Xia Ke starts from the special packaging image to create a special product brand development model

With the change of the consumer environment, “brand empowerment has quickly become a focus of attention in the brand design industry. The rise in consumer power has also determined that brands need to be more open in the market than competing products. The difference, a good product, in addition to being closely related to the brand, also needs to be able to quickly resonate with consumers. For the brand, the role of visual elements is an important step for consumers to gain recognition. In the past 20 years, the founder of the Guge Dynasty, the brand of the brand-giving special product, has led the Guge Dynasty from the brand packaging image and opened up a brand empowerment road in the field of brand design.

Ancient Gewang Dynasty, a famous brand design consultancy in China’s food industry, was founded in 2002 by Xia Ke, the founder of the special product branding model. During the period, Xia Ke led the Guge Dynasty to create a special product branding model. Many Chinese local specialties have achieved leapfrog development.

Among them, the world’s top 500 brands, China’s rapeseed oil brand & mdash; — squid With the help of the Xia Ke team, the brand of rapeseed oil has successfully become a favorite product of consumers. After the analysis of the market research in the early stage of the Xia Ke team, for the competing products in the brand consumer market environment, by adopting a dimensionality reduction strategy for its packaging, reshaping the brand image, and quickly opening the gap with the competitive products on the market. From the packaging, at a glance, consumers have an accurate understanding of the brand.

Not only that, but in order to be able to sustainably develop in a multi-changing market, the Shakespeare team also In order to create a multi-dimensional product, the brand’s tonality has also been strengthened, and the value of the brand has been strengthened. With the help of the special product branding model, the squid brand rapeseed oil has also become the darling of the consumer market.

In addition to squid brand rapeseed oil, the Shakko team is the top 500 Asian brand, Sichuan leading enterprise Zhang Fei beef The image of the product created is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. “Zhang Fei’s current concept also sets the value of the brand. The team has created a “logo” image of the Chinese three cultures, which is antique and full of Chinese culture; and uses the magic of the Guge Dynasty. The patented technology of the packaging box is directly displayed through the three-dimensional and one-shot molding of the magic box packaging, which makes it unique, and makes the product taste, usable, playable and multi-level interaction with consumers. Such Facebook packaging of traditional Chinese culture has repeatedly won awards in the world, and the 2016 German Red Dot Award has also been included in the Guge Dynasty.

In addition to the change in image, the Shakespeare team also uses the concept of “culture-incorporated brand”. The Feibei brand is highly tempered, and the product classification is launched to develop the potential value of the product. And with the establishment of the Zhangfei Beef Tourism Industrial Park, the bond between the tourism industry and the brand has been formed, and the brand value has been enlarged!

Now that you want to create a brand, you don’t need a look, but a full Cultural value and unique brand image. The special product branding model created by Xia Ke and Guge Dynasty is precisely to let more brands get rid of the traditional sales and geographical constraints, to impress consumers with value, and to go to the world with culture!

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