What accessories are needed for the shower room?

What are the shower room accessories? This question is a problem that more and more people will encounter at the moment. Why? Because you pay more and more attention to the taste of life, and pay more and more attention to the improvement of the quality of life, so the installation of the shower room is the best choice for many small partners, then the shower room accessories will inevitably be encountered after installing the shower room. The problem, let’s take a look, what are the accessories for the shower room.
  What is the shower room accessory

  1, shower room accessories-glass

  glass is shower room accessories In the middle of the weight, tempered glass must be used. Good glass still has good performance after long-term use. Even if it is unfortunately encountered a three-thousandth of the self-explosion rate, good tempered glass will not harm the user of the shower room after self-explosion. When many small partners bought the shower room, they did not know how to choose the tempered glass of the shower room. Therefore, they purchased the tempered glass with poor quality. After using it for a period of time, various self-explosive accidents occurred, resulting in the shower. The person was seriously injured.

  2, shower room accessories – pulleys

   shower room hardware is made of 59 copper or 304 stainless steel, This kind of material is actually very good, and each has its own characteristics. 59 copper has a strong load carrying capacity, and the flexibility is also quite good. The use of 59 copper can greatly improve the service life of the shower room. It is durable and can maintain a good appearance after long-term use; 304 stainless steel is in the ranks of stainless steel. It is also top-notch, processed and has a strong metallic texture, which can greatly enhance the style and texture of the shower room.

  3, shower room accessories – retaining stones

   the retaining stones in the shower room accessories, there are two types of artificial stone and natural stone. Natural stone is suitable for shower rooms that have been paved with floor tiles. Artificial fenders, there is no seam at the time of molding, there will not be too much residual debris, and it is very simple and convenient to take care of. It is suitable for the decoration process of rough houses.

  4, shower room accessories – track

  The track of the shower room also needs to be carefully checked before buying, because the track follows The glass and door frame of the shower room must be of high quality, and some of the tracks are at the bottom of the shower room. It is relatively moist, and the good quality track is not easy to rust and deform. The door and glass of the shower room are not easy to fall off. Pay special attention.
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