These carpets, one at home, can’t be less

According to incomplete statistics, most people after the renovation of the house, regardless of the laying The floor tiles have to be floored, and they all choose to be dotted on the ground. Due to space and other factors, it is common to seldom lay large carpets, but to lay small carpets, floor mats or non-slip mats in other spaces.

Today, Xiaobian is for everyone to interpret, what type of carpet is suitable for different spaces.

porch/entry door

Plastic dustproof, non-slip carpet like this doorway, I don’t want to say The small editor’s door is also covered with a piece of bright, colorful, every time I go out to remind myself to be safe.

To be honest, its role is quite big, like rain and snow, shoes can not help with muddy water, look at the mat It will be a lot easier to clean up, and it will save a lot of work for indoor hygiene. However, do you imagine that it would be too illegal to put such a floor mat on the door of a stylishly decorated room? In fact, you have more than this choice.

Tips: When choosing a product, pay attention to the floor mat to be effective in scraping mud, absorbing water, slipping, and easy to clean.

Living room/bedroom

living room, bedroom carpet, looks warm, and very suitable for home, the benefits are also very:

1 pattern, a wide variety of carpets, can play a good interior decoration; /span>

2 carpet has sound absorption and heat conduction , very suitable for families with children;

3Walking on the carpetSafe, non-slip, not slippery, can play a very good safety protection.

The carpet is comfortable but not easy to clean, very easy Contamination and large-scale laying have great tests for maintaining indoor health and hygiene.

So, to maintain the carpet, you should use a vacuum cleaner every day, don’t wait A large amount of stains and dirt are infiltrated into the carpet fiber and cleaned up.It is easy to clean after cleaning, and you should pay attention to cleaning the floor under the carpet when cleaning the carpet.

Tips: Recommend several carpets with sofa / bed mode.


Anti-slip mat is mainly used in toilets, bathrooms, swimming pools, etc., with anti-slip function, it is generally required to have a hydrophobic effect, so that the water can be drained at any time to make the ground Dry and clean. At the same time, such anti-slip mats require an aesthetic appearance to achieve the role of beautifying the space.


Absorbent pads are mainly placed in the bathroom, bathroom or kitchen, can fully absorb moisture, prevent the ground from causing water, water stains, damage to the floor, At the same time, it plays a role of anti-slip and ensures safety.

Bathroom door absorbent pad

Kitchen water absorption Pad

Floor window carpet

The traditional cushions are abandoned on the bay window, and the beautiful carpet is also good. select. With the popularity of carpets and the increase in carpet materials, many environmentally friendly carpets are suitable for laying on the bay window, warm and soft, and it will not be cool and comfortable when sitting on top.

These carpets, what kinds of your family?

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