Zheng Xiangzhou: Enterprises that meet these five conditions are most favored by capital.

What kind of business does capital like? What kind of business model is worth investing in? How should your company connect to capital? How should companies design their own business models? How can companies make money and value?

2017 On October 26th, the 100-year-old Luzhou Laojiao wine teamed up with the business media group, the third time with the business elite to assemble Changsha, jointly held the “Business Lecture Hall • Elite Classroom Changsha Station: Business Model and Capital Top Design in Changsha Furong Huatian Hotel successfully opened the lecture.

On the same day, Zheng Xiangzhou, an advantageous capital partner and business model design expert, brought “New Capital Business Model Innovation” The keynote speech, more than 300 SMEs in Hunan shared the brainstorming of this business model design. The atmosphere was lively, and Zheng Xiangzhou’s vivid speeches and wonderful case sharing triggered strong enthusiasm among entrepreneurs. Everyone took notes carefully and interacted frequently.

What kind of company does capital like? Zheng Xiangzhou’s speech has attracted everyone when he throws a question.

The first criterion for a good business is to be able to grow bigger. A hospital without a doctor can be bigger. What kind of hospital does not have a doctor? Physical examination center or rehabilitation center, here only nurses, can use third-rate talent to create first-class performance, so such an industry is called to be bigger.

The second standard is a fast-growing company. Modern competition is not about big fish eating small fish, but fast fish eating slow fish. If the company does not have core competitiveness, what should we do? It will become the first or only segment in the industry. This is the best way to create core competencies. Capital likes to vote for the first or second place in the industry.

Zheng Xiangzhou shared the case of superior capital investment and in-depth service in the past ten years, such as supporting local shoe enterprises in Quanzhou. To create a well-known Chinese and foreign “Quanzhou model; help NVC lighting from product leadership to channel expansion, and ultimately to the capital market; assist Zhongyu Sanitary ware from the unknown to the industry. These vivid and lively cases have brought new thinking and new methods to Hunan SMEs.

Zheng Xiangzhou mentioned that a new capital model must create an industrial value chain. Sometimes there is such a strange phenomenon, the upstream makes money, the downstream makes money, the partners make money, but they don’t make money. For example, group buy network, video network, Jingdong Mall, Didi taxi, etc., upstream and downstream, partners have earned, but they do not make money, but it has received billions of financing. Because the value is the future, when making money is now, investing in a business is not because it makes money, but because it is worth. And capital can make a company change from a profitable company to a valuable company.

So, how does capital identify a company worth investing? Zheng Xiangzhou sums up the worth based on more than a decade of investment experience. Five major standards for investment and quality enterprises: advantageous industries with sufficient market capacity; creating high competition thresholds, resource barriers, technical barriers or market barriers will be the key to enterprises standing at the commanding heights of competition; creating rapid growth rates; The growth advantage of the company’s profit potential; and the professional, harmonious and experienced team.

After the speech, the representative of the 100-year-old Luzhou Laojiao wine gave a gift to Mr. Zheng Xiangzhou to express his gratitude.

The guests who attended the event together were: Xiao Li, Director of the Financial Office of Furong District, Changsha, and the original Furong Zhang Yong, member of the Standing Committee of the District Party Committee, Zhu Xi, deputy general manager of the business media group, and Li Bo, secretary general of the Hunan Branch of the Business Leaders Club.

After the wonderful sharing, thanks to the sincere invitation of the 100-year-old Luzhou Laojiao wine, entrepreneurs attended the 100-year-old Luzhou Old Ageing Wines “elite sharing dinner to discuss business model innovation.

The 100-year-old Luzhou old age wine teamed up with the business media group to conduct a business talk hall & middot; elite The classroom is designed to create an interconnected platform for entrepreneurs to make business easier and business easier.

At present, the business lecture hall · elite classrooms have been held in Changsha, Chongqing, Chengdu and other cities. Invited Qian Daqun, Li Guangdou, Wu Kezhong, Zhou Shuming and many other famous guests to share, the venue is full, full of seats. Fresh cases and incisive analysis have benefited the SMEs and business leaders club members.

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