Vaxjoin timber is the most environmentally friendly city in Europe

Vexjo is the most environmentally friendly city in Europe, not only in the unique natural landscape of the architectural design, but also in its main wood construction and environmental protection measures are impressive. The Vaxjo 20+10+X World Architecture Community Award (2013-2014 season) was taken by Italian architect Alessandro Rollino. Originally the award was an international architectural design competition held in Växjö, Sweden. The 20+10+X World Architecture Community Awards are designed to encourage young architects and talent from around the world.

The competition was organized by a Swedish timber company and was guided by Sweden’s strategic goal of “using wood in the building” Promote the use of wood in buildings. Considering that any ecological strategy for construction must take into account the life cycle of a building, whether local or global, in a country like Sweden, choosing wood as a construction material, for their rich forestry advantages, is both The economy is also a suitable choice for local ecology. Due to the permissible nature of Swedish sustainable forest harvesting and maintenance practices, to a considerable extent, the innate advantages of using the wood construction industry and energy conservation can be exploited to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The city of Växjö is advancing the vision of a modern city built of wood. The Valley Broar is a community of wood structures in research and new technology that is now a reality: here, the tallest timber structure in Europe was built.

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