What is the rise of the aluminum art courtyard door?

Now, with the diversification of the market, the outdoor copper door is gradually less popular, and the rise of the aluminum art courtyard door further divides the courtyard door market. So what is the difference?

(1)Bronze door: True copper door is 0.8-1mm thick, the internal structure is supported by steel, and the surface is glue sticky. The biggest feature of the product is the riveting process, and the entire copper door is still very beautiful. However, the copper door is not suitable for outdoor use. The chemical properties of copper are relatively stable. It does not react with oxygen in dry air at normal temperature, but in the humid air, the surface of copper slowly forms a layer of green copper rust. It is easy to react with oxygen to form copper oxide by exposure to high temperatures. Therefore, when the copper door is used outdoors, it needs to do some protection measures to make it as little as possible to contact with corrosive substances such as rainwater, otherwise the service life will be greatly reduced.  
(2)Tieyimen: The wrought iron door has certain craftsmanship, but the degree of sophistication is relatively low. Its benefits are very stable and the price is very cheap. The shortcomings are also very obvious, and it is easy to be rusted. Especially in the southern or coastal areas of China, it will start to rust in 1-2 years. If it is not rust-removed, it will be rotten in two years.  
(3) Aluminium Art Door: The aluminum art courtyard door is combined with some classical, modern and fashionable elements, and the craftsmanship is extremely strong. Especially in recent years, it is equipped with the surface treatment fluorine from the military-grade building materials. After the carbon paint technology, the surface of the door can be made smoother and brighter, and it is more magnificent. Among them, the aluminum art door is divided into cast aluminum door and aluminum carved door. Although cast aluminum and aluminum sculptures are solid aluminum, explosion-proof and stable, aluminum sculptures are more likely to achieve high-quality aesthetic requirements in the pattern process, making it easier to produce crafts. The fluorocarbon lacquer art mentioned above is also further painted for the beauty of the aluminum carving door. It has excellent color rendering effect, luxurious and elegant, and is known as the surface of the “aesthetic gecko”. The chemical structure of the fluorine content is much higher than the general fluorocarbon spray paint, which is repeatedly oxidized and solidified by 4 times of painting process, so that the paint surface has the gecko-like super adhesion, greatly improving the paint surface against UV rays and corrosion. The function guarantees the visual sense of the unchanging elegance for decades.
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