The PV industry will hold the middle of the year, and Tianhe Fujia will practice the high-quality development route.

On July 25, 2018, sponsored by China Photovoltaic Industry Association (CPIA), Beijing Development and Certification Center held the “Review of the First Half of 2018 and the Seminar on the Situation of the Second Half of the Year” held at Beijing Wanshou Hotel.

This conference is based on the theme of “High-quality Distributed Photovoltaic Applications”. Industry leaders and participants have focused on high-quality development, brainstorming and collaborating on new developments.

Li Junfeng, the first director of the National Climate Change Strategy and International Cooperation Center, Wang Shijiang, deputy secretary general of the China Photovoltaic Industry Association, Dr. Chen Junjie, the new energy department of the Planning and Research Department of the Electric Power Planning and Design Institute, and other guests from the national photovoltaic industry Participate in this conference.

China PV Industry Association Household Professional Committee Co-Chairman, Trina Solar Vice President Home Business Value Group President Zhang Bing, Trina Solar Energy Business Group Vice President Cheng Yaoyu for the household photovoltaic industry ecology Develop positive rumors.

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Cracks are the places where the sun shines in.

Li Junfeng, former director of the National Center for Climate Change Strategy Research and International Cooperation, said in his speech at the conference,

& ldquo; From the 2016 and 2017 installed data, there is a gap in subsidy funds, PV Enterprises must grasp the pace of development.

Li Junfeng particularly emphasized that an industry cannot grow in a disorderly manner, must do its own work, and must achieve new breakthroughs in quality and subsidy mechanisms, and achieve sustainable development through self-regulation.

Li Junfeng, former director of the National Center for Climate Change Strategy Research and International Cooperation ▲

The limitation of resource conditions, in the short term, China can not get rid of the dependence on traditional energy, but can gradually weaken the intensity, while increasing the proportion and intensity of renewable energy investment, and actively adapt to the growth of energy demand.

Distributed energy is still an important direction of energy transformation, and has received strong support from the central to the local. Much work has been done on integrated energy services. The state encourages advanced, high-quality photovoltaic projects that do not require state subsidies to triumph.

After all, the crack is where the sun shines.

The New Deal is not a Shura field, but a safe.

China Photovoltaic Industry Association Household Professional Committee Co-director, Trina Solar Vice President Home Business Value Group President Zhang Bing at the meeting Share the Tianhe Fujia “ adhere to the high quality original, promote the healthy development of the industry as the theme of sharing.

Zhang Bing said, “2018 is undoubtedly the year of change in the photovoltaic industry. In the past, the household PV industry has problems such as imperfect standards, low barriers to entry, and closed loops in services.

After the New Deal, the speed of expansion of household PV companies has slowed down markedly. There have been panic, anxiety, wait and see, and squabbling in the market. Some integrators pursue short-term interests, do not pay attention to quality and service, and damage The interests of users also destroy the reputation of the industry. According to this situation, even if the market improves in the future, PV practitioners will still struggle.

Zhang Bing stressed that under the new situation, the industry should focus on the user experience, adhere to high-quality development strategies, and provide high-quality products and services. At the same time, accelerate the formulation and introduction of household-related photovoltaic standards, and effectively protect the rights and interests of end users.

Zhang Bing, President, Trinity Solar’s Vice President of Home Business Value Group

China Wang Shijiang, deputy secretary-general of the Photovoltaic Industry Association, said, “From the development stage, the photovoltaic industry is shifting from speed and scale to quality and efficiency. At present, distributed photovoltaic enterprises are developing rapidly in the industry. Various applications are emerging, and the business model is constantly innovating. The competent departments such as the National Energy Administration have also proposed the direction of market-oriented transactions.

Dr. Chen Junjie from the New Energy Division of the Planning and Research Department of the Electric Power Planning and Design Institute further added that, since the 13th Five-Year Plan, the proportion of distributed power generation in photovoltaic power generation has been increasing. After years of development, photovoltaic applications have been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and the temporary adjustment is for a broader development space in the future. It can be seen that the New Deal is not a Shura field, but a safe deposit box to protect the healthy and sustainable development of household PV companies. Only people who have insights in the industry can seize the historical opportunity to break the new life.

Breaking the new and leading the industry to lead the high-quality development of the industry

Tianhe Fujia is the co-chairman of the Household Committee of the China Photovoltaic Industry Association and the chairman of the China Household Photovoltaic Promotion Alliance. The great mission of sustainable and healthy development of the industry. After the New Deal, Tianhe Fujia actively carried out the “Breakout Action” in all marketing centers across the country, “do not abandon, do not give up every dealer, and achieve industry stories.”

Zhang Bing further added, “Original is a brand’s quality commitment and service guarantee, is a set of quality closed-loop management and control standards. The original 4T standard concept of TRW is the DNA that Tianhe Fujia has flown in the blood since its birth. Under the new situation, Tianhe Fujia has been working hard to implement internal standards and implement the original standards. At present, AI big data full-process quality control system, drone panoramic survey, intelligent warehousing and transportation information management platform, information-based full-process quality control platform, TSC intelligent cloud service center and other information construction have been widely promoted and applied in the market. Tianhe Fujia provides users with better product and service experience through mobile internet. In the future strategic planning, we will continue to carry out product upgrade iterations, continuously optimize design plans, and improve information delivery.System, further upgrade of the big data center, and comprehensively enhance the end user experience.

Cheng Yaoyu, vice president of Trina Solar’s home business value group, said, “In the new situation, Trina still adheres to the concept of high-quality development, ensuring excellent system performance and continuously improving the revenue of end users.

Cheng Yaoyu, Vice President of Trina Solar’s Home Business Value Group ▲

Based on National Differences In the market situation, Tianhe Fujia divided the national market into three categories according to the four dimensions of national sunshine hours, local subsidies, disposable income, and population status, and launched a technology-leading, high-quality differentiated product portfolio. For example, for the different differentiated markets, the high-end version of the product smart core, the upgraded version of the product is more than 3, the technology leading product, the fine core S, the economic version of the product, the electric multi-E, the high-performance application product sun shed, photovoltaic + energy storage and photovoltaic + Heat pump, etc., to meet the needs of different markets and different customers. By optimizing market resource allocation, Tianhe Fujia provides high-quality products and services to achieve the optimal layout of the national marketing strategy and enhance the core competitiveness of the company.

Adhere to high quality and achieve original classics

Under the New Deal, Tianhe Fujia will actively respond to the national call, strengthen the original strategy, adhere to the original 4T standard, adhere to the high-quality development line, adhere to Provide high-quality products and quality services, fully enhance the original experience of end users, and promote the healthy and orderly development of the industry.

Tianhe people have the confidence and determination to open up a broader blue ocean market.

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