Square outside the South Gate is the most devoted to the Golden Flower.

Wu Yijian explained: In our ideals, the Golden Flower Center Square should be the symbol of the 21st century metropolis. It should be the biggest contribution of Jinhua people to the ancient city. It should be the golden flower left to history. The best heritage.

Therefore, they invited Zhang Jinqiu, one of the top ten designers in the country, to let the female academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences who designed the Shaanxi Provincial Museum and other major buildings to use her more exquisite design techniques. Splendid Changan, and then draw a blueprint.

Managing great harmony, culture to help

Wu Yijian’s slogan is “To create a harmonious golden flower.”

Wu Yijian believes that harmony is a living environment and a cultural atmosphere. The relationship between the enterprise and the employee should be the relationship between fish and water, and no one can do without it. He regards creating such an environment as his own work goal and as an important part of corporate culture.

In dealing with the relationship between enterprises and employees, Wu Yijian has two footholds, one is welfare-type interest cooperation.

Another foothold is to establish a career-oriented interest relationship with employees.

Thus, Wu Yijian offered them three opportunities:

First, the opportunity to participate in management, the second is to accept training opportunities, and the third is the opportunity for promotion.

Being able to work with others, others are willing to cooperate with him. This is a great strength of Wu Yijian and an important reason for his career to grow.

And supporting the “golden flower concept” is Wu Yijian’s emphasis on culture.

Wu Yijian believes that the development of enterprises is first of all the improvement of personnel quality, and high-level ideological education is enterprise goods. The quality of the market competition, in the final analysis, is cultural competition and talent competition. To develop in the long run, enterprises must rely more on knowledge and culture. China has gradually entered a period of Confucianism.

In fact, with the Shitaisi Building, Jinhua World Famous Brand Demonstration Zone, Jinhuacheng and Jinhua Center Square in the east, west, south and north of the ancient city, The establishment of Jindu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., a joint venture with the Fourth Military Medical University, with the launch of the joint venture with the Yaohan Group to develop the retail market, with the successful acquisition of a Belgian commercial bank …… Wu Yijian’s Golden Flower Group It is a huge aircraft carrier with 1.7 billion assets, enough to withstand any violent storms and baptism.

Another profound cultural connotation of Wu Yijian’s enterprise is the investment in cultural undertakings and the quintessence of Confucianism.

Some people say that earning money and spending money can best reflect the character of a man. Wu Yijian has the reluctance to burn a wooden strip. “There is a simple way to eat bread and drink soda, and never go.” The dance hall does not smoke or drink, but also has a lot of money:

Funding 150,000 yuan to build and renovate 5 Hope Primary Schools;

for the Shaanxi Provincial Committee and the Xi’an Committee Providing 1 million yuan as a youth position expert reward fund;

Providing 1 million yuan for the five leading groups at or above the county level to enjoy the “Chinese Children” magazine throughout the year;

contributing 100,000 yuan to support Filming the story of Xiao Lihuan, which reflects the self-improvement story of disabled people;

Investing 10 million yuan to set up the “Chinese Young Scientist Jinhua Fund” to reward advanced scientific research achievements and experts in the international arena;

Investing 1 million yuan to hold a large-scale concert of the Stars and Stars City;

Investing 2.5 million yuan to invite the star football team to perform in Xi’an, all of which will be used to fund Xi’an’s bid for the fourth City Games;

For the theme, the comedy film “ambush” adapted from the same name novel, invited Feng Gong and Jiang Shan as the protagonists, and won the 1996 China Top Ten Outstanding Film Awards;


Wu Yijian repays more than 40 million yuan of funds every year. This is the most sincere dedication of a patriotic entrepreneur to the motherland and the people! Wu Yijian himself has won the top ten outstanding young people in China and the China Youth Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Award. Honorary title of outstanding young entrepreneurs and outstanding private entrepreneurs in the country.

As a result, Wu Yijian has the same name as the ancient city Jinhua. His landmark project of the 21st century metropolis is on the land of Xi’an and is also stationed in the hearts of Xi’an people.

(This article originally appeared in “Business” in January 1997, published this abridged)

Author:Qin Shuhong

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