Three Chinese in Prato, Italy were arrested for extorting Chinese businessmen

China News Service February 18th According to the report of the Italian European Overseas Network, the Prato Police Department patrol arrested three Chinese men, who were accused of extorting many Chinese businessmen, their ages are 42 years old, 31 At the age of 27 and 27, only the former has legal status.

Prato police received a report from a Chinese businessman who forced him to pay a protection fee of 2,000 euros. Under the police arrangement, the Chinese merchants paid the protection fee to the three extortionists. The three extortionists also appeared on the spot. Arrested.

The head of the Prato police said that two weeks ago, the PRATO patrol team cooperated with FIRENZE and the Roman counterparts to investigate Chinese criminal activities. The areas involved were not only Prato but also CAMPI BISENZIO and OSMANNORO.

Responsible Editor: Ge Peng

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