Why is the floor brand sales poor?

The 35 billion yuan 2013 double 11 sales performance is still in sight. We saw the hot sales scene of FMCG on the sales platform. After seeing the rapid growth of the flooring industry, the results are still not good. On November 11, 2013, Taobao industry data showed that the total amount of floor product transactions on the day was 25,565,600 yuan, while the total sales of the whole home building materials products was 716 million yuan. Less than 4% of sales of household products highlight the situation of flooring products in the online sales platform, but what is the reason that the floor industry with a market share of 60 billion is so sluggish in sales and sales? Is it obvious?

Cause 1: Inconvenient logistics

Unlike traditional online sales products, the floor as a large item, the floor e-commerce requirements for logistics are exceptionally high, ordinary express delivery simply cannot Provide transportation services for the floor. Especially in inter-provincial long-distance transportation, it is inevitable to cause bumps. Although the entire logistics market can meet the requirements of floor transportation, there are many vehicles transporting large objects. However, due to unregulated management, long-term transportation of large-sized items has long been a problem of ‘system lacking’, management chaos, ‘high fees’ and difficulties. It has greatly restricted the healthy growth of the industry and affected the development of floor e-commerce. Adding online shopping is largely a passionate consumer, and the return rate of flooring products is very high. If the network is sold in the traditional way, not only the effect is not satisfactory, but also the logistics cost may be incurred.

Reason 2: Inferior quality

The virtual nature of the network has spawned a large number of ‘online brands’. These floor brands cannot be opened in the terminal sales, so the ‘other ways’ opened up. The online market, with the design of web pages and low price of products, quickly caught the hearts of a large number of online consumers and became an online sales champion. However, behind the glamorous online sales results, the quality of its products has not improved. On the contrary, some flooring companies have also developed products specifically for online sales. Low-cost, low-cost products are used to meet the needs of consumers, resulting in inferior flooring. Even some small brands falsify big brand products for sale, causing consumer dissatisfaction and complaints.

Reason 3: After-sales push 诿

Small brand terminal stores less, less after-sales service, resulting in the net sales floor to the terminal becomes ‘unmanned installation, no maintenance, no after-sales’ Three no products. Due to the wide variety of flooring products, the professional requirements for sales and installation personnel are also high, and many small brands cannot invest a large amount of money in this area, so as to promote the inconvenience of the transportation of floor products. The quality of the flooring products is attributed to the logistics company, so that consumers are struggling between the two, and the problem can not be solved.

Of course not all the big brands of the floor are defeated by the sales platform, such as the natural flooring of the leading industry in the flooring industry, this double 11 nature floor launched the ‘naked price day’ promotion, to super The usual discounted explosions and rich products set off to buy a whirlwind in advance, coupled with the quality assurance, installation guarantee and after-sales service guarantee of the big brand, this double 11 carnival this big brand is very likely to rise strongly in the online sales platform.

Release date: 2014/10/31 17:20:14

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