What is the future direction of smart homes?

With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, in the real estate industry and Driven by the strong demand in the international market, China’s home furnishing industry is developing rapidly, and transformation and upgrading have entered a new stage of development.

Recently, the 2018 China Home Brand Conference released the first 10 years of China’s home furnishing data for 2017~2018. The selection time of these data is from July 2017 to June 2018, reflecting the prosperity of the home industry from a different perspective.


Home business delivers eye-catching transcripts
In 2009, it broke 100 million yuan, and in 2015 it broke 500 million yuan. By October 2017, it broke 1 billion yuan. In 2007, it was established in Beijing. In the past ten years, the performance has increased by 80 times, creating a myth that Beijing has a monthly sales of more than 100 million yuan. The above achievements not only show the brand charm of Europa, but also show the marketing ability of “China’s first home dealer”, and also reflect the important trend of the development of the home industry: brand consumption is gradually concentrated, and the giant matrix is ​​taking shape.  It’s worth noting that most The sales data released by the company is mostly sales, but the number of orders is secret. TATA wooden doors announced the number of transactions at the same time as the sales volume, realizing the customer price, and cleaning up the suspicion of the household industry. “619 million yuan, TATA wooden door ‘Double Eleven’ was successfully closed, thanks to 39,408 families for their trust and choice of TATA wooden doors. On November 12, 2017, TATA wooden doors announced the number of orders for the first time, becoming the most special one of the more than 40 “100 million households” in the “Double Eleven” home industry.
The home industry not only has sales, orders, but also the dream of 100 billion market value. Just around the corner. At 9:16 am on January 25 this year, the auction price was only 1 minute. The share price of Red Star Macalline in the A-share market rose 9.15% to 25.89 yuan, and the market value reached 102 billion yuan. The listing of Red Star Macalline A shares triggered the speculation of the first 100 billion yuan market capitalization enterprise in the home industry. Although the collective bidding exceeded 100 billion yuan and then turned down and failed to stabilize the target, industry insiders analyzed that the dream of home-based enterprises to achieve a market value of 100 billion yuan is not far away.
The home industry is welcoming the capital boom
On February 1 this year, 16 heavyweight institutions such as Alibaba, Taikang Group, Yunfeng Fund, Jiahua Weiye and Sequoia Capital jointly invested in the home of 13 billion Yuan won 36% of the shares and became the first large-scale strategic financing in the country in 2018. The lack of cash flow in the home of the real estate, which means that the home is seeking greater development, it also shows that the home industry is hidden Great potential for development.
On May 9th, the home cloud design platform Cool Jiale announced the launch of a 300 million yuan home industry investment fund, which will focus on the ecological investment layout of high-quality companies with information services as the core competitiveness in the upstream and downstream of the home industry chain, and improve the platform service matrix. The model further promotes industrial change. As a design platform, Cool Jiale integrates upstream and downstream industry chain resources, which means that the home industry competition era is coming, behind the 300 million yuan is a shared home ecosystem.
On June 14, Qumei Home announced that it intends to acquire EkornesASA, a company listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange of Norway, for a consideration of 4 billion yuan. The prestigious Stressless brand is known worldwide for its “world’s most comfortable chair” brand and has more than 4,000 outlets in more than 40 countries.
except Qumei Gujiajiao, Minhua Holdings, and Meikemeijia have obtained the brand use rights or product sales rights of internationally renowned companies by means of acquisition. This shows that the Chinese home furnishing enterprises under the capital are seeking to become bigger, stronger and more international.
Ecology, customization, and intelligence are key words
In 2018, Wanhua Ecological Board Industry fully integrated green eco-industrial park, increased the introduction of international production lines, and greatly increased the production capacity of Hexiang board, in Hubei Public Security, Anhui Huaiyuan, Jiangsu Five large-scale continuous production lines have been built in Fuyang and other places, bringing the total production capacity of Hexiang board to 1.5 million cubic meters. The use of straw as raw material for ecological board formation and scale means that this product is widely recognized. The waste utilization of upstream production process and the eco-environmental protection of downstream use process are receiving more and more attention in the home furnishing industry. Favor.
Full house customization, integration Customized, big customization and other concepts are all over the place, and one home furnishing company is “customized” with its own custom concept. At the China (Guangzhou) International Building and Decoration Expo held on July 8 this year, 45 pavilions were customized. There are 21, nearly half of the pavilion is divided by custom-made enterprises, reflecting the customization to become the biggest enthusiasm in the home industry. The industry analysts believe that most customized companies do not start from the consumer demand, but to compete for unrestricted over-customization of the market. Reflects that the home industry is in an innovative dilemma.
Smart home is also frequently mentioned by home businesses. According to the statistics of Yiou Company, as of the end of June 2018, there are at least 115 startup companies engaged in smart homes, of which 37 are smart home solutions, and Jingjing Technology, Hetai and other companies have been listed and obtained financing. More than 90 homes.
Smart home concept is fired Extremely hot, millet, Alibaba, Baidu and other giants have also entered, but really find the direction of development is very few. Insiders said that smart home must be the future of the wind, but the current test of home enterprises is able to rely on capital as a pioneer Without becoming a martyr. (provided by Shenyang Building Materials Network) <

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