The United States and South Korea insist on the annual military exercise. North Korea refuses the US special envoy.

Original title: US and South Korea insist on annual military exercise North Korea refuses US special envoy

The United States and South Korea announced on the 10th that they will start two military exercises as scheduled in late this month. exercise. Knowing this decision, North Korea once again refused to allow the US special envoy to visit the DPRK and negotiate the release of a US citizen. Han Mei insisted on the military exercise and also cast a shadow over the long-lost reunion plan for the relatives of the DPRK and the ROK.

The South Korean Ministry of National Defense announced on the 10th that it will start the joint military exercise of code-named “Key Decisions” and “Vultures” on the 24th of this month. South Korea’s Defense Ministry spokesman Kim Min Jong said at a regular press conference that “the key decision” will continue until March 6th, when the vulture will continue until April 18.

The Korean and American authorities passed the “United Nations Command” on the 9th, and the military armistice committee informed the DPRK of the exercise schedule. On the same day, US officials and sources said that North Korea changed its attitude and refused to allow the US State Department’s special envoy for North Korea’s human rights, Robert &middot, to visit the DPRK. The reason may be that the United States and South Korea refused to cancel the military exercise. Robert · Jin visits the DPRK to try to promote the release of Korean-Americans Jun Junhao who served his sentence in the DPRK.

Han Mei insisted on holding a military exercise, which cast a shadow over the reunion plan of the Korean relatives.

South Korea’s Unification Ministry spokesperson Kim Jong-do on the 10th called on the DPRK not to suspend the agreement on the separation of relatives because of the Korean-American military exercise.

In the military exercise last year, the United States sent a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, the F-22 stealth fighter and the B-52 strategic bomber.

The Yonhap News Agency reported that in order to avoid affecting the reunion of discrete relatives, this year’s military performance will be low-key, and the US nuclear submarines will still participate, but the B-52 and B-2 stealth bombers will not participate.

Hui Xiaoshuang (Xinhua News Agency for this newspaper)

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