What color is good for the living room floor? Recommend six living room floor colors.

The living room is the most important area in the family, and this is also the place where guests come and go. If it is not renovated, it will not only affect the overall effect, but also leave a bad impression on the guests, so it must not be sloppy during the decoration. The following small series will introduce you to Living room floor What color looks good and recommend the color of the six living room floors.

1, white floor tiles

Misly white floor tiles are relatively suitable for modern minimalist design, this color of the floor tiles is also It is more able to cater to the design style of the entire space. As for the size of the floor tiles, it is necessary to recommend them according to the designer.

2, antique floor tiles

When you choose the color of the floor, you will consider more, if you want to know what color the living room floor tiles Well, first of all, it should be based on the overall style of the living room, but also from the indoor light. For example, the decoration style is to choose the pastoral mix or similar garden and European style, then you can consider the choice of antique color bricks in the choice of living room floor tiles, and the use of marble decals is also a good choice. If your home style is modern and minimalist, then do not use white floor tiles for this tile color. If your room is not well lit, it is better to choose a lighter color.

3, wood-colored floor tiles

Be aware that public space generally maximizes circulation. Therefore, it is necessary to consider its free activities, breathing, and also consider it from among its family members. If you want to be in terms of materials, such as wood-colored floors, as well as colored ceramic mosaics and muddy antique bricks, these are very good choices.

4, white floor tiles

Can try: for example, using a linen carpet, with The blue sofa cushion, plus a white wall, this bold color collision in the living room, but also to make the living room layered. If at this time, you can consider installing a white floor tile, so that your living room has a European style. The entire space feels a fresh feeling, plus the natural white floor tiles make the living room look brighter.

5, deep red floor tiles

If the decoration style of the home is to use the cultural stone brick wall, the authentic British flag sofa decoration, then you can consider the use of deep red floor tiles decoration In this way, the decoration can create a strong British tavern style, and it also gives people a very enjoyable feeling.

5, golden floor tiles

You can also change the angle of this decoration style, the living room will generally choose to illuminate the light yellow, then You can consider the choice of golden floor tiles, so that the effect of the decoration is more noble.

Summary: About Living room floorWhat color is good-looking and recommended for the six living room floor colors related content is introduced to this, the above recommended several floor colors, in the choice can be based on the decoration style, so Will not affect the overall decoration effect.

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