The Vienna campus was designed by Zaha Hadid

The polygon block of the new Vienna campus is from Zaha · designed by Hadid Architects. The internal is the outer loop of the overall planning by which it maps out different levels of construction. The straight lines of the building are separated as they move inward, becoming curves and fluids to create the main public plaza as the center, as well as the resulting corridors and bridges, ensuring a smooth transition between the different levels of free formation of the inner canyon.

The purpose of the functional plan is to clearly define the different areas of the building. The plan outlines three-dimensional objects in the space around the center atrium, corridors and canyons. In addition, the main block of the building features a service area, a learning center and an economics library, with a smaller distribution of student services and library management.
The inner edges of the building are connected together, and the free form of flow, the outer edge of the building is greatly reduced in its arrangement. Visitors can walk directly to the Central Auditorium. The ramp system guides the service from the auditorium to the library door and the first floor. The locker area is located on the upper and lower mezzanine.

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