Three-layer parquet flooring and six factors that are popular around the world

Recently, China Forest Products Industry Association released the “White Paper on China’s Three-Layer Solid Wood Composite Flooring Consumption”, “Three-Layer Solid Wood Composite Flooring Pavement Guide”, “China Three-layer Solid Wood Composite Floor Consumption Research Report” and other related documents, three-layer solid wood Composite flooring has attracted more and more attention from the industry and consumers. But when and where did the three-layer parquet come from, and why is it popular around the world?

In 1941, the Swedish royal family secretly married Gustav & Co., the oldest wooden family leader in the country. It turns out that many solid wood floors in the palace have not broken and deformed during use, resulting in many gaps, which have seriously affected the noble and majestic image of the royal family. The royal family hopes that Kang Shu can solve this problem as soon as possible.

So Kang Shu began to think about the solution to the meditation, and finally inspired from the structure of the arched door of the representative building of ancient Rome, creatively stacking the three layers of solid wood in a crisscross pattern, and interlacing according to the upper, middle and lower layers. As a result, due to the balanced structure of three layers of solid wood, the shrinkage, expansion and deformation can be reduced, thereby solving the problem of cracking of the inner palace floor. In this way, the world’s first three-layer parquet was born in Sweden in the mid-19th century.

Three factors of three-layer solid wood composite flooring popular in the world

Since 1941, three-layer solid wood composite flooring has developed in Europe for 70 years and is now popular in Europe. Has been widely concerned around the world. In China, three-layer solid wood composite flooring is recognized as a representative of new trend categories. It not only has a practical significance for the effective use of timber resources, but also opens up a new situation for the sustainable development of the country and the entire industry. More importantly, it provides consumers with a new situation. An environmentally friendly and comfortable home environment and a green and healthy consumption atmosphere.

First, excellent environmental performance

Wood is a carbon-soluble, renewable, recyclable, degradable natural material, is the world’s four major materials (steel, wood , the most sustainable use of green materials in plastics and cement. The three-layer solid wood composite floor is made of solid wood and environmentally friendly adhesive, and is processed through advanced production technology. Therefore, it has excellent environmental performance and has become a new choice for environmental protection.

Second, rich natural decorative

Three-layer solid wood composite floor surface is made of high quality natural hardwood wood, with unique color, pattern, surface hand scraping, smoked, handmade Surface treatments such as coloring create a variety of decorative atmospheres such as natural, antique, and rustic, and the introduction of dyeing technology makes the decorative performance more colorful.

Third, strong dimensional stability, can do geothermal floor

Three-layer solid wood composite floor has good stability, using a unique design of three layers of criss-cross structure, is conducive to the release of wood Internal stress, suitable for ground heating floor.

Fourth, high-quality materials, durable and refurbished

Three-layer solid wood composite floor surface is made of high-quality natural wood; the core layer and the bottom layer are mostly fast-growing materials; usually more than 70% of the products are Fast-growing wood, less than 30% is high-quality wood. The floor adopts advanced production technology, the thickness of the panel is usually 3~4mm, and the service life is long. If the paint is worn out due to long-term use, it can be refurbished.

5, paving simple support personality DIY

Three-layer solid wood composite floor usually has a large format size, and can be installed directly without suspension with a keel, thus making the installation more Fast, greatly reducing installation costs and installation time. At the same time, because of its simple paving, consumers can also DIY decorate their homes under the guidance of professionals.

Sixth, to create a more comfortable home environment

Because the production process of three-layer solid wood composite flooring is complex and advanced, it is generally processed with high-precision equipment and the product quality is good. At the same time, it has good properties of heat preservation, sound absorption, insulation, etc. It has proper elasticity, moderate friction coefficient, comfortable foot feeling, and can partially adjust the indoor temperature and humidity, so it can create a more comfortable home environment.

Today, the ‘low carbon economy’ has become a hot spot in the world’s economic development. For the flooring industry, green, low carbon and environmental protection have always been the key words. With its superior quality and decorative effect, and its characteristics of green, environmental protection and low carbon, the three-layer solid wood composite flooring has become the mainstream of high-grade solid wood flooring, and is increasingly favored and sought after by consumers.

Release date: 2012/1/16 10:43:08

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