Why does the parquet break down?

In the midsummer season, the temperature is slowly increasing, and complaints about the collapse of multi-layer parquet and lacquer-locked laminate flooring (MDF as the substrate) are also increasing. So what is the cause of the collapse of the parquet?

First, the production factors of the product

multi-layer parquet and lacquer lock composite floor (MDF for the substrate) after the completion of the process, in the process of roll coating or coating In the paint, the paint overflows to the floor of the floor. The actual width of the paint film is greater than the width of the floor layer. This creates a hidden danger for the floor collapse. The more paint overflows, the greater the chance of floor collapse. For the production process of painting after first opening, the phenomenon of paint spillage is unavoidable. Although it cannot be judged as a quality problem according to the corresponding product standard, we must attach great importance to it and take measures to minimize the thickness of each painting, especially It is more important to spray, to minimize paint spillage.

Second, the installation factor

due to the tightness of the floor of the floor or the slight bending of the floor, the installation resistance of the floor is large, the knocking force is too large when the floor is installed Uneven, causing the local edge paint film to appear jagged. Its characteristics are that it can be found after installation, irregular random distribution, and the number of occurrences is small. Take the measure by using a floor head as the module against the floor to be installed, then gently tapping the module with a rubber hammer to make the floor close to each other, and the stroke process should be evenly applied.

In addition, when using the keel to install multi-layer parquet, some people put the nail on the tongue, because the nail cap does not sink into the tongue, when the next floor is installed, the tongue is hit A convex small bag appears on the surface of the nail, and in the case of seriousness, a chipping phenomenon occurs at the edge of the small bag. It is characterized by the fact that the chipping can be found after installation, with a regular distribution and a small number of occurrences. Take measures to nail the side of the gutter when installing the floor.

Third, the ground is uneven

Because the ground is uneven, after the floor is paved, there is a gap between the floor and the ground in some places, people move around, the floor moves up and down, the floor The sides between them rub against each other to cause chipping. It is characterized by the fact that after the floor is paved, the collapse occurs in the area where people often move, and it is partial.

Take measures to measure the flatness of the ground before the floor is paved. The flatness should be less than 3mm/2000mm. If the ground is not qualified, it should be leveled before paving.

Fourth, the gaps around the floor when the pavement is insufficient

When the floor is paved, the gap is insufficient to cause the floor to arch. There is a gap between the floor and the ground. During the walking process, the floor moves up and down, and the sides between the floors rub against each other to cause collapse. It is characterized by the fact that the collapse of the floor occurs after a period of paving, in areas where people often move, and there are many points, and the floor and the wall are observed to be in close contact. Take measures to leave enough gaps around the floor, especially in areas such as doorways, kitchens, balconies, etc., to ensure a uniform gap. When the paving length exceeds 8m, it should be partitioned and bridged.

five, moisture-proof membrane ventilation

After the floor covering, because the moisture-proof membrane joints are not sealed with tape, the moisture-proof membrane of some places is damaged during the paving process, causing the ground moisture leakage A large amount of moisture broke into the back of the floor, and the floor produced uneven expansion, which caused the floor to deform and slightly twist, and a gap was formed between the floor and the ground in a local area. During the walking process, the floor moves up and down, and the sides between the floors rub against each other to cause collapse. It is characterized by a gap between the wall and the floor. Take measures before the floor is paved, the moisture-proof membrane joint must be sealed with tape to ensure airtightness.

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Indoor furniture (heavy objects) placed symmetrically

After the floor covering, the heavier items such as furniture, bookcases, fish tanks, etc. are placed symmetrically on both sides of the room, the floor is pressed, hindering the moisture absorption of the floor. The floor can not be shaken, resulting in a regional bulge, which causes the floor of the area to collapse when people walk. The measure is to place the weight on one side as much as possible to ensure free movement on one side of the floor.

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